dirty evil Grandma


by Bryn on November 23, 2015

Redneck Grandpa

My Grandfather is a big old beer drinking, car racing, fish catching, stinky old red neck man. He hates that his only grandson is what he calls a faggot. My Grandpa loves to have PUBLIC HUMILIATION PHONE SEX.

I put on a dress and get all pretty and fixed up and he loves to make fun of my long hair, my sexy girl legs, and my tits. He says I look like a freak show and he started introducing me as his granddaughter, which technically I prefer.

My daddy came into my room when I was crying and said for me not to worry. My grandpa is just being mean to hide the fact that he likes TRANNY PHONE SEX when my grandma goes out of town. The humiliation is a cover but grandpa really wants to see my pretty boy cock. So daddy sent me to Grandpa’s house when Grandma went out of town. I bravely went there and pulled up my skirt for him. He was delighted to see my silky white panties.

My Grandpa confessed to me that he thought I was very pretty and all he could think about was sucking my teen cock. Suddenly the tables were turned and Grandpa had my cock in his mouth and I was humiliating him telling him if he ever was verbally abusive again I would tell Grandma that he loved to drink mu cum. I made him suck it good and told him what a stupid old cock slut he was. I snapped a photo in GRANDPA SUCKED MY DICK PHONE SEX for the family picture album if he wasn’t nice. Grandpa begged me not to tell. Is it awful of me that now I dominate his elderly old ass? Looks like I will being enjoying my inheritance early
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Electrocution Phone Sex

by Ferrah on January 30, 2014

Electrocution Phone SexI was at this old dusty Thrift Shope the other day, and I scored an old electric torture machine, that I can undoubtedly use for my depraved sessions of Electrocution Phone Sex.  Of course, I had one of my grandsons, an Electrician, hehehehe, take a look at it, and he, being the genius that he is, not only fixed it’s broken and busted pieces.  He also customized it to fit my truly twisted debauchery needs.  Now I can hook up any of my clueless innocent victims, and singe the shit out of their perfect little pussies and cocks.  I’ll have them pissing on themselves, but good!!!  And, when my mood is tame, and I just want to get off… just an average little, I only turn up that deviant dial a tiny little to make them cum fast and hard, so that I will too, just from watching the electric “fireworks” commence.  You see, the trick to my machine, is that you have place those energy flowing discs right on the tip of the cock, or directly on that tiny bulb of a clit at the front and center of those sweet pink pussies… and then, all you gotta do, is to… LET HER RIP!!!!!  I’ll tell ya, nothing is as sexually satisfying, or as stimulatingly thrilling, as this awesome little machine that I so delightedly use for Electrocution Phone Sex!

Electrocution Phone Sex


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