Innocent Little Schoolgirl Suzie

I’m Suzie, and not only am I daddy’s little slut, I’m the whole FAMILY’s little slut. My daddy is much older than my mom – he’s a very rich and influential man, it’s his second wife and family, he married a little trophy whore, you know the type – and I didn’t realize until I reached my teen years just what a fucking perverted life we all lead outside the public eye.

It me, my nympho mom, my big brother and my little sister – and I know exactly what it means when I hear someone say “The family that plays together stays together.” After divorcing his fucking prude of a first wife and leaving her and his other family for my mom, he decided that he would have no taboos at home when it came to sex. I didn’t even know what the word incest even meant until I reached puberty, when my mom took me to the doctor and put me on birth control to prevent any accidents – we couldn’t have my sweet daddy or my well-hung stud of an older brother knocking me up and ruining everybody’s fun, could we?

So what’s it like at Suzie’s house? I can tell you that no matter what time of day or night it is, there is always some kind of kinky shit going on. Where other families might watch a movie or play board games or lame shit like that, my family has swap parties – my mom will be screaming as my brother pounds her tight ass while I’m taking all the daddy cock I can handle down my throat and deep inside my tight little cunt. Once they’ve cum, mom and I will play for their pleasure until their dicks are good and hard again – and then we switch partners and start over. It’s gotten ESPECIALLY hot now that my sweet little sister has gotten old enough to join in the fun. Nowadays, she’s most often the center of all our attention.

Needless to say, this is a huge, black secret for my family; none of us can breathe a word of it to anyone we know personally. But like other girls, I need people I can confide in and share my innermost secrets with from time to time. That’s why I got into hardcore, no limits phone sex. I mean, what’s hotter than telling a complete stranger all of these naughty, wicked family secrets, things that are so taboo and forbidden that you can’t tell your very best friend? It’s a great outlet for me – I haven’t had a single phone sex experience where I didn’t cum really hard as I played with my swollen clit and talked about every sordid detail.

Want to hear more? Then call me. When it comes to anonymous fetish phone fun, I have no secrets. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

My Favorite Roleplays

  • Family Fuck Toy
  • Daddy Daughter Incest
  • Rape, Rough, & Snuff
  • Student / Teacher Fantasies
  • Teen Oral & Anal Slut
  • Teen Seductress
  • Submissive Little Coed
  • Teen Accomplice
  • Kidnapping
  • Teen Prostitute
  • Scatt, Waterworks

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