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rainbowpicMy real name isn’t Rainbow, but it’s all I answer to now!

Unless you have some booze and drugs – then you can call me anything you like and I will answer.  I am the QUEEN of Party Phone Sex!  Do I pop it, snort it, smoke it?  And don’t you worry, the glass dick isn’t the only one I like to suck on.  I am up all night, and up for anything.  So grab your party supplies and let’s get freaky.

I was such a snotty lil straitedge bitch before I went to a party with this new girl at work.  I wanted to leave, because there were too many black guys there.  And it was not my ‘hood, I come from designer life baby.  But she was my ride, and wouldn’t leave.  She went in a bedroom with a couple guys. And I am glad she didn’t leave, cause life got great.  When some big black bro came and asked me if I wanted to get high, I thought he had weed in that pipe.  I didn’t know what it looked like, I never smoked it.  I was wrong – it was crack.  And it was the BEST. THING. EVER.

Fast forward two hours – I was totally sucking and fucking BBC like a bitch in heat.  Putting on a show, fuck, I even went down on that dirty bitch from the office while she was sucking a big black cock that night.  She went home the next morning, I never really did.  They kept getting me high, and I kept loving it.  I love how sexual it makes me feel, how totally filthy, how I can talk about anything.  They keep me high and call me their nigger loving white slut, and they are right.  How they degrade me, fuck me, use me.  Damn.  You want some hot BBC phone sex?  I am the motherfucking EXPERT!

I live the way getting high makes me do all this crazy shit.  Who would of thought that a never smoked a joint society snot would get tatted, shoot porn, and live for sick and twisted sexual fantasies.  And it all started with one hit of crack.   And then came the meth, the weed, the booze, and the pills.  And baby, I am never without it now.  I am your drug phone sex bitch.  I got the hook-up.

C’mon, all the cool kids are doing it, lol.




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