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Dirty and Sexy Phonesex

by Maureen on September 24, 2016

maureen phonesex

I love kinky fantasies and into dirty and sexy phonesex. We  can have have our very own night full of hot passion and wicked sex. I like listening to kinky sensual music to get me in the mood for a big cock. Inthe morning I am always horny and can get into some opera music or some ballads but good old rock and roll never sounded so good when i have a big black cock inside me. I love heels and corsets and music makes me unwind and sets me in a sensual mood for some gang bang fun or even a bukkake session.. When I dress up myself I adore a good tight corset worn with a bustier and stockings and heels to show off my long slender legs.. I am an exhibitionist that loves showing off her body. I even like al fresco sex. The good old outdoors is so raunchy and gets me totally wet to be seen as I suck a big black cock . I love bdsm roleplays too and any nasty taboo sex.I listen to our Bada Bing radio when I am in the chatroom to relax and feel hot and ready for some wicked calls.There is so much fun to have, I should confess that I like sex with other women and am a bisexual whore that likes oral sex with other wet cunts. I can do just about any sex position too because I am super felexible and enjoy yoga.Come enjoy  a good deep throat blow job by myself a woman that knows the kinky score.I am ready for a  hot sex call and we are sure to cum together real good. Mutual masturbation is always special .I offer no limits  talk and taboo sex stories.


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Kama Sutra Phone Sex

by terra on March 23, 2016

terra 3

I got a real treat today, Kama Sutra Phone Sex! The guy called me up and spent so much time getting to know me, then we did some breathing exercises to get comfortable and relaxed. I used to see a breathworker regularly when I lived on the west coast but it had been a while since I’d meditated and prepared my mind, body and soul for tantric release. What a sweet treat it was to relish in the intense passionate bond between us, both strong and delicate touches and vibrations resonating between our bodies. I found myself floored at the sensation of feeling his hand on my cunny for the very first time. We had teased and kissed and tickled each other all over, except for those pleasure centers located between our legs, so the slightest touch of his hand to my soft wetness within sent me reeling and nearly gave me an orgasm right away! Of course my mate is such a tease and insisted that we stay in the depths of tantric pleasure as long as possible… meaning I was in for hardcore edging phone sex and had I not been a patient girl I might have lost my mind. These yogi types will tease and please for hours before letting you cum, but finally I felt the rush of love juices flowing from my sweet honey pot and well, once I cum I go on a mission to cum again. I hopped on top of him and didn’t stop fucking his hard cock until we were cumming simultaneously, screaming in passion and sharing our hot orgasms.


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Rubbing Off Phone Sex

by Blythe on December 18, 2015

Rubbing Off Phone Sex

Oh my goodness! I have such a huge crush on my best friends dad, and well he caught me in HIS DAUGHTERS BED BUSY AT Rubbing Off Phone Sex taLking to a client and calling him Mr. Johnson!!! His name, MY FRIENDS NAME!! When he walked in I just felt so good at the time I couldn’t stop my fingers from moving in circles, and my legs from spreading. So when he took his cock in my hand and started jerking it up and down I knew there was no turning back!
Look I am totally jerking off cock phone sex!! Just like the guys told me too and this is such a bad girl phone sex kind of thing, good girls like me never do this and I am scoring hard. His cock was so freaking huge and white it was all juicy right at the tip, and I licked it! I dick kissed his junk to and was a no limits phone sex whore just like they say!
These callers and the girls have taught me so much about being a small city phone sex girl, the nastier the better! Next thing you know I will have a threesome phone sex party instead of a jerk off phone sex session. I am learning more about finding places to get caught during Rubbing Off Phone Sex.
If you like a girl that likes to masturbate with you, call me I had a little taste and I want to see if you make my cum sweeter then the other people before you! And I also want to know how you touch yourself, we can both cum so hard with mutual masturbation phone sex that would be so hot.

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hot mutual masturbation phone sex

by Kellen on November 21, 2015

kellen4I just love sex in real life and hot mutual masturbation phone sex is the next best thing! I am such a hot slut that I love to cum and cum all day long with you on my phone when I’m not out getting real cock. Sitting in my chair, laying on my couch, in my bed, in the kitchen, I love playing with my hot dripping pussy. I have a 10″ dildo that I love to fuck my sweet cunt with. I have plugs for my tight little asshole and my favorite vibrating egg for my clit. When you’re looking for a girl who really gets into mutual masturbation phone sex, I am her. No faking it for me.

I love listening to you when you stroke your cock and masturbate with me and get as loud as I do (I am very very loud!) the moans of pleasure, sucking, fucking, and cumming together. I also love to direct your masturbation, tell you how to stroke it for me, I love to watch and listen. If you have a cam, set up a call with me and let me know, I’ll play with my creamy wet pussy as I watch you stroke that hard cock for me. Will you cum twice for me??

The only thing better than playing with myself is indulging in some hot mutual masturbation phone sex fun. I get so much hotter and wetter when I know that you are getting off at the same time I am. And when we both cum together, that is just what makes me cum again! Tell me how you stroke as you listen to me getting off to you. I’ll tell you exactly how I’m touching myself to get you even more excited!
hot mutual masturbation phone sex

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Tight Pussy Phone Sex

by Becky on July 1, 2015

You don’t just want any old average pussy; you want the best, the wettest, the tightest… There’s only one perfect tight pink hole that can quench your thirst! I adore having Tight Pussy Phone Sex with you and will be certain to rock your world!! Slide your finger inside and feel for yourself just how tight my precious pussy is…

Do you crave to slide your cock inside a hot Barely Legal Teen? My tight cunt will squeeze your cock in ways you’ve only wished your wife’s could… She’s all loose and dried up and never has the time or energy for you. It’s sad really… But don’t worry. You’re in luck because I love to have hot Cock Worship Phone Sex and I’ll make you feel like a stud again. I’ve got everything your wife is lacking… Let me help you drain your balls!

Barely Legal Teen Becky

You’ll beg for more when I climb on top of you and put my perky teen tits in your face as I lower my juicy pussy onto your hard throbbing cock. A little is never enough, I know you want more more more of the Cock Riding Phone Sex magic… and since I’m the horny teen slut who never grows bored of fucking we can go all night!

Will you pull out and cover me in your hot creamy cum or will you indulge my secret little fantasy of Creampie Phone Sex? I want to feel your hot load exploding inside me, filling me with all your cum. I won’t waste a drop!

Your naughty tight pussy teen…

Becky ~ 855-55-DADDY

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Venicia’s Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

by Venicia on January 15, 2015


You know when you get around this hot Shemale, cocks will get hard and cum will flow! That’s why I love doing Venicia’s Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with you!

We enjoy getting each other aroused in the most kinky ways!  Our dirty minds always go to the extreme to the most taboo fetishes to think about and play out.  I love holding your cock up against mine and pouring oil all over it making a our cocks slippery good jizz makers. And we love taking turns sucking each other off and tantalizing each others asses!  Stroking each others cocks feels so amazing, watching each other grow, cocks throbbing just waiting for that hot jizz release.  And then trying to see who can out CUM the other, and you know I always win.  Nothing flows as good and hard as a TS cock. And when we watch each other and do mutual masturbation together it’s always a sticky good time.

Venicia’s Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

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Little Cum Slut Phone Sex

by Clinton on September 8, 2014

clintondaddieslilcumslutMy daddy believes that he if his kids want to try some thing it should be with him. That’s how I became a Little Cum Slut Phone Sex .

Every time one of my girl friends would tell me some thing about sex I would run home and tell my dad and he would then show me what it was .

You know hands on*giggles*

It’s always been fun learning with my dad he has really shown me what to do with my Barely Legal Cunt .

My daddy even taught me how to make him cum with my mouth now I’m so good at it that he always wants me to give him a blow job every day after class.

All my friends think I have the coolest father because he is not only that way about sex but he is that way about everything .

Even when it come to smoking cigarettes or even trying drugs my dad does it all with his little girls .

Call me and my sisters for Little Cum Slut Phone Sex .


Little Cum Slut Phone Sex 



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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

by Mona on August 4, 2013

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

I’m sitting here right now in my bedroom, waiting for my phone to ring, waiting to have Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with someone sexy.  I want someone nasty to fuck me, and I want to play with myself while I give you steps on how to get yourself off.

So grab your cock, get it hard, and call me for my Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex tonight.

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 4, 2012

I’m always on the hunt for a new Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex tool and I think that I’ve just found the ULTIMAE.  I mean, talk about letting go… on the go! Not that I’ve ever really had a problem with public displays of self-gratification (another story) but THIS little gem that I discovered is going to make it SO EASY:)  Sometimes even when I’m at the gym, I see all of those sweaty boys looking at me and then I just wanna get off. Usually I just go and ride the stationary bikes and grind my clit into the seat, but now I don’t have to! Wanna call a horny teen and help her break in her new toy with some dirty Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

Teen Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55- DADDY (32339)


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Assplay Phone Sex

by Naomi on May 13, 2012

Assplay Phone Sex and kinky masturbation with a stranger gives me such a rush knowing we can say anything to each other even hearing me pee…mmmm…hearing you beg me for golden showers turns me on. I love to fantasize coming home to be surprised by you pushing me up against the wall and ripping my clothes off. You force me to suck your hard cock, turning that swollen shaft purple you throw me on the bed and fuck my pussy and tight little ass till I scream your name. Assplay Phone Sex is the best revenge!

Masturbation Phone Sex

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