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Cake Farts Phone Sex with Calypso

by Calypso on November 2, 2015

Hello, my fart-loving followers. I know there are many of you out there who want nothing more than to bury your face between my perfect round asscheeks and suck in my succulent gases. Your love of poots isn’t lost on me, and I’m always finding new ways to bring even the kinkiest of fetishes to life. That’s why I decided this weekend that I would bake a cake, a yummy chocolate cake with a ganache that’s to die for (you’ll see!)… then I wanted to do something a little extra sexy! I invited over my sub slave who just so happens to adore both cake and farts and so I melded those two loves together in the ultimate Cake Farts Phone Sex with Calypso!

cake farts phone sexI lowered my ass down onto that chocolate cake, getting my cheeks nice and covered in the icing. He couldn’t resist his urge to lean in and lick off some of the icing and just when he did I let out a really loud and pungent tranny fart! His cock went from soft to stiff in a flash and just when he was going to ask if he could have a slice, I pushed his face back down into the cake and let out a series of squeaky and smelly farts!

He was in cake farts heaven licking the chocolate icing from my tight asshole and sucking the gas right out of me! Of course I rubbed my chocolatey eight inch cock all over his lips and had him clean it off.. *giggles*

What is your fart fetish fantasy? Call in and tell me today and we’ll see what naughty roleplay we can come up with!


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Pathetic Little Kiddie Lover Phone Sex

by demida on July 12, 2015

Oh such a pathetic kiddie lover phone sex loser! I talked to a clit dicked pedo today who loves tiny little cotton panties for jacking his inchworm! *giggles* He told me he couldnt even pass the toilet paper roll test. I asked him what he liked to do with the tiny panties since he apparently didnt have a cock , and he just groaned and told me how he loved little single digit ageplay girls with brunette hair and dark eyes. I humiliated him about being suchhhh a dirty old man who jacked his little wee wee to underage puffy pussies. Then, he told me that his favorite hole was buttholes. Typical. I assured him he would be in contact with lots of assholes in his miserable useless life. *giggles* He liked me to call him all kinds of names as he yanked his three inch fucking pathetic excuse for a dickey!

demida little princess

I told him about how next time we will have to bring out my little girl strap on  and then he will be the real pedo faggot who gets fucked up the ass! He was shaking with excitement when he told me that his favorite lolita phone sex fantasy was with little ones with pigtails and braids especially! His breath was ragged as he jerked hs weenie. YUCK . He wanted to tell me how he wants to lick kiddie buttholes and plant their tiny little bums right on his tongue. He doesnt have a cock to fuck. I told him thats probably why he likes little girls. *LOL* Its the perfect size for little mounds of puffy pillowy deliciousness! He got excited for a second , until he realized I was setting him up for another jab. I told him the little girls would laugh and point at his bity baby cockie. He blew( well dripped and drizzled three drops ) as I giggled and taunted him. Come and be put in your place by a bratty little girl domination phone sex Princess.

Heres some braids for you pedo pansy!!

demida braids

Drop your dick and dial…

Dirty Lil Demida

1 855 242 8111



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Sibling Loving Phone Sex

by Bella on December 26, 2014

sibling loving phone sex

My brother is getting married today.  I think he needs some special sibling loving phone sex for his big day!

I got into my pretty little bridesmaid dress, short and frilly and went to find my big brother.  He was in a room just finishing getting dressed.  I entered the room and thought about locking the door behind me, but then I changed my mind.  What if we got caught……

I walked over to him after he told me how beautiful I look.  As I got closer, he could tell I was up to something kinda sneaky.  I told him I had always admired him and wanted to give him something extra extra special on his special day.  He asked me what and was quite surprised when I reached down to undo his pants.  He tried to stop me….kinda.  *giggles*

I dropped slowly to my knees as I slid down his pants.  As I slowly slid his hard cock into my mouth, I though I heard mom in the hallway!  Oh well, I just kept sucking him deeper and deeper into my mouth.  I loved the way I was making him moan.

Just as he was about to cum, I stood up and walked to the couch.  I bent over, raised my little dress and showed him my pretty little pussy….no panties of course.  He walked over and shoved his cock right into me!  He rammed his cock in and out until his cum was shooting deep into me!

I think he will remember the sibling loving phone sex he had on his special day.  Don’t you?

Sibling Loving Phone Sex


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Devout Blasphemy Phone Sex Slut

by Shelby on June 7, 2013

Did you know I was a Devout Blasphemy Phone Sex Slut ? Ohh I am, I go every Sunday to church umm hmm I do, and while everyone else bows their heads to pray… ::hehe::.. I tinkle in the baptism water! Then while the hymns are being sung and everyone is standing holding hands, I rub my clit right against the statuette of the flying Doves.. ::blushes::

Last week I rubbed so hard and so long they thought I was speaking in tongues when I began to cum mid scripture. Everyone thinks I am such a good girl because I offer to back cookies for every single fund raiser!! What they dont know is my special crumbles are just the pages of the bible dipped in sugar!! LOL.

But see I made a big boo boo because this past Sunday I walked into the preachers office and was anally stretching myself with his sexy crucifix.. I used the “Blood of Christ” to really get his knees in deep and while lost in the throws of pleasure.. The preacher man walked in with his cock in his hand!! I was so busted being a Devout Blasphemy Phone Sex Slut. ::kisses::

Blasphemy Role Play Phone Sex
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Phone Sex Suffocation

by Gaia on February 12, 2013

Do you like the idea of Phone Sex Suffocation? I have a caller that loves to have the life drained right from his victim. Sometimes he will use his hands, sometimes a rope and other times a plastic bag, he loves to be ramming his cock deep inside my pussy and feel how it clenches down on his hard cock as he takes the breathe from my sail. He says it feels like a wrench just clamping down on his cock draining his balls likes no other orgasm can. Squeezing and choking my neck with his bear hands, watching as the blood drain from my face, sucking the life right out of me as furiously as it is draining his heavy sacks, watching as my body becomes lifeless, as I take my last gasp of air, his cock being vacuumed all his cum out of his filled balls while he performs Phone Sex Suffocation on me!


1 855 553 2339

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Teen Slut Seduces Minister Phone Sex

by Penny on June 19, 2011

Seductive Teen

I had a lot of fun at church today, I don’t really pay so much attention to what is being said but more to the really hot minster.  I told him that I was having trouble controlling my urges when I talked to him after the service, he told me that he would help me to go to his office with him so I could feel more comfortable going into more detail.  We get to his office and I just didn’t know how to explain it and I was always much better at show then tell.  I climb over his desk and straddle him in the chair, he was so shocked but he didn’t try to stop me.  I start rubbing my body up against him talking of how I lose all control when these urges come.  I start kissing him passionately, while he starts to unzip his pants.  Wow he was so big, he pulls out his thick cock, lifts my skirt, and rips my cute little g string.  I could feel him rub his dick up against my pussy, and I started to get so wet.  If you want to know more about me seducing the minister of our church give me a call, I love phone sex as well.



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Down and dirty phone sex

by Darla on April 14, 2011

Come out come out where ever you are! You can run but you can’t hid. I’m so ready to get down and dirty phone sex with ya. When i mean dirty i mean down to the nitty gritty. So why don’t you pick up that phone and come play with this little girl. I like to get dirty I’m not a clean kind of girl.


down and dirty phone sex

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Daddy plays hard phone sex

by Darla on April 4, 2011

Daddy comes in my room after mommy leaves like he does always. But this time is different. I always let daddy play with me but daddy plays hard phone sex. I tell him hes hurting me but he keeps doing what hes doing. I start crying and he says he cant help it what i wouldn’t let him due to hes been wanting to for so long. Call and find out what it was…


daddy plays hard phone sex

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Mommy daughter cum sluts phone sex

by Zoey on March 29, 2011

I love when my mommy comes in my room with daddy. She takes daddies pants off and gets him nice and hard. Then she takes off my blankets and slides my panties off. After that she places her mouth on my bald cunt and starts eating me out while daddy watches us. What can i say daddy loves when we’re his cum sluts phone sex. He loves watching us eat each other and we do more then that . You should hear what we do to him.


mommy daughter cum sluts phone sex

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DaddyThere’s never a time I don’t enjoy spending time with that special man in my life. I’m talking about my Daddy of course. He spoils and pampers me and gives me whatever I want, and the best thing is when he gives me his cock. I love it when he fucks me hard and makes me cum all over that juicy cock, and then makes me swallow his load. I hope I get to talk to you soon about Daddy phone sex!
1-855-55DADDY / 1-855-553-2339

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