Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex

by Drea on October 4, 2016

Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex

drea2aUh oh…I caught you, daddy! You’re not supposed to be dressing up in mommy’s clothes. You look like a girl when you put on her pretty pink bra like that. You beg me to keep quiet saying you’ll do anything I want when I Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex. I’m going to get daddy’s credit card to go shopping and buy whatever I want because daddy wants me to keep his pretty little secret. Since you think putting on mommy’s bra was a good idea, maybe you’d look even better in this garter belt with back seam stockings. I make you lie down on the bed and point your toes while I slide the sexy nylons up over your knees and fasten them at the thigh. You protest when I bring some ruby red lipstick to you and make you pucker up. Don’t worry daddy, the pictures I take won’t be for mommy’s eyes…as long as I get what I want. Come on daddy, I want you to buy me some new shoes. I know you’ve got money, daddy and I want it, so give it to me! I know daddy will do what I want because he doesn’t want mommy to know what he’s up to. I reach under the mattress and pull out mommy’s favorite dildo. It is long and veiny. I love making daddy suck it and show off his cock sucking skills before daddy has to bend over. I want to stretch out that pretty sissy hole. Come on daddy, I want a new phone. Feel me spit on your tight little hole while I stretch you out with his big hard cock. Daddy’s going to buy me everything I want and let me fuck his tiny hole if he knows what’s good for him. Come on daddy, give me a call. It’s time for Blackmail Daddy Phone Sex.

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

by daisy on May 16, 2016

When you watch me I just want to stick another finger deep inside. Mutual masturbation has never had me cumming like this. Your voice makes my legs shake. As you are so dominant and rough, but hide it so well. Spreading apart my bald lips and making my clit erect, you lick your lips. I know I am luring you in for a round of submissive teen phone sex..

Your boner is pulling you closer to my mouth as I fuck myself harder. But you make me stop. I am shy and petite. Not knowing what to do with such a perfect mushroom tip.

Teach me phone sex is unlike any other fantasy when your phone slut is just as nasty…

Show me how to fuck you hard, making you cum all over these perky tits. Younger phone sex will have you cumming more than once. I am working my little ass and I know just to steal your attention..

Feeling around my little pussy and stroking this tight G-spot is how I get you dripping pre cum on my tongue…

You start off all nice, playing with my hair and slowly taking off my panties. Virgin role play has me nervous, my holes never touched. But that doesn’t stop you from bending me over and spitting on my cunt, taking out your aching boner and fucking me hard. I am screaming as you thrust harder and slower. I hate the feeling of being humiliated by big dick, as you call me your dumb cunt..  You degrade your slut until I am covered in cum.. Smacking me around and punishing me for being skank.. It is only the beginning of subby teen phone sex..

I am touching myself now Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Teeny Tight Booty Phone Sex

by breen on November 24, 2015

I know my ass is precious,  and my creamy teen cheeks just make you even nastier! Get on your knees and beg for a taste of this dirty used hole. I like coming to you everyday with an asspie, and I know your mouth is dying for my sweet taste.. Filled with loads of cream and I always make sure it’s fresh. My big dick boyfriends always feel me up more than enough to feed you! Worship my tiny teen ass cheeks and beg for another lick.

I like wiggling around for you in cum filled panties, making your cock ache. Be my ass slave and do it right or you won’t ever get another wiff. Stick your tongue deep in my asshole and watch my knees get weak, you live to pleasure my teen twat. I am always waiting for your nasty phone sex in the tiny booty shorts, and you can bet your sweet cock my pussy is dripping. Should I make you watch as my ass gets a good pounding by two huge cocks..  I mean after all you are only here to clean me up after every dirty use. Which means when I have to go take a piss your mouth is wide open. You already know your tongue is my little toilet paper roll, lick me slowly and freshen my ass up for my next fuck! You are a weak ass worshiper and I know I can easily get your holes filled too! I think you deserve a little anal stretching, I see how wet your tongue gets when I bring out the boners.. Consider yourself lucky, I usually never share my cock!

Lick my ass Slowly Phone Sex

XOXO, Beautiful Breen


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Sissy Fun Phone Sex

by Rainbow on September 30, 2015

sissy fun phone sex

We had sissy fun phone sex today and it was Awesome! So gr8 to be talking to someone that is into escort phone sex, and also stripping phone sex too.

Most people know I am pretty wild, even when I am having a party and getting high as hell I am getting paid bank, know that! So this sissy boy has just recently started really working his area, not into to much drugs..

He is just like the rest of us, strung out on the nut he gets when he feels cheap and used. Most the time I wake up with no one I know and in great company.

Fellow sinners, and drug addicts are my family and I know that nut us squirrels are always chasing up. So we talked a while and I taught him some of my tricks for these johns.

You can tell he is green, but able and he will be up and running his own circuit soon. Just wait until this Sissy Phone Sex guy turns out to be a baller running with the “Caitlyns” of the world and talking dollars!

Call me up and I can help you be the tweek freak in the deep end of dollars.

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My Teacher Fucked Me Phone Sex

by Tamara on July 20, 2015

classroomThe bell rings and all the kids scatter the classroom, ready to start their weekends. Not me, I’m stuck here to get tutoring from Mr. Pearson. Settling in, I pull out my math book ready to work on long division problems. “Tamara, you failed the last test badly” I know Mr. Pearson, please let me retake it, I plead. “That I cannot do, it won’t be fair to the other students, and if you do not get at least a B on the next test you might have to attend summer school”. Oh no please let me make it up, my mom will cancel my birthday party if I fail school, I beg my teacher. He looks at me up and down hungrily. “Well I might be able to help you after all”. Mr Pearson rubs my bottom and I jump startled. What are you doing? I ask him. “You said anything Tamara so unbutton your top, you want that bad grade to disappear don’t you”? Yes Mr. Pearson, I say as obey his orders. He rubs my flat yet budding chest and moans. He puts my hand on his privates. “Grab my cock, now move your hand up and down” That’s a good sweet little nigger he tells me. Now take off your pants. Mr. Pearson touches my little slit through my soft lavender panties and moans again. Get on your knees and suck my cock Tamara. Afraid I put him in my mouth and suck with his pants around his ankles. Then my teacher pushes my head down really hard on his cock and I gag with tears in my eyes. Stand up and face me you sweet little nigger he says. Mr. Pearson bends me over my desk and pulls my panties to the side and he licks my tight black pussy. He gets it all wet then shoves his hard dick inside of me and I cry out, it hurts so bad. Look back at me he grunts, beg me to fuck your sweet nigga pussy. I do and he squirts really warm stuff inside my tiny wet hole. Damn Tamara you might not ever have to take another test again. My Teacher Fucked Me Phone Sex just saved my summer!


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Mwah!! Kisses from your Chocolate Princess Tamara

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janessa daddy 2I’ll never forget the day my Big sissy and I did nasty things with my daddy. I was home from school with the sniffles and daddy worked from home to take care of me. Mommy went to go visit Grandma because she was sick. After falling asleep on the couch watching cartoons, I headed upstairs to play with my dollies. Guess what I saw! Daddy was rubbing my panties on his privates and daddy’s privates were sticking up in the air! “Daddy what are you doing”?, I asked confused and innocent. “OMG Janessa”, daddy looked sad and ashamed. “I thought you were still asleep baby”
. Daddy, I giggled I wore those panties yesterday, that’s yucky. On no no Janessa sweetheart he said to me, they are still so soft and smell like your sweet little pussy. Daddy rubbed my panties on his face and nose. “They’re pretty too right Daddy, you like my hearts and flowers”? Yes I do baby, come here. Daddy why is your pee pee standing up like that, I ask him. You can call it a cock, Janessa, and it’s because he likes you. Give it a kiss and put it in your mouth for daddy. I put my daddy’s hard cock in my mouth and it reminds me of a lollipop. I lick and suck it like my favorite treat and my daddy loves it! MMMM now let Daddy taste your sweet pussy baby, he pulls off my night gown and panties and my daddy spreads my legs and licks my privates! It feels really good. MMM your little baby pussy tastes so sweet he says really softly. Then my daddy, takes his clothes off and puts me on top of him and moves my body up and down on his stiff cock. “You’re
such a good girl,  I love you Janessa”. I love you too Daddy I tell him, giving him a tight squeeze and butterfly kiss. OMG yessss, now Daddy is going to put his cock in your wet tiny little cunt, he tells me. “Owww owwww owww it hurts daddy”, I cry. Ssssh it’s ok baby. Daddy moves very slow and my pussy gets wetter. I start to like it a little. “What the fuck are you doing Dad?!!” My big sister walks in uh oh….Daddy’s Daughters Tag Team Him Phone Sex is sooo naughty!


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Squirming while I wait, call me……1-855-553-2339

xoxo  Janessa

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Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 1.25.17 AM

I’ve been a bad little girl today, and I need to be punished. Spank Wicked Little Darla Phone Sex Daddy, I crave your discipline. I got caught again with my hands down my pants in church.  Sister Pussylicious gave me a few good hard swats, but nothing beats my bottom like the back of Daddy’s hand. You warned me the last time I was a bratty princess that there would be serious consequences, but I didn’t listen so now I have to pay. I know you really won’t scold your precious little girl, Daddy. I have you wrapped around my manicured little smelly finger.

To my surprise you dig deep into your paternal principals, and put me right over your strong knee to teach me the lesson you promised. I know I’m such a wicked little girl Daddy, but my naughty parts can be so perfect for you to slip in and use up. You always taught me that I deserve to feel good inside, well now its time for you to feel good inside of me. This dirty girl needs to make Daddy feel like the disciplinary dynamo that commands the respect of his little cum slut.

Time and time again the nuns have found me with my sticky fingers down my panties, and they tell me what a naughty filthy brat I am. They say a sinner like me deserves some which seems more like a reward to me. Your the only one that can straighten me out with you’re Spanking Phonesex Blogs. So I fall to your feet submitting to whatever Daddy wants with his babydoll.

xxx  Wicked Little Darla  xxx


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Teen Panties Phonesex

by Terie on June 13, 2015

dmb_items_for_sale-220x400terie phonesex

I am a naughty girl that loves ageplay talk and teen panties phonesex. I noticed my panties kept going missing from the laundry. I decided to look in my dad’s bedroom and found several of my panties in his private drawer. Mommy was out and I decided to approach him. I walked in on him jerking off with my panties in his face. I told him that he was a pervert and I would tell mommy. He would have to do as I ask. I made daddy wear a pair of my panties and humiliated him. I decided he would clean my dirty teen ass. I made him lick my cream pie pussy as I had just seen my boyfriend. I knew daddy needed to be used and abused.I have made my daddy a sissy bitch. I get him to suck cocks and then I use my strap on in his ass.My panties drive him wild with desire and I tease and deny him.I am ready for nasty taboo talk.


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Dress Up Phone sex

by Katie on April 6, 2015

dress pink
I love the times why I can have Dress Up Phone sex with all of the men that call me and beg for my constant attention. Sometimes I can be the busy little girl that gets pulled in so many different ways by so many different guys, and those are the times that I forget how much fun dressing up can be with another guy. Dressing sexy skimpy and slutty with my girlfriend is easy to do but doing it with a man makes it even more fun. I love you guys at call me now that love to wear panties like mine and lipstick as well. I want more of you open minded men that need to feel pretty sexy and in control of how you dress. My dildos are pink and my panties are pretty so call me for some Dress Up Phone sex if you think you can handle it.

Call Nasty ♥ Katie!!! 1-866-992-2464

♥~Daddy’s Little Slut Phone Sex~♥

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Panty Sniffer

by Mickie on February 24, 2015

mickie2Have you ever had Panty Sniffing Phone Sex? My boyfriend loves  the way my panties smell! He loves to put them all over his face and lick them. Whenever he knows he is going to be away from me for a night he takes a pair of my dirty panties home with him and then he calls me so we can have Panty Sniffing Phone Sex.  He puts them on his face while I tell him what I’m doing with my pussy and he jerks off and cums so hard  from just from the sound of my voice and the smell of my pussy!


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