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Panty Raid Phone Sex

by daisy on July 12, 2016

DaisyUh Oh! Caught daddy in panty raid phone sex! Stealing all of my dirty panties and rubbing them all over his tongue. Sucking on my little crotch line and sniffing those cheeksters! Sometimes I spy on him and see as he gets out that big thing in his pants. I see him pet it slowly and sometimes he even takes my panties and wraps them around his hard candy. I know its sweet because daddy tells me so.. I mean I am kind of curious, I know he gets sticky and leaves those loads right in my panties.. Sometimes I even put on those cream filled panties.. Letting my bald pussy lips get sticky and licking my fingertips slowly. If daddy knew what a naughty girl I really was he would never stop fucking me.. I just want to see what it would taste like if I were to suck it slowly..

Daddy loves my dirty panties and sometimes I like being a cock tease.. Leaving a stinky mess and hoping he notices what I naughty girl I am being for him ūüėõ

He loves my G-strings the most. The way they slide up my ass crack and how adorable I look prancing around the bedroom in my piggy tails while my pink panties are just getting juicer. Daddy come slide my panties off and taste that fresh wet cunt. Lick it up slowly like you do to my pissy crotch line, don’t make me beg for face sitting phone sex! Daddy knows he would just be in heaven licking up my cunny.¬†

I am rubbing my cunt as I spy on daddy now..

Daddy you should take all my dirty panties and watch me model them for you now..

I just want to be your favoritest little girl! My panties are already soaked just how you like it! 

Miss Daisy

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Wet Panties Phone Sex

by Roni on August 15, 2015

roni phonesex

Can I tell you a little secret, I like to keep wearing my wet panties all day long until daddy notices the sweet smell of my young wet pussy. Then they get even stickier because I know just how much daddy likes that wet pussy smell especially if it’s his little girl, that makes daddy’s cock grow so big and hard! Just earlier after I was done rubbing my hairless cunnie daddy could smell my young juicy peach and asked me to show him my panties because he wanted to see something, but I already knew what he was looking for. So as I pulled my oversize shirt up, I watched daddy get excited, and as soon as the big wet cotton crotch was exposed daddy had a fully erect cock. ¬†Daddy scooped me up in his arms and took off to my bedroom with me as he was explaining how naughty it was for a young girl to keep wearing wet panties.
When he put me down on the bed I knew what he wanted and let my sweet sticky thighs fall wide apart, so he could run his nose along my soaked crotch before pulling them off. Daddy is never too rough when it comes time to slip his big hard cock inside of his naughty little girls wet hairless slit.
Hmm do you like wet little panties too like my daddy does, because after telling you my secret guess what? I’m soaked and want to share them with you!


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Eat My Pussy Phone Sex

by Becky on July 26, 2015

I¬†was wearing some light pink panties, which had a noticeable wet spot right in the middle. My hot lover started kissing the insides of my¬†thighs passionately… He wanted to tease me¬†for a while, so he didn’t pull my¬†panties off right away. I knew this would be some hot Eat My Pussy Phone Sex! Instead, as he got higher up my¬†left thigh, he started using some tongue, licking the area next to my¬†panties.

pink wet panties phone sex

Then, he¬†gently kissed my¬†panties, right on the juicy wet spot, and then moved on to my¬†right thigh. I just¬†couldn’t resist!! Suddenly, I¬†pulled his¬†head back to my¬†pussy and sort of held him¬†there with my¬†legs… Finally, he pulled my¬†panties to one side to taste her pink, delicious teenage vagina. I started off with a lick across her beautiful pussy lips, stopping as he reached my throbbing¬†clit. At first, he moved my tongue in circles, licking every single part of my¬†wet and sticky vagina. He was going faster and faster, pressing on my¬†clit with the tip of his¬†tongue, even sticking one and then another finger inside my tight cunny.¬†His¬†tongue was moving at a faster pace, stroking my¬†clit from every direction possible! Then, in a matter of minutes, my whole body started shivering and was struggling to catch my breath in between moans, which became louder and louder by the second. He kept going, sliding¬†his¬†fingers in even deeper and playing with my¬†clitoris every way he knew!

His mouth and chin were all wet from my juicy dripping pussy. As he was leaning in to kiss me, I¬†shyly ran¬†my tongue through my¬†own juices on his¬†face. As I¬†was licking his lips clean,¬†I grabbed his¬†throbbing penis with both my¬†feet and started giving him¬†a very sexy footjob. I know he didn’t expect it at all!¬†I had never done it before, but I could tell he thought it felt amazing!! As I¬†was jerking his¬†cock off with my little¬†beautiful feet,¬†I began¬†guiding his¬†penis to my¬†still-wet pussy. When he got so close he began to tremble, I¬†let go and he gently¬†slid his fat dick right inside my little bald cunny.¬†It wasn’t long before he finally drained those heavy balls and shot all of his hot cum inside me!

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Becky ~ 855-55-DADDY

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*Giggles* Omorashi Phone Sex

by Kellen on April 26, 2014

omorashiOh my! I have been sitting here all night drinking a gallon of southern style sweet tea, now its time for *Giggles* Omorashi Phone Sex! You see my doctor told me I really needed to start taking in more fluids, well since cum doesn’t count I figured I would drink my next favorite thing! Lots and lots of southern style sweet tea. I just tore through a gallon of it in about 30 minutes and I am starting to get super duper uncomfortable. My bladder is starting to fill up. I am going to hold it just as long as I can. Especially since I am wearing my good school girl uniform! I really would hate to soil this outfit. My Main reason for not wanting to soil this outfit is I am wearing my new white panties with red lace trim on them. They are just so pretty! Call me and we will decide how this all ends…¬†*Giggles* Omorashi Phone Sex! ~Kellen~


*Giggles* Omorashi Phone Sex


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Teen Phone Sex

by Naomi on March 24, 2012

no taboo phonesex¬†I‚Äôm a slutty Teen Phone Sex¬†princess who loves erotic talk with kinky men who aren‚Äôt afraid to indulge my XXX porn fantasies and extreme fetish play too. My wet pussy throbs when I talk about hot incest scenes and rub my hard little clit. I‚Äôm into lots of erotic fantasies and love bringing them to life with you,¬† one on one, ¬†from the privacy of my own bedroom while I play with my dildo and vibrator. If you get me really wet, I’ll let you sniff or suck on my wet panties. I’m just a hot Teen Phone Sex¬†girl who loves to get off.

XXX Phone Sex

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