Family Fun

Family Fun Phone Sex

by Caydee on May 10, 2016

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Hii there daddy I am here waiting on you to be all yours, aching to be your Family Fun Phone Sex beauty queen. I always ache to please you and all these men you bring over my pussy so wet and wild for that cum to come dripping out in pure exotica. I love the thought of being your Age Play Phone Sex girl just how you like it I want more! Oh so much more! I ache for it with every being in me. I want to feel your cock between my lips fucking my throat knowing what a little slut you have made me to be! Never again are you going to want cunny I have one right here! For you to fuck! You just worked my ass to where you can fuck it. I was a good little girl and did as you wanted!
Role Play Phone Sex is what makes me so hot and wet for you! Bring on some nasty slutty calls for me! I am the little Teen Phone Sex dream you want know and love to call! So stop making me wait! I am ready to be your little cunny ready for you to fuck my cunt till I can’t walk! I love the thought of it as I know you do!
I am ready to be your little Anything Goes bitch. I will tell you what I want when I want it so don’t make me pissed off at you I will do some bad things to you like piss on you…. Yes you know the drill don’t you? So do you want me to be your sex goddess or your worst nightmare? Your choice! I am here to fill the need and fulfill everything that your cock wants every second of every day I am ready!

Kinky Caydee

Anything Goes Phone Sex


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Bratty Teen Slut Phonesex

by Cookie on February 20, 2016

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I am a dirty little bitch into hot ageplay talk and bratty teen slut phonesex. I get off on teasing and playing games with older men especially my teachers. I was molested by my uncle and enjoyed it very much. He was gentle and told me that I was his secret incest princess. when my daddy found out he did not let me play with my uncle anymore. He punished me by spanking my ass red raw then forced me to suck his daddy cock and be his cum slut whore. I now enjoy all the attention that men give me. I tease and deny and flirt with my teachers at school. I am a sweet looking girl but a slut deep down. I seduce men and want to be punished with a big cock hard. I love my bald cunt licked and I can be a demanding teen diva needing to squirt on daddy’s eager face loads.I want to be a nasty lolita and have a sugar daddy that buys me gifts in exchange for sex with my tiny body.Men are powerless to resist my captivating teen spell.I know that my favorite seduction was my teacher because he was really shy and tried hard to resist me but I won him over with my smile and kiss! It is the perfect time to play taboo games with a wild at heart girl who loves mind fucks! Cum into my special and perverse world where ageplay games meets dark play grounds. I offer uncensored talk.


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Mommy’s Good Little Hooker Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 7, 2015



I am a complete Daddy’s girl! Sure, most of my favorite orgasms came from my Daddy’s hard cock, but that doesn’t mean that Mommy didn’t like to play too! Mommy was just…more sinister in regards to her baby girl’s cunt…On weekends when Daddy worked double shifts, mommy would dress me up in super sexy outfits and take me with her on dates. Many times, we’d meet older men at fancy restaurants where they would discuss all the nasty things they planned to do to him in snickering whispers. I remember I was told to sit quietly and never say a word to the man unless asked a direct question. Even then I was usually only allowed to answer “Yes”, or “No”. At first, when I didn’t understand what was going on I would be creeped out by the gentlemen. I could feel their eyes glazing over my hot little body. I could only imagine the naughty thoughts they were having about me. At first, it made me want my Daddy! But Mommy never let me take my cellphone with me on our dates so I had to be a good girl. Sometimes, after dinner we’d drive with the gentlemen to a fancy hotel and be lead to a fancy suite where I could take a bubble bath and clean up before “Playtime”. Other times, the man would lead us to his house or worse a smelly ruin-down motel. Wherever I was taken, the same thing usually ended up happening; my sweet little pussy and asshole would be rammed by a big fat cock. My sweet mouth forced to suck cock after cock. I used to hate it at first, none of these perverts were ever nice to me like my Daddy. My mommy would watch her little girl get fucked from the sidelines; smoking a cigar and playing with her own pussy. Depending on how much money the men paid her they were allowed to do other things to me; BDSM, Orgasm control, even leave marks on my cute little body. I could go into more detail, but honestly the memories make my sweet little pussy drip and I need to

touch myself before I explode….maybe you can help me? Give me a call…my pussy can’t wait for you much longer!


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Daddy’s little phone sex slut girl.

by Kellen on November 6, 2015

kellen_meowNothing turns me on more than being Daddy’s little phone sex slut girl. The littler I am, the better for me. It really makes my tight, young cunt creamy and wet to have Daddy, or Uncle creeping into my bedroom at night for some hot family fun. I even enjoy brother/sister fantasies as long as I get to be little Sis. Family Fantasy Phone Sex is one of my favorites when I’m feeling extra kinky and nasty. Lucky for Daddy, Uncle or Big Brother I’m almost always feeling kinky and nasty.

I love wearing my little pink nightgown, crawling into my pink ruffled bed and turning on my night light to wait for my midnight “snack” to sneak into my room. I know Daddy had a hard day at work and really needs me to be a good little girl for him. He knows his little girl will always do what she’s told. I know this late night routine well and I love it. My little pussy drips under my nightgown whenever I’m on my knees on my fluffy flower rug. I have the naughtiest wet dreams thinking about playing this out on a Family Fun phone sex call.

I just love being the little cum-eater in the family and doing my duty late at night. Sometimes I even get to perform during the day if my big brother comes home from school early. He’s taught me really well so I know exactly how he likes it. If I’m really good, sometimes he’ll even play with my little cunt. He knows it turns me on when we play doctor in the kitchen pantry. These taboo phone sex fantasies are exactly what I need to make my pussy pop with a hard, squirting orgasm.

Don’t you want to play with Daddy’s little phone sex slut girl.?

Daddy’s little phone sex slut girl.

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best brother and sister phone sex ever!

by Kellen on September 15, 2015

My brother and I have always been pretty close. We’ve always got along pretty well, even when we were younger. I think it’s because we both discovered at a very young age that we could make each other feel really, really good! And if we can’t physically get with each other, since he’s away at college now. He likes call me late at night, and we have the best brother and sister phone sex ever! My big brother knows exactly how to press my buttons and get my little pussy hot and wet! I listen to the dirty things that he tells me on the phone, while I start playing with my little pink pussy! It gets so wet when I hear him stroking his cock and starts to breath heavy. If only our mom and dad knew what we did with each other behind closed doors. No one knows our little secret and we like to keep it that way. Not our friends, not even close family members. It’s just too taboo for anyone else to understand.

I make him feel good like no one else can, and he makes me cum like no other man I’ve ever been with! When we have family reunions we always make sure to sneak away from the crowd and go up to my childhood bedroom, he throws me on the bed and fucks me so hard. I get so scared that one of our family members will found out our little secret. That we’ve been fucking for years and years and we’re just not going to stop! Who better to know everything about you and who knows how to satisfy you right than a caring and loving family member. Family fun is really the best and only family can take care of you like no one else can!! I love my brothers nice juicy cock and I want more and more.. Maybe I can get someone else in the family to make all of my holes feel good.. Ready for the best brother and sister phone sex ever?

best brother and sister phone sex ever

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Cum Guzzling Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 30, 2015

I hope you don’t mind me sucking your cock outside because I like that sweet sweat the naomi phone sexsun makes while I suck you dry on a cum guzzling phone sex call. My mouth yearns for some balls as these grapes are not as sweet as your cum. Can you help this thirsty girl out, its hot out here!

After I’m done swallowing all that you have built up I hope you can return the favor over a pussy eating  sex call. As much as I love those sweet sweaty balls I love to have my bald pussy eaten. She even has a birthmark on the lip to help guide you towards my hole. I hope you call soon so I can work on something sweeter than these grapes!

Ready for a bad little bitch that likes balls of all sizes in her mouth? You found her! Id love to have your balls in my mouth after these grapes over a cock sucking call. I want to hear about your balls gagging my little throat as my fingers glide up and down your shaft.

Please don’t leave me here lonely for too long. Incest is in fact the best so hopefully I can be considered a part of your family while I suck and fuck all of them men in your family dry, and then I can start on the women! I don’t want to be just some girl. I need to be referred to as lil sis. Whenever you and the guys are ready hit me up for a family fun. I’ll be waiting, lonely and eager to please you and your male siblings.

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Inbreeding Teen Phone Sex

by terra on July 1, 2015

I’m a naughty little slut and my filthy side really shows when I get together with my family… I’m talking about my serious addiction to Incest Phone Sex! All day every day I find myself dreaming of the naughty things I do with my older brother when my parents are away. I can’t get enough of my brother’s hard cock… He’s so big! It makes me cum so hard every time he stretches out my tight little wet pussy.

I got a little jealous when he brought a girlfriend home to meet the family but he promised that things would stay the same with us and actually, I’m happy to report things are better than good… I walked in on him banging her one sunny afternoon and joined in on the fun for Inbreeding Teen Phone Sex! It was so hot when his girlfriend buried her face between my legs while my big bro pounded her pussy from behind!

Terra Luvs Brothers CockI’ve been a little sister slut for as long as I can remember… my naughty brother taught me how to play Secret Games Phone Sex when I was very little. I would put my hand in his pants for the game and feel his penis grow hard in my little hands before making the hot cum leak from his cock… Little did I know that the first time brother would slide his dick inside my tiny cunny I’d become addicted to Family Fun Phone Sex and find myself a total slave to draining his balls!

Your Family Fun Slut,

Terra ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Age is Just A Number Phone Sex

by janessa on May 26, 2015

JanessaBB2What started out as innocent flirting and fun snowballed into something I could’ve never imagined. Maybe it was his gentle tone or the way he listened. But now we’re on the phone and I’m aware of every hair raised on the back of my neck, every beat my heart misses and the thump between my thighs. He never speaks to just to hear himself talk….his words are so intentional. He’s such a gentleman, but right now I really wish he wasn’t. He thinks his age matters, it doesn’t. We are so into each other, why should it? I prefer older men anyway, they worship you and are never selfish lovers. In my dreams he carries me laying me down as he crushes his body on mine, I feel every delicious inch of him. Our kisses are soft and deliberate. He takes his time as he tastes me, drinking in all of me. And when I put my mouth around him, he’s so damn exquisite, like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. My legs are on his shoulders as he buries himself deep inside of me, our eyes never leave each other except for when he lowers his head to catch my nipple in his mouth, which sends me into a sexual frenzy. I’ve never felt like this. I tell him lets switch positions and in seconds I’m riding him again,  our mouths find each other. Wrapping my legs around his waist he grabs me holding me close as I grind my pussy hard and in a slow grind. Then it happens, our worlds fall apart and we cum together. I wake up and my heart is racing.  I grab a drink of water and my phone to dial up Age is Just a Number Phone Sex.


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BISEXUAL Phone sex

by Katie on April 20, 2015

Being a BISEXUAL Phone sex girl that is a sexy and open minded like I am is very fun and those rare occasions. It’s hard on a regular basis when I can go out drinking and partying with my friends and then we can end up all licking and sucking on each other. It’s even more fun on those other occasions that I find a bisexual man that will suck and fuck cock with me. So many men think it’s a bad thing to be bisexual and yet they also want to have a girl sucking their cock while they suck on one as well. I personally don’t have any preference either way I love the fact that I can lick cum out of a girls cunt and at the same time to getting fucking by a hard dick with my BISEXUAL Phone sex.

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Kissing Cousins Phone Sex

by Avril on November 30, 2014

Kissing Cousins Phone Sex

Kissing cousins phone sex makes my young bald pussy dripping with excitement! My cousin is in high school and way bigger than me, and I’ve always had a crush on him. He and his brothers sleeping in the guest room this weekend but he always speaks down to my room and he stays over to molest me. I do so many naughty things with him and it feel so good to be naughty. My daddy came in once after my cousin had left and he quickly put his hands down my panties and shoved his fingers up inside my cunt he could feel all the come from my cousin and then he got angry a little bit and pulled out his cock in jerked off all over my face while he called me a dirty little whore. Other times, when we were at his house, he would dare make up into the tree house with him and he would kiss and stuff. He would pull out his big penis and tell me to touch it because that’s what girls are supposed to do. Then he want to put in my mouth and it exploded as soon as he got it in there! He loves me, because we are kissing cousins phone sex!

Xo Avril oX

Kissing Cousins Phone Sex


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