Lamaze Fetish

by Emmie on September 30, 2016

Lamaze Fetish


Just breathe is what he said as I went into labor and started his  Lamaze Fetish as I crowned. When we first met he knew how much I enjoyed bareback, and he filled me full a few times a day. After just a few weeks I was knocked up again, and he loved the whole pregnant glow. While we had sex he would wiggle his hips to spread  my cervix thin, and now here he is helping me breathe.
Birthing Fetish
1-877-558-9338  Call meBut now that the doctor has me pushing I notice my boyfriend has his cock out and jerking next to my face. That is what I need to do, just suck this fat cock and PUSH.. The look on his face , as I start to scream and moan.. Puushing, and crowing and that is when I get to taste the first of his cum!

So glad to see that they both came out at the same time, and his load gets to help keep me and my young mom fantasies going. This dreamy guy who likes using me like a breed factory, and rubbing my belly ready to go again. Wait until I get these stitches in daddy, and we can get a seed back in to keep your taboo birthing cumming.

Thank you so much for making this a really kinky call!!! Sucking your cock while I pushed helped me the most!
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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Latina Teen Mommy Phonesex

by Salena on December 19, 2015

salena phonesex


I am a kinky girl and into latina teen mommy phonesex. Iam a naughty and horny girl into incest fun fantasies.I have lots of sex with my brother and got knocked up by him because he only likes to take my bald cunt bare back.He is very dirty and likes young girls.He buys me gifts and spoils me and got me to become his fuck dolly. He bought me lots of sexy lingerie and gives me cash.I dress up and he spanks my ass and punishes me for getting his cock hard.. I enjoy all the attention that he gives me very much. He loves my tiny body and bald little pussy. My brother is a lot older and from another daddy. We have the same mother.He goes out to drink with his friends and pick up sluts but he comes home alone he uses me as a cum whore. He likes kissing my whole body and eats my tight teen ass. He loves giving me a kinky rim job.My pussy gets so wet when he has rough sex with me.I am a nympho slut now.I am going to have my brother’s baby and am so exited. My mom thinks its wonderful and she also has sex with my brother. I know how to get my brother off in and we have family orgies with my cousins too.I can’t wait to get my hot teen pussy stretched and am into humiliation too. I offer taboo uncensored talk.


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex


Being this late in my pregnancy has me always in the bathroom.  Seems like I can drink a big glass of tea and then twenty minutes later I’m looking for the bathroom.  It’s getting harder and harder to make it to the bathroom and just the other day I had barely gotten my panties down when the stream started to flow.  I used to try and squeeze it and do the pregnant potty dance but sometimes I just say fuck it and just piss myself.  I figure I am pregnant so what are they really gonna say if I have an accident.  And I’ve found lots of guys have a kinky fetish about it so I love to tease you with my The Pregnant Potty Dance Phone Sex with SueAnn.

The other day I was out doing some shopping when the urge came on.  I tried to do a little shuffle all the way to girls room, but I got about half way there and knew there was no way I was going to make it.  I made it about to the little girls clothes section when I went over by the panties and lifted my skirt and peed right there behind one of the racks.  And it just kept going and going. I was beginning to wonder if it was ever going to stop.  And then just as I thought I was finally going to finish I saw a man out of the corner of my eye rubbing his pants and watching me.  I smiled and showed him my pussy and he came right then and there.  Thats when I knew I’d found a kinky little fetish to tease men with! Want to see my get naughty with some The Pregnant Potty Dance Phone Sex with SueAnn.

The Pregnant Potty Dance Phone Sex with SueAnn

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I have a new sugar daddy who wants to take care of my and my little one’s.  Yes most of you know I’m that slutty teen who craved cock and got caught up in the whole pregnant teen world.  He is just turned on with my growing belly and the little foot that keeps pressing under my rib cage making that perfect little foot imprint. There is only one thing … he wants me to do some extreme things while I’m knocked up so I can take care of ALL his needs.  So he told me we needed to do some Training Preggo Sueann To Be The Phone Sex Slut.

He brought home a couple of toys that he wanted me to get used to using. Some nipple clamps and some rope and a little crop whip to use on me when I did not obey.  He told me since he was going to take care of me and my bastard children the least I could do would be to serve him like a good slut would.  He bound my hands together and made me work on my cock sucking skills first.  He told me all good sluts can suck a cock without gagging and until I got it right I would have to do it over and over again.  He hooked those nipple clamps on and grabbed the chain.  When I started to gag he would pull on that chain so hard I thought my nipples were going to rip off.  I know he enjoys watching me in pain, because when I started to cry all he did was look down and smile and an evil laugh emerged from his lips.  He told me I needed to try harder and do more Training Preggo Sueann To Be The Phone Sex Slut otherwise the crop would be next.

Training Preggo Sueann To Be The Phone Sex Slut

Call and ask for Sueann: 855-553-2339

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sueann 1

I’m getting closer to my due date and I’ve noticed I’m starting my big pregnant tits are starting to leak. You are turned on that I’m a slutty knocked up teen with a growing belly, and now you’re going to love me even more. Lusting For Lactation Phone Sex With Knocked Up SueAnn, got milk?

These breasts filling with milk look so appetizing that you just want to hold them in your hands and wraps your lips around them.  Heavy tits filled with milk is your dream come true.  A kinky lactating teen letting you milk me into a cup and take a nice big sips gets your perverted cock so hard.  But I don’t care drink up.  Just think that once the baby comes, they will be so full they will be overflowing!! Like a fountain of milk for you to have any time you please.  Come get some Lusting For Lactation Phone Sex With Knocked Up SueAnn.

Lusting For Lactation Phone Sex With Knocked Up SueAnn

Knocked Up Phone Sex, Pregnant Phone Sex, Lactation Phone Sex

Call and ask for SueAnn: 855-553-2339

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Knocked Up SueAnn

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Impregnation Phone Sex

by Avril on January 4, 2015

impregnation phone sexCan you just imagine how sexy my little belly would look all swole up for impregnation phone sex?  You want to claim me as your own, sowing your seed deep in my belly.  Your thick shaft spreading my pussy lips and milking into my fertile young pussy.  You will be the king of the castle and I will make you the prettiest sweetest little babies.  All ours to do with whatever we wish. When my tummy gets bigger and bigger it makes me so horny.  You insist I call you Daddy when I ride your cock, your hands caressing my pregnant belly and my swollen milky titties.  All you want it to spread your seed and sow sexy little children.  Will they suckle my tit while you fuck me Daddy?  I am just what you need for impregnation phone sex!

Xo Avril oX

Impregnation Phone Sex


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Daddy Got Me pregnant Phone Sex

by Naomi on October 18, 2014

Daddy you have never liked pulling out of your little girls pussy when you cum, when we play  Daddy Got Me pregnant Phone Sex. Instead you fill up your little girls pussy with hot cum. I alwaysnaomi-12 tell you daddy that you have to be very careful not to get me pregnant. You still insist on fucking your baby girl. Now I’ve missed my period and mommy can not find out that I might be pregnant with my Daddy’s baby. You step up to me sink your cock into my cum-filled pussy. Cum oozes out of me and around your cock as you sink into me. You fuck the shit out of my sore and tired pussy. I am crying and moaning with the final fuck of your Daddy cock. You bury your cock into me and jizz the final load. Now I have to go to the doctor’s and tell him all about out  Daddy Got Me pregnant Phone Sex.


Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)




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Pregnant Phone Sex

by Drea on August 24, 2014

pregnant phone sexIs Pregnant Phone Sex is what you’re after big daddy?  Do you love to see a swollen soft sexy belly knowing your seed is brewing in there!

 Being preggo makes me soooo horny too!   So many times you just watch e reaching past my belly and putting a show on for you while I finger myself! The weight of the baby presses down on my pussy and makes my sensitive clitty swell which makes me so needy for dick.  I guess that’s why you like keeping us pregnant.  There are a few of us girls here you’ve knocked up and we all need your fat dick to keep us happy.  Don’t you love those huge milky titties too!  

You are creating your very own harem and incestuous family because you just love pregnant women sucking and riding on your dick.  The weight of a big girl slamming down on your daddy seed spewer and milking your cock up inside while I slow ride Daddy on another girl in your harem drops her titties in your mouth.  Its tight inside isn’t it?  Your hands going up and down on my swollen belly as I’m on top cumming all over your cock in Pregnant Phone Sex

Lose yourself inside…


Pregnant Phone Sex 


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Pregnant Lil Phone Sex Slut Julie

by Julie on October 25, 2011

Daddy loves fucking his baby girl Julie. He comes into my room every night before bed and makes sure he gives me a nice big load of baby making cum. He knows he wants to get me pregnant. Well the other day, i couldn’t buckle my size 2 jeans. I snuck into the local pharmacy and found a pregnancy test. I hid it under my shirt and went home with it. While mommy and daddy were gone, i took the test. I cant believe it… My daddy got me PREGNANT!!!!!

If you want to get your girl pregnant with phone sex then call me now…

10 week pregnancy belly picture 725x800 Pregnant Lil Phone Sex Slut Julie

Call 1-855-55-DADDY | 1-855-553-2339 and ask for Funtimewithdaddy Julie.
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