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Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore

by Rainbow on April 18, 2015

Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore

So I went to a party yesterday, and in the middle of all the powder my nose fun a blonde slut called me a Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore, and I just gave her a big slutty smile, and said “Damn Right!”.

What did she expect, I do not share these dicks, especially not the long stroking BBC phone sex cock I like the most. Everybody knows I am the BBC Teen slut of the town, and nobody is getting between me and my dope, or me and my dick.

But now that I am at this party, and see all the X going around, I am heading right towards the middle of the room to get those pants droppin while I stuff my face with pure pussy crank. Mmm fuck yeah, the brothers make it so good for hot pussy teens like me to get anal and vaginally stretched.

But hell fuck yeah I can stroke these fucking big black phone sex cocks and get covered head to toe with my mouth wide open like the nastiest Circle Jerk Phone Sex Cum Whore!

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Circle Jerk Phone Sex Teen


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