Phone Sex Embarrassment

by breen on October 11, 2015

My parents went out town for the weekend, leaving me home alone. Being young and scared I just stayed inside. As soon as it was my first night home alone, there was a knock on the door. Very loud and I was startled to see my nice neighbor though the peephole. He wanted me to let him in and of course my parents liked him.. I unlocked the door and he pushed it open. He said he saw my parents leave and he needed something from me. He closed the door and locked it behind him. He told me how hot and hard I made him but I didn’t want to be a big girl just yet..
He began shouted at me, demanding me to get naked. He screamed for me to undress my self slowly. I was shaking and he said he would tear my clothes off if I didn’t hurry!

I slid off my top and bra very smooth with tears and shameful phone sex embarrassment. He said I owed him something. I was pushed to the floor and I was trying to get him off.. He was grasping my neck and I just opened my legs feeling like a complete slut for letting him stick it in my bald cunt.
Forced entry phone sex never felt so wrong but I was cumming and he was pushing the tip of head in deaper and my legs were getting weaker. I was so used and he loved sucking on my tits as he fucked me hard on my tile. I was raped by my neighbor and he slapped me red in the face until I moaned loud like a whore.. 

My parents mustn’t’ find out about my Teen Slut Phone Sex!

XOXO, Beautiful Breen


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Pedo cock fetish Phone Sex

by breen on August 29, 2015

I am a student at a local college and I have noticed my professors are all mostly older gentle men. I find that this is an advantage for me. I noticed the shorter my skirt the harder their bulge is piercing through their pants. Nothing moistens my cute little pink pussy more than a closet pedo who I can share things and do things with. Loving every minute and every tiny little detail of our fantasy and fascination with the young meat. Chatting it up and tell you stories about my little sick fetish is fun in my spare time. I want to get a cutie to play with but haven’t found a nasty caller to fufill these burning needs. I want you to understand this sweet smirk doesn’t mean I like limits. I am all about nasty fantasies, endless fucking, and no limits whatsoever.  I can hear you growing, stroking  and imaging me spreading young cunny. I want to stroke it a little harder as I really get down and dirty in my pedo filth. Please put your pedo cock all in my mouth. Pedo cock fetish phone sex with me is hardcore pussy sucking and licking..Make it wet and sweet for me!

 Hearing you share your stories and then planning our next fantasy together, making sure not to leave out any details even the smallest ones ….hehehehe… loving you enthusiasm for the filth of which we are consumed in extreme pedo phone sex. . . talk to you soon.

Beautiful Breen


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Locker Room Phone Sex

by Allie on July 27, 2015


It is awesome to be a hot & sexy catholic schoolgirl and it is even more so when you just so “happen” to get into locker room phone sex! My girl friends and I flaunt our hot bodies and have no reservations on strutting around nude after cleaning up from a hard gym workout, and when I tell you we have some incredible sexual adventures inside that locker room it would be an understatement. It’s an even bigger turn on when I sneak into the guys locker room pretending like I am new and accidentally got the wrong door. So, when they walk in, I am already in the shower, completely nude… fresh and clean. My perfect, tight, bald pussy is smooth and aching to be violated over and over when the whole team CUMS in! Speaking of the wrong door… I love when a guy “slips” and get’s the wrong hole. What they don’t know is for me it’s the BEST hole!! I get off so hard when they mistakenly slip and their throbbing cock slams into my asshole in one fast swoop. I turn into such a filthy, little, anal whore for daddy and ALL of his friends!!

What are you into? I love when guys call me and tell me their stories, fantasies, fetishes, and their most SECRET desires! Talking while we both play, what could be hotter? Call me and find out!!

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My Dirty Uncle Phone Sex

by demida on July 9, 2015

demida  spoiled little princess phone sexMy dirty uncle is such a nasty pervert! He likes to babysit me when Im very little and make me strip down for him and wiggle my tiny bottom on his lap. Giggles* He has a hard cock all the time and wants me to touch it. I take my time because I dont really know what to do. He asks me if the boys at school chase me around. I tell him that they push me and pull my hair. He tells me that they wouldnt know what to do anyway, but Uncle R does!  He makes me touch his big hard grown up cock and then he shows me how to stroke it! Giggles* I want to be a big girl for him. He asks me if he can taste my bald puffy mound and tells me it will tickle. And it DOES!! I spread out my little body before him and he tells me how sexy and beautiful I am. I feel so good when I play with uncle R. Good thing mommy leaves me there every day after school so she can work, so Uncle and I have time for out taboo incest fucking!

Yesterday he called me so we could have our special single digit ageplay adventure! I was just out of cheerleading practice. My tight little spankies gave him the perfect cameltoe shot when I jumped around and  showed him my cheer that I just learned. Cheerleader phone sex is so adorable and sexy especially when you are a tiny teen! After I stripped and showed him all of me, he took me and have me his dick. I was a little scared, because of course I am a virgin, but it only hurt for a second. Dirty uncle R always makes me a big girl! Call now to have some dirty uncle phone sex !

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janessa daddy 1What are you doing home, daddy asks my big sister with his cock still in me. The hell with that, why is your dick in Janessa? Sissy bends down to pick up her bookbag and she isn’t wearing any panties and there is white stuff dripping out of her privates and down her legs. Daddy’s cock jerks in my tiny pussy. “What did you do, is that what I think it is coming out of you”? He asks my big sister. Ummm yes Daddy, why should you be the only one that gets to cum?  OMG Daddy whispers again, staring at my sister. Yes Dad I have a big black boyfriend that fucks my brains out and fucks me like crazy. “Look at it Dad”, she taunts my daddy. Daddy gets up from my bed and reaches for her. You want to see you teenage daughter’s pussy filled with black stud cum,
daddy, she asks him. “Yes yes sweetheart daddy, wants to eat it too”. Mmm you’re nasty daddy come and get a taste she says. Then my sissy grabs daddy by his hair and shoves it in her pussy while he licks her like a puppy. “Oh yes give it to me, I love the way black cock tastes”, he says. Sissy tells me to get her book bag. Daddy’s Daughter Tag Team Him Phone Sex is so hot and taboo! “Wanna know a secret Dad”? “I love pussy too, me and my boyfriend had a threesome”. Then my big sister pulls out a big black fake cock! “Want me to show you how I fucked her dad”? “OMG yes yes please put that big black cock in my ass baby”, my daddy begs her. Sissy puts it in and fucks our daddy’s ass really hard and fast. “Come here Janessa”, she tells me. Play with Daddy’s balls while I fuck him. If you’re gonna fuck, might as well learn from your big sister!


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xoxo  Janessa

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Fucking in an Amusement Park Phone Sex

by janessa on May 3, 2015

JanessaBB2“Yaaay thank you baby”. I say hugging my bf, as he hands me the stuffed animal he won for me. His
boyish grin he smiles and kisses me. “You’re welcome babe, what do you wanna do next”? The hunted
house! I say back. Jason laughs, ok ok, let go he says. Handing our tickets to the operator, I start to get second thoughts. You ok Janessa? Yea I’m good baby lets go. Once we’re in, I grip Jason’s arm tightly. Chuckling he kisses my nose, you’re really scared he says. “This isn’t funny at all J, lets hurry so we can get out of here! I say. Hey be careful he say’s, I might bite you as he puts on his mask. It’s cool, I know who’s behind the mask, baby. AHHH! I scream as a zombie jumps out scaring the shit out of me, I run into the maze, losing contact with my bf. “Jason”, I yell out to him, panicking. Turning around my back to the wall I face him. Baby I was so scared I say running into his arms. He hugs me squeezing me close and gripping firm tight ass in my booty shorts. Mmm baby I giggle, the beers are making him horny I think. He fondles my sweet camel toe and I whimper. This is a side of my bf that I’ve never seen and deciding to take advantage, the naughty side of me takes over. He backs me into a corner of the maze and looking at my masked face bad boy, I unzip his jeans to let his cock out. My hands jerk him as he pushes himself in out my grip. My bf unbuttons my shorts and shoves his hands inside my panties. Finding my clit, he strums it. Mmm shit Jason I whisper, offering him my tongue. He inserts one finger then two and I move against them. We hand and finger fuck each other in the darkness of the maze. I cream Jason’s fingers with within minutes before he squirts his sticky load in my hands. Mmm baby that was amazing, I say and he kisses my forehead walking away. Assuming he went to get something to clean up, I fix myself up the best I can. Minutes later Jason isn’t back, and I work my way through the rest of the maze. Jason is in the front waiting for me. “Baby where did you go,  did you get the tissue”? I ask my bf. Are you ok Babe? Jason says to me, you ran off and I  couldn’t find you, what tissue? OMFG….my cheeks get red and I wipe mystery guys cum on the inside of my jacket. Baby can we get season passes? Anything for you Janessa, Jason says to me. Fucking in the Amusement Park Phone Sex is so scary and wicked, I’ll definitely be back!


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xoxo  Janessa

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My Girlfriends Phone Sex Daddy

by Roni on March 8, 2015

roni phone sex

Oh my! My girlfriends phone sex daddy is a pervert! I actually walked in on him with  his boner  out in his hand while he  looked under his little girl’s nightgown. She wasn’t wearing any panties so her  bald peach was exposed right in front him. He took his index  finger and gently stroked along her soft cunny lips the other hand was busy stroking his now throbbing shaft. Wow  all I could say ran through my mind was my jealousy of wanting to be her and feel her daddy.
I was taken by the way he was so gentle that my very own honey pot was leaking sweet nectar giving me no choice but to stay and watch and rub my own bald cunny.

I need some fun perverted daddies just like my girlfriends phone sex daddy!  I wonder  if  you could be that daddy I crave right now?

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Petite Ageplay phone sex

by Katie on December 16, 2014

b8To be so young and small and a size 0 like me, you tend to have a lot of Petite Ageplay phone sex with guys that cannot resist you. I love the fact that men cannot resist my body or my voice. I love it how they beg for my attention and even take care of me whenever I need them. I love the boys in my life that I see everyday and that fight with other boys just to go out on a date with me. But what I love those most is being an adorable girl for a nasty perv daddy and his cock. Many of the daddies I talk to now love to have a young little girl like me to get them off, so my Petite Ageplay phone sex is what we need to do to have some fun!

Call Nasty ♥ Katie!!! 1-866-992-2464

♥~Daddy’s Little Slut Phone Sex~♥

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Perv Daddy Phonesex

by Caydee on August 25, 2012

Perv daddy phonesex can be a lot of fun. Especially when daddy has an over active sex drive and needs to be stroking his big daddy dick all the time. So I decided to get in my sexiest bikini and go for a quick dip  in our pool.  You should have seen old pervy daddy standing there in the patio door, watching me. What a pervert, I could tell he was getting hard just by the way he was  staring at me.

If you want to know more about my perv daddy phonesex give me a call.

perv daddy phonesex


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Dirty Pervert Phone Sex

by Caydee on June 30, 2012

My daddy is such a dirty pervert phone sex, he likes to sniff my panties before I’m done wearing them. That always gets me horny and daddy knows this. He gets down on his knees in front of me and starts by kissing and licking around my panty line, before pulling my panties to the side and sliding his tongue deep inside my  young cunnie.

Would you like to be my dirty pervert phone sex daddy?


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