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Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part Two

by Avril on May 25, 2014

fucked up little girl phone sex part twoI am your young daughters teen friend and you were spying on us from a crack in the door while she and I were kissing in her bedroom, practicing for kissing  boys in Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part Two. Well, you think you are spying, until my eyes open as I am kissing her and looking right at you. You freeze. You can’t look away. You hear me say to her, “So that is how you french kiss a boy if they wanna. You were really good, too.  But another thing they will want to see are your boobies. Boys will want to suck on them…”  I lift my shirt and my little tit is right there and I tell her to suck it and lick it.  She does, and as she does, I start to slip my little hand down into my tiny shorts, staring right into your eyes as your daughter licks and suckles my little tit and I finger myself.

You can’t take it and you rush away quietly to hide down the basement.  You are pacing all alone down there, shocked and feeling guilty about having seen that…but it was incredibly hot.  You rationalize that little girls and boys do that… they practice…it’s natural.

But the way I was staring at you was uncanny. Experienced women do that.You keep reaching down and grabbing your massively swollen cock.  You can’t help but think about my tight pussy and that you wanted to be the one kissing me and sucking my tit… and then you see me, standing at the base of the steps, in my little short shorts, with my incredibly long legs and tight tiny body in that little shirt that shows my little belly button.  My hand starts to slide down my tight little tummy and into my shorts to finger my pussy, as I suck the fingers on my other hand and I stare into your eyes.

“Hi.  I want to play with you now…” I say sweetly. You groan and can’t stop yourself as you walk to me. Like a magnet.   Call me and lets find out just how naughty Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part Two can get.

Xo Avril oX

Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part two

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