Sissy Humiliation Fetish

by Shelby on September 28, 2016

Sissy Humiliation Fetish

hi super cuties!! Today I had a little  brother that kept telling me he had a Sissy Humiliation Fetish, and I had to be super mean to him because he was tagging along on our sleep over ::giggles:: So  we had to do something too  make sure he was so humiliated for hanging out with girls ::loser:::. We was sitting around the bed when he came to our room trying to peek, and we grabbed him and held him down and put makeup all over him!::giggles:: We painted him up like the biggest sluttiest girl in class::>>ME<<:: and we looked like twins!::snickers:::
So we took pictures and even sent them out to all of my brothers work friends, and our friends. They laughed because he was such a loser and we are going to the mall next. We are taking him shopping for panties, and telling everyone how small his Binky winky is :::hehe::: it looks like a sad pretzel!!! And now we are going to pimp him to the neighborhood perverts for roller money!! ::giggles:: Why should we baby sit when we get to make fun of him and turn him into the neighborhood Sissy Humiliation Fetish cutie!! ::kisses::
Hey sissy in the window, the one with the little bitty clit!!! How much is your booty to the pervert? I bet he wouldn’t pay fifty cents!! ::giggles::: :: Flashes panties::: Are you a sissy for girlies? Cum and play with me and my friends @! There is a bunch of naughty girls to tease, and humiliate you in the ways that make your clit stick out like a belly button!

Thanxxxx cuties!! ::kisses::
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1-855-553-2339 << our chat room link, click it and come and play with ME!!! I have friends in here too, and we always poke the sissy boy first!


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