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Naughty Nanny takes advantage Phone Sex

by daisy on February 9, 2016

I know I look innocent and fuck yeah I use it to my advantage! I usually can just smile and seduce so easily. I know your wife was worried. But usually I can always get them to be my nasty phone sex accomplice. Yup.. You know why you hired me.. Really, like you couldn’t tell? I have a fetish for pedo phone pigs like you. When ever you leave just know my tongue is between her sweet young thighs. She is so small and hot. How could I resist such a hot kiddie fuck. I always tongue fuck her little holes and make her squeal just like a slut. It is funny that you were watching me for long today. I didn’t know you called out of work today. I mean it’s exactly what it looks like. I am fucking her asshole right now. How long were you stroking over there. I feel your hands grasp my neck.. Don’t act mad you know you want young pussy too. It took a nasty nanny like me to make you touch her… Well better wreck her now. Fresh little pussy for you bury your seed in.. I know you want to impregnante such a sweet little cunt.. But get her gaping and wide first. Make her a pedo fantasy cum true! I bet you will be doubling my pay and pussy lickings.. It was hot fucking you every night on the way home. But I just had to touch her round apple bottom. She made my panties drip…

Fuck me like a slut Daddy Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Pregnant Phone Sex Sun Bathing

by Emmie on May 21, 2015

Can you rub mine and the girls ass's? With oil or something? Can you rub mine and the girls ass’s? With oil or something?

Hey everybody! Just because I am rocking a mini bump this summer doesn’t mean I am not bringing my sexy back! I still got me a bikini for Pregnant Phone Sex Sun Bathing and me and my girls all spread our legs so the guys can see where my girls got their lips from.

They got em from their sexy baby making phone sex momma, and I know I started making them young that just makes me even sexier, and we all know how the sexy feeling is right. When you get so horny for the girls in the back yard, that you start wanking right in front of them regardless of their age.

That makes you a very bad man, but we are in need of some oil. Want to rub it on in us for some cum smeared Pregnant Phone Sex Sun Bathing.. Next thing you know we will be eating it. now has Addonchat: cum in on your cell phones, and get pregnant phone sex hotties delivered cyber sex, phone sex and do not forget our twitter: follow us!! New calls given daily to registered chat members


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Little Girl Phone Sex Sleep Over

by demida on May 3, 2015

Its almost the end of school and to celebrate the warmer weather, I got to have a little girl phone sex sleep over! My daddy let me iinvite all my tiny little school girl friends over , and assumed that without boys we couldnt get into much sexually. *giggles* Silly daddy , dont you know that little lesbian phone sex is freaky kinky and little cunts are yummy!!? We all went into my room and played a truth or dare game and ALL the dares were kissing each others tiny pouty lips , or showing the other girls how we rubbed one out with little fingers masturbation@! We had so much fun grinding against each others pedo dream phone sex bodies!

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Once we all were nice and wet from all the finger banging and licking each others bald little fat cunts, I pulled out my toy. Daddy doesnt know that the babysitter fucks herself all night while she watches me. I think she has a crush on him. I caught her last month, and she told me that if I didnt tell she would buy me one to play with and suck. I had to hide it very good so daddy didnt find it.  I know it seems big, but I wanna  try it out. My friend Stephanie and I decided we were going to put on a little lesbian phone sex show!  Cum and watch us fuck each other with this huge dildo! Maybe you can come give us some real dick daddy? Or we can shove it in your ass if you are a submissive daddy phone sex!

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Secret Playtime Phone Sex

by Clinton on July 2, 2014

clintonslideGrowing up as an only child was always very lonely and my mother was always passed out on pills or passed out from drinking .

That’s when my step dad started to take up a huge interest in me and we started to have our Secret Playtime Phone Sex.

At first I didn’t know that it was wrong and for about a year and I must admit that all totally enjoyed all of daddies kisses and all the extra time that he spent with me.

It wasn’t until mommy woke up one night and caught my step dad kissing me in his favorite place that I realized how wrong it was she instantly ran over to me and slapped my face with both hands and yelled you little bitch are you trying to steal my man .

Tears were rolling down my cheeks as I tried to explain to her about our secret game ,but she just continued to yell screaming your off to an all girls boarding school in the fucking mountains where he will never see you again ………

I stayed at boarding school until i graduated and from there I went straight to college I have never laid eyes on my step dad ever again even though they are still together she never left him and there has been many nights that I touched myself thinking of my Secret Playtime Phone Sex with my step dad.


Secret Playtime Phone Sex

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Kiddie Raping Phone Sex

by Naomi on November 2, 2012

Kiddie Raping Phone Sex isn’t for the weak, and I’m DEFINITELY not weak! As your faithful accomplice, I will gladly help you anal rape preformed on little boys *Giggles* There’s something SO sexy about raping and stretching open an underage butthole and make it gape wide open. I love underage boys and girls equally. Chokong the life out of our chosen victim while you cum inside of them. Even if your victim of choice is barely legal. There’s no room for mercy when it comes to snuff, and that’s perfect because I don’t have any. If you’re looking for some hardcore Kiddie Raping Phone Sex to get you off, then look no further because I like it rough!

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Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)



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Even before puberty, my parents already knew I had a serious sex addiction. My parents would sit me in the cart when grocery shopping, and I’d pull down my panties and show all the other Daddies what they were missing out on *Giggles* ZoeyPhoneSex8 Tiny Whores on the Playground! Phone Sex with BadBabyZoey

I knew if I stuck around at the playground after school, I could convince one of the creepers lurking around to take a ‘stab’ at my dripping gash. They’d buckle their own daughters into their booster seats, and fuck my tight holes on the merry-go-round, marveling at their luck when I gave them a taste of my sweet kiddie cunt

Want to try your luck with a tiny whore? Call me for No limits ageplay phone sex!

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Nothing excites me more than seducing a little child.  Showing a precious little boy exactly what his little pecker is for fills me with wanton joyous pleasure.  The first time I gave a sweet baby girl a special little Eskimo kiss and her little pink slit glistened with pleasure I was hooked.  I am such a naughty grandma.  I was a naughty mommy as well.  I am always available for babysitting and giving the little ones the love they need.  Bath Time with the kiddies is so much fun.  Little Jamie is two now and she is too sweet.  She has seen your magic dragon but hasn’t touched it yet.  Would you like to cum over this afternoon and help me babysit little Jamie?  Call me for some xxx grandma phone sex.  Let’s play with my sweet little Jamie together.

Bad Bad Grandma Myra

866.944.9386 Fun Time Myra

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Down and dirty phone sex

by Darla on April 14, 2011

Come out come out where ever you are! You can run but you can’t hid. I’m so ready to get down and dirty phone sex with ya. When i mean dirty i mean down to the nitty gritty. So why don’t you pick up that phone and come play with this little girl. I like to get dirty I’m not a clean kind of girl.


down and dirty phone sex

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Black Cock Phonesex By Calista

by Calista on March 30, 2011


I am a horny and juicy old bitch who loves young cock.I really pick up black guys by dressing like an old hot hooker.I am particularly fond of leopard print tight dresses and tanga thongs up my tight butt.These boys follow me home like puppy dogs.I am certainly like a bitch in heat.I can’t get enough sex and I prefer black hard cock too.I rent my ass out for gang bang afternoon’s.I am into roleplay phonesex and no taboo talk.I cater to all fantasies.You can email me hot ideas too.


Your Kinky Granny Calista


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Alley Loves Fetish Phone Sex

by Alley on March 10, 2011

fetishHi, Im Alley!! I love all kinds of nasty taboo phone sex. Do you have a fetish? Tell me about it and I can make it come true. I have no limits and no taboos so there’s no way you’ll be able to shock me! Ageplay, Beastiality, Orgies, Daddy daughter, forced phone sex and any other taboo roleplay you can think of! Call me now and we can play!!



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