Sexy Curvaceous Phone Sex Neighbor

by Paprika on November 25, 2015


Your wife is away on a nice trip with either her friend or her sister relaxing on the beach and you are here working 8-12 hours a day and by the time you get home, all you want is that sexy wife to greet you and possibly give you a little more than a hand job. To bad she is away on vacation and you are stuck home very tired with a terribly annoying hard on. So when you start removing the layers you grab the remote find some sexy woman in sexy curve hugging lingerie and heels.   You CRANK UP the Porn and Voila you start jacking off, until you’ve passed out with your dick in your hand and cum all over you.
However, it turns out that your sexy curvaceous  phone sex neighbor has been watching you and knows that your wife is out of town. So she decides that while you are covered in your own jizz she is in the mood to visit. Nothing wrong with that, after all your wife had asked her to check up on you while she was away even left a spare key to the house.
Hmm, sounds like somebody is going to get into a lot of trouble with the Spicy MILF next door. Call and ask for Paprika to find out the very juicy details.

Spicy Paprika

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Cheating Phone Sex


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Phone Sex Spanking

by Caydee on September 13, 2015

Kinky Caydee

Daddy, I know that you are so disappointed in how I’ve been acting and for that I understand why you feel like I need a good phone sex spanking. I’ve been acting like a total slut going around all the older boys and letting them all feel me up along with giving them all dirty suck jobs. But daddy I just can’t help myself I’m a very horny girl and even though I know it is wrong for a young lady to act like that, I have to be honest and tell you daddy I really do love being their go to girl to have their cocks pleasured by mouth and this hot cunny even my nasty lil butt, daddy! That’s not all I need to confess something that may or may not make you upset . ready to hear this, I love it when you put me over your knee and spank me! actually I just love being bent over your knee period for any punishment you feel my naughty teen ass needs, because it just makes my sweet juices flow and spill all over you. Don’t try to pretend like you didn’t know about that, I can see your getting a hard cock underneath your pants.
Well daddy, now that i’ve come clean I am ready for that phone sex spanking you were itching to give me!

Kinky Caydee

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Be My Panty Boy Phone Sex

by Shantey on May 6, 2013

C’mon and Be My Panty Boy Phone Sex. I know how much you love wearing my lacy, silky panties and modeling them for me. Momma loves panty shopping for her panty boy! Sometimes fresh panties don’t do it for you. There are some days you want panties drenched with black pussy juice phone sex. You want to be as close to my pussy as possible without fucking me. Squeeze your cock through those wet panties until you drench them even more with your hot splooge. We’re gonna have some fun tonight, baby. Call and Be My Panty Boy Phone Sex!

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Booty Bouncing Phone Sex

by Shantey on August 22, 2012

Who want to see my Booty  Bouncing Phone Sex while I ride that monster cock? I’m sqautting over your cock, rubbing my pink pearl over that fat, wet head. My cunt is getting wet as hell in anticipation. I lower my tight black cunny on your dick and start popping. Oooh; you feel so fucking good in my black coochie phone sex. Watch this fat ass jiggle and shake as I squeeze my juicy pussy. I want to milk the cum out of your balls onto my ass cheeks. Call me and get my Booty Bouncing Phone Sex!

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Ez Phone Sex

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True Confessions pt. 2 phone sex

by terra on December 20, 2011


21 221x300 True Confessions pt. 2 phone sexOne night, a Monday night actually, he called me around 1 AM because he had a particularly frustrating day that day and needed to blow off some steam. I picked him up, being the only one of us with a car, and we drove around almost aimlessly, just talking. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Near the university there is an old building that used to be an asylum and is said to be haunted. We drove up there and scared each other until we couldn’t take the thickness in the air, and headed back. We ended up in my room, watching movies on TV at five in the morning. Pretty Woman actually, I can remember, is what was on. We were lying on my futon together, as we both enjoy cuddling almost as much as we enjoy sex. At that point nothing had happened between us, but the suspense and the tension was horribly high and constantly rising.


I’ve got just two words right now….phone sex!!






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