Cuckhold Nanny Phonesex

by Calista on December 3, 2016


I am a nasty slut into family play sessions and cuckhold nanny phonesex. I know you always  wanted a nanny with big tits that took a special interest to her son. I make you sleep in my big bed and I abuse you and force you to service mom sexually. I dress you up like a girl. I adore sissy training slutty boys and teaching them to share big black cock with me. I am a kinky size queen and you probably have a tiny penis. Nanny will make sure all your eager holes get filled especially your ass pussy. You need my big black strap on. I am into humiliation games and verbal abuse too. You will be made to dress up like a slut and come out with mommy to pick up men in bars. You watch and learn what men need. I can’t wait to get you to clean my dirty ass and cream pie pussy too. You beg mommy to let you be punished because mommy humiliates your ass in public especially for my amusement and your  my sissy punching bag.You need lots of hardcore ass stretching and forced cock sucking like a good sissy cum slut. I enjoy being top mommy boss in charge of you. Be ready to try out new levels of mind fucks and mommy and son domination games too.You need this in your life to let go to a nanny mistress that loves playing incest taboo games.I am into mommy and son domination roleplay. I offer no limits taboo talk.


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Kate’s Presents for Santa

by Kate on December 15, 2010

XXXmasI know it’s just my Daddy dressed up in that big fuzzy Santa suit, but I can’t help but want to get on my knees and give back a little nasty Christmas phone sex for all the wonderful gifts he’s brought me since I was a little girl.  Every time I sat on his lap my puffy little pussy would get so wet, and it just got more and intense with each passing year – and now I’m all grown up and it’s time to give back.  I’m not one of those delicate girls, Santa, I’m a hardcore fuck slut and I love to do anything that makes me feel like a nasty whore.  Mmm…how about some ass-to-mouth under the mistletoe?  I’ve always loved Santa’s big black boots, would you like to jack off watching me lick them?  You must be so tired of milk and cookies…


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Phone Sex Logan Needs Special time with Daddy

by Logan on December 15, 2010

I wanna tell you about the fun I have with my Daddy.  He buys me these cute little girl outfits, you know… like the kind I had when I was five years old.  I just love dressing up in my cute little mini dresses for Daddy, with my cute little ruffled bobbie socks and shiny patent leather shoes.  Daddy makes me feel so good when I model my new outfits for him.  He tells me how cute I look in them and then he calls his best friend Frank. When Frank comes over, they take turns kissing me all over my young body.  I suck their hard cocks like the sweet lollipops Daddy trained me on.  I wanna suck yours too… So play with me tonight. I betcha you can give it to me real good, like Daddy does.
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Phone Sex

You think you’re just in for a little Age Play fun. But what you don’t know is that my Daddy picked  you out for me to lure you here. What Daddy does some would call Incest, but what he has done is trained me to be the best little whore I can be. He comes into my room and teaches me all the things that dirty men like you want. And when I bring you home, and suck your cock, and let you try on my pretty little panties, Daddy is in the next room with the TV monitors, jerking off, and taping the whole thing so we can Blackmail you.  So beware when you call my Phone Sex line, Daddy is watching and adding your name to the bank list.


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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