Glory Hole Phone Sex

by Calypso on November 22, 2015

It had been a while since I got down on my knees in that bathroom and waited by the hole for a big cock to pop through. As I kneeled in anticipation, I wondered about the guy who would thrust his cock into this stranger’s mouth next. Would he have a big, long cock? Or, maybe a short and hairy dick? The truth is, in Glory Hole Phone Sex you never really know what you’ll end up with… But, I’m such a shemale jizz junkie I just keep coming back!!!

Before too long, I heard someone go into the stall next to me. He pissed and grunted something I couldn’t make out, and then a few minutes later a semi-erect cock emerged in front of me. I opened my mouth wide, taking the full length of the dick right into my mouth. I sucked on it, feeling it grow inside my mouth. That made my shecock so hard and throbbing! I began squeezing my own dick and sucking intently.

I pushed my mouth vigorously towards the hole, giving a peek of my pink lips to the man on the other side. Almost instantly after deep-throating his big dick, I felt it begin to ooze hot cum inside my mouth. I sucked and slurped, getting every hot drop of cum out of his balls before taking my mouth off his cock and watching it disappear through the glory hole.

Hmm.. Maybe I should go into the other side and wait for another cum slut to take my place here on their knees… After all, I now have a throbbing hard she-dick!


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Glory Hole Phone Sex

by Naomi on November 4, 2013

Glory Hole Phone Sex really get’s me wet when nasty boys who love to suck cock want to go. Do you deprave sex with strange men with your cock hungry ass. I want to talk to you queens that love cum. Do you need this Mistress’s hot breath in your ear as I call you a faggot. And you still want more cum after your belly is full of it. Felling that hot cum spraying across your slutty face as I command you to beg for more. YOU FUCKING CUM WHORE!! You like wearing someYoung girl Phonesex guys load like a little bitch that yor makes your faggot ass cream. Ha! As Mistress tilt’s your chin and humilate you for being such a little fucking cum dumpster. Just kneel like a little slut and wait for that fat dick to come through the hole. I see you licking your lips in excitement. Oh yes, look at how big it is! Lick the head and then up and down the shaft. Good boy. Like that DICK. Look at how hard your pathetic cock is? You get so horny when you get a taste of that precum. Suck it nice and slow like a good slut. Milk it and hope that he is a squirter so you can feel that ropy cum glaze in the back of your throat. Glory Hole Phone Sex, bitch!



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Glory Hole Phone Sex

by Koryann on September 5, 2012

Glory Hole Phone SexI know it sounds a bit weird and unheard of, but I found out earlier this week, my school has a very secret and very popular glory hole set up for my favorite type of Glory Hole Phone Sex play.  It’s on a wall that connects the boys locker room to the girls locker room and the students have been able to create it and hide it very well from the adults.  Ever since I have found it, I have been the most popular teen cocksucker in the entire school.  Jocks, geeks, techs, and even some substitute teachers have come to the hole and let me suck them off.  I don’t know if it’s a bad thing or a sexy thing when I love to get full on cum from my Glory Hole Phone Sex playtime with all the boys in school.

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