by Avril on August 30, 2014

accomplice teen phone sex

Accomplice teen phone sex is my favorite because I love inflicting pain. I am ruthless, heartless and shocking.  I love to torment before we ruin them.  Mind fucking the little beasts.  They can watch us fucking and we will make it crazy violent.  But we like it like that don’t we baby?  Watch the little bodies shake in fear as they are suspended from ropes in the ceiling.   

You know what I love? Wiffle ball bats.  I think they are under utilized in the torture room. They make the most lovely whooshing noise when they are swung at full speed through the air.  They bruise and fracture, but don’t obliterate as quickly as wood or metal bats so you can still play with your toys.  I don’t want them unconscious yet!  There is plenty of screaming that still needs to be done.

AND the handle if the wiffle ball bat is more narrow for insertions.  When they are hanging from the ceiling its harder to get it in, so the wiffle ball bat is a better option….

Oh I digress.  So, do you think perhaps that I may be the wicked accomplice that you dream of.  I know that I am. Get evil and dirty with me. Let me show you…. Accomplice Teen Phone Sex 

Xo Avril oX

Accomplice Teen Phone sex 


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by Naomi on April 18, 2014

Kidnappingnaomi phone sex rape phone sex is always a good laugh. Me and daddy like to corrupt  little girls together and don’t care who gets hurt. Making my daddy happy is what I do best and  that means making him cum ALL the time. I love pleasing my daddy’s cock with new little tiny pussies and mouth’s. Daddy like to stretch all their holes with his BIG daddy cock and cum all over their little whore faces.  Me and daddy are always up to no good even with my men callers I play the same. I love to play on the wild side so hit me up for some kidnapping rape phone sex.

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)

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Little Slave Phone Sex

by bliss on September 22, 2013


You know you want Little Slave Phone Sex.

You want a young little slut to suck and fuck and fill with your hot, sticky, cum.  You want to use a little body until they are spent and you are satisfied.

How far will you go to find something to play with, a little body to use.  Will you stalk the streets and pick one up?  Will you kidnap one and take them with you?  Keep them trapped for your use, turn them into a dirty slut for your pleasure?  If you use that one up will you find another?  You have your pick of anyone in the world, just gotta take it.  Use them up and toss them out!  Find your little toy of the week.  Will it be me?  Will you trap me, rape me, use me?  Toss me aside when you are through?

Make me your Little Slave Phone Sex!

Kidnapped Phone Sex

1-855-55-DADDY (1-855-553-2339)

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Kidnapping Phone Sex

by Naomi on October 28, 2012

You want to play Kidnapping Phone Sex and rape some little girls with me, to watch them choke on your cock. To feel my stares as I masturbate my soaking cunt to the shrieks of their terrors as you rape them.
I’ll hold them still on top of me, while you probe from my cunt to theirs, spilling our juices together. To feel them trembling, and the warm wisps of their breath as they beg us to stop and cries. Their tight little round ass squirms and fights, only to simulate my swollen clit, and as I rap that rope around their necks tighter and tighter, you feel that already tiny twats, converge and contract, milking your seed into their little wombs when you play Kidnapping Phone Sex with me.

Accomplice Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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Extreme Ageplay Phone Sex with BadBabyZoey!

by Zoey on December 21, 2011

Abduction, Accomplice, Annihilation

ZoeyPhoneSex10 300x171 Extreme Ageplay Phone Sex with BadBabyZoey!

What do these 3 things have in common? Extreme ageplay phone sex, extreme roleplays… and me! I’m the epitome of extreme, and there isn’t anything I won’t do to please your cock. If that means aiding and abetting the forced sex of a pre teen slut…

By all means, bring on the filthy side of phone fucking. I’ll play as young as you’re willing to go, nothing is off limits. So what are you waiting for? Pull out your cock and dial that phone!

BadBabyZoey – Yahoo/Aim  Call Now! 1 866 654 8836


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