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Teen Temptress Phonesex

by Terie on December 9, 2016


I am into kinky ageplay talk and I am into teen temptress phonesex. I am  a switch teen slut that will be in charge of your kinky mind and your hard cock.I enjoy taking older men on a twisted journey and make them worship at my teen pussy and perfect tiny ass too. I enjoy controlling men and playing tease and denial games.If you are looking to serve and obey then I will guide into my sensual world where teens rule.I love sissy training and castration games are fun especially playing with knives.I can’t wait to train new daddy slaves that I use and abuse. My teen pussy is in need of a hot daddy tongue and I need daddy toilet slaves too. I am into humiliation and verbal abuse. You know that my tiny ass needs a good rim job and brown sports are so much fun too. I like all body worship and face sitting. Verbal abuse and trampling a sissy cock is something . You need to be my fluffer sissy daddy and suck those big black cocks for me so they are nice and hard. You will be made to eat my cream pie bald cunt clean and also my ass. It feels good to be a bratty teen in charge but I am also a switch teen that can be a submissive slut for daddy if he likes mind fuck games. I am ready to get wicked and nasty and my young friends can join us for forbidden sessions. Cum into my kinky play ground. It’s time to let loose and play taboo ageplay fun games.

Teen Terie

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Pathetic Little Kiddie Lover Phone Sex

by demida on July 12, 2015

Oh such a pathetic kiddie lover phone sex loser! I talked to a clit dicked pedo today who loves tiny little cotton panties for jacking his inchworm! *giggles* He told me he couldnt even pass the toilet paper roll test. I asked him what he liked to do with the tiny panties since he apparently didnt have a cock , and he just groaned and told me how he loved little single digit ageplay girls with brunette hair and dark eyes. I humiliated him about being suchhhh a dirty old man who jacked his little wee wee to underage puffy pussies. Then, he told me that his favorite hole was buttholes. Typical. I assured him he would be in contact with lots of assholes in his miserable useless life. *giggles* He liked me to call him all kinds of names as he yanked his three inch fucking pathetic excuse for a dickey!

demida little princess

I told him about how next time we will have to bring out my little girl strap on  and then he will be the real pedo faggot who gets fucked up the ass! He was shaking with excitement when he told me that his favorite lolita phone sex fantasy was with little ones with pigtails and braids especially! His breath was ragged as he jerked hs weenie. YUCK . He wanted to tell me how he wants to lick kiddie buttholes and plant their tiny little bums right on his tongue. He doesnt have a cock to fuck. I told him thats probably why he likes little girls. *LOL* Its the perfect size for little mounds of puffy pillowy deliciousness! He got excited for a second , until he realized I was setting him up for another jab. I told him the little girls would laugh and point at his bity baby cockie. He blew( well dripped and drizzled three drops ) as I giggled and taunted him. Come and be put in your place by a bratty little girl domination phone sex Princess.

Heres some braids for you pedo pansy!!

demida braids

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Dirty Lil Demida

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Dress Up Feminization Fun

by Charlee on July 7, 2014

Making You Wear My Panties

I asked you to take me shopping at Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s Of Hollywood for a very specific reason. You got so excited thinking that I was going to put on a very sexy fashion show for you. You’re in for a very big surprise though because I have a different type of fashion show in mind. We started going through all the racks of sexy hot lingerie and you picked out a few of your favorite styles. I picked a few out too but I was careful not to let you see the sizes of the lingerie and panties I was picking out. I asked you to follow me to the dressing room and of course you jumped at the chance.

Once we got into the dressing room I told you to strip down. I could tell from the look on your face and your instant hard on that you thought I was gonna suck your dick or fuck you. Once you were stripped down I told you that I didn’t really like the clothes that we picked out but that I really wanted to see how they would look on you. You started to protest but once I told you how hot it would make me you slipped those panties right on. I even convinced you to wear them around the mall while we were shopping. It’s only the first step in my plan to completely feminize and cuckold you.

Call your kinky teen Charlee at: 1-855-553-2339

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I know I look super sweet and innocent, so I’m probably not the girl you’d think to call for teen cock and ball torture phone sex, but don’t let my sweet looks or young voice fool you, I can be vicious *Giggles* Justin called me today with rubber bands, q-tips, ice cubes, candles, close pins, a metal hairbrush, a wine glass, and icy hot… everything I need to make his cock writhe in agony!

If you’re new to torture porn and you’re looking at that list, and you probably understand the need for everything except the wine glass, right? Well that was for him to cum into. When I finally let him cum, he ejaculated into the glass and I made him drink his own cum, I even made him gargle! Humiliation and domination are fetishes that make my pussy ache with control. I love masturbating when you’re whimpering in pain. Call me for teen cbt phone sex, I’ll make you beat your meat like it owes you money 😉

Bad Baby Zoey

Public Humiliation Phone Sex

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Bratty Teen Phone Sex with Zoey

by Zoey on August 16, 2012

Looking for bratty teen phone sex that will blow your loser mind? I like the older men who are easily wrapped around my finger just because I’m young and way too hot for them! *Giggles* I pick older men because they’re always so grateful for a piece of my tight teen pussy, that I can extort anything I want from them.

Sometimes when they realize I’m insatiable and I need a much younger cock to keep up with me, I turn them into a cuckold for the night. Don’t scoff, you’d do anything for your bratty teen phone sex princess too!

Teen Domination Phone Sex

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