Lamaze Fetish

by Emmie on September 30, 2016

Lamaze Fetish


Just breathe is what he said as I went into labor and started his  Lamaze Fetish as I crowned. When we first met he knew how much I enjoyed bareback, and he filled me full a few times a day. After just a few weeks I was knocked up again, and he loved the whole pregnant glow. While we had sex he would wiggle his hips to spread  my cervix thin, and now here he is helping me breathe.
Birthing Fetish
1-877-558-9338  Call meBut now that the doctor has me pushing I notice my boyfriend has his cock out and jerking next to my face. That is what I need to do, just suck this fat cock and PUSH.. The look on his face , as I start to scream and moan.. Puushing, and crowing and that is when I get to taste the first of his cum!

So glad to see that they both came out at the same time, and his load gets to help keep me and my young mom fantasies going. This dreamy guy who likes using me like a breed factory, and rubbing my belly ready to go again. Wait until I get these stitches in daddy, and we can get a seed back in to keep your taboo birthing cumming.

Thank you so much for making this a really kinky call!!! Sucking your cock while I pushed helped me the most!
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