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hot foot filled phone sex session

by Michella on July 7, 2015

I had this really hot foot filled phone sex session with this new caller this morning! At first he started asking me questions about my life and if I ever got spanked as a child. Boy did I have stories to tell him about all the times my Daddy spanked me for being bad. I think it actually turned him on to hear how my Daddy would place me over his knee and spank my bare bottom until it was covered all over with red hand prints. He asked me if my boyfriend ever spanked me and I told him that he does quite often because he knows how much it makes my pussy wet. I told him how my boyfriend would tie my hands to the headboard while I’m in doggy style position. He’d slap his hard cock on my ass cheeks then as he slides it in my wet pussy he’s start spanking me really hard making me scream over and over “I’m your naughty little slut!”

Then he started asking me if I get pedicures. Well you all know that a girl has to get regular pedicures especially if she lives in sunny Miami. My pretty feet are always taken care because my boyfriend has a huge foot fetish. This week I have them painted hot red with a pretty yellow flower design on my big toes. He couldn’t stand it any longer and frantically begged me to give him a foot rub so he could cum all over my pedicured toes. I told him how I would stroke his hard shaft with my feet and tickle his balls with my hot red painted toes. Mmmmm then he let out a scream and squirted his jizz all over my soft, pretty feet.images (5) Wouldn’t you love to see your milky, white jizz drizzled all over my pretty, pedicured toes? Call me and find out what other kinky things I’d to you with my pretty, little feet! It’ll make you blow your hot load too with a hot foot filled phone sex session

hot foot filled phone sex session

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