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Secret Incest Phone Sex Desires

by Becky on March 1, 2016

Incest Fetish Phone Sex

When you hear my sexy voice spilling secret incest phone sex desires you’ll know that it really is true that I’ve been an incest slut my whole life, fucking and sucking all the dicks in my large extended family. Now that I’m all grown up I became the pro at draining cocks all day and teaching all the little nieces and nephews how to be as filthy as me… I share my uncensored dirty experiences with the horny men who want the real deal hardcore family fucking! Nothing is too taboo for me and you won’t believe how much I love to suck your cock while you tell me the filthy family roleplays you have dreamed up!

I am an anything-goes sort of naughty girl and you better be ready for adventure because my roleplays are a hella wild! Both my older brother have large cocks and having filthy threesomes with them makes my slutty sister pussy sooooo dripping wet! I love having all the hot sex with them that they can handle… lil sis has quite the libido and loves to milk dicks! I’m the most perverted incest ball-drainer you’ve ever met. Pick up the phone today and call me to confess your twisted fantasies… Your secret incest phone sex desires are safe with me.

Becky ~ 855-553-2339

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Family Fuck Toy Phone Sex

by daisy on February 23, 2016

You know what really really gets my pussy soaked? Incest phone sex.. Just because I love sucking and fucking my cute daddy or his brother.. Even my brother 🙂

Ever since I was little, I was always being shared around. Not just getting any cock though.. I would share with only those closest and it all started with Gramps of course! His big cock was touching me before I could even speak .. Sometimes I would beg daddy to let me stay home because my cunt was so sore. He would always be touching up my nightie and bath time was my very favorite! He would scrub my little nipples and make them super hard. He would suck my little nipples and tell me to hush. I could hardly keep still and he knew just how to rub my little bitty clit.

And when daddy caught gramps one day fucking my little asshole.. He joined in. Holding me down and making me scream more.. As my tiny little asshole ripped.. I begged for them to stop.. All I got was two big cumloads on my face and up my nose.. Of course daddy took a picture too!

I told mama and she promised she would make it better.. But she brought daddy and gramps back to share both our cunts.. Mama was forcing me to have family phone sex.

She suffocated my cries with her fat pussy lips.. Mama said she only had me as a family fuck toy.. She even invited my little brother in.. I had to suck up every cock and milk my family dry.. My little cunt needs a sesh of daddy cock loving right now!

I can’t wait to share all my incest fantasies with you!

Incest Fantasies Phone Sex

Miss Daisy


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Daddy’s Little Potty Play Princess Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 14, 2015


My Daddy is taking too long! He told me he’d be right back but he left me all alone out here…I’m not supposed to go anywhere alone but I gotta go potty! I feel like I’m about it piss my cute little panties! You…you kind of look like my Daddy, Mister. I know this is going to sound strange but will you take me to go potty. Normally, I can’t go into the bathroom with strangers. Daddy says no one else knows how to help me go pee. But, I’ll tell you if you promise to help me and keep it a secret…Okay, so Daddy only takes me into the bathroom when no one else is in there. He says, his precious little girl deserves all the privacy of a princess…whatever that means. Because I’m a princess, I don’t have to sit on the toilet like the other girls to pee. Inside, Daddy props my little body up on the sick or the baby-changing station and pulls down my panties! Then Daddy brings his mouth to my pee hole and tells me to go potty. Daddy catches ever last drop of my pee in his mouth. He says it tastes sweet and that he could drink it all day! I think that is kind of weird but honestly, I think peeing in Daddy’s mouth is a lot cleaner than sitting on an icky toilet! Anyway…he’s still not back and this little girl really needs to go! If you’re not too busy, do you think you can come into the bathroom and be this little princess’s toilet? Please?

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Bath Time with Daddy Phone Sex!

by Amelia on October 15, 2015


Its bath time, Daddy! This teen whore filled the tube with warm water and bubbles! Won’t you please get in the water with me? I know the thought of your sexy daughter’s naked body covered in bubbles is perhaps too much too bear. But I promise, I won’t tell mommy. It’ll be our little secret. We can start by washing my hair. Don’t you want to run your fingers through my long golden locks? Then my breasts. I’ll rest with my back against your chest. You’ll reach over and rub my cute little breasts with scented bubbles and warm water. Perhaps, you’ll tease me at times; pulling and twisting my perky nipples. Then you’ll wash the rest of my body, up my legs and down my waist. I want you to leave my pussy for last, Daddy. I am, a horny slut, and at this point I will be nothing more than a puddle of desire. You must wait, and the moment your hand cups my pussy I want you to be gentle. I know you love the look of my pussy, and you dream about how it would feel around your hard cock. I know your first instinct is going to be to finger my tight pussy until I cry in orgasm. Your naughty daughter wants to fuck you and feel your fingers inside her. But not today, today we are just taking a nice long bath. If you’re lucky, I’ll rub my sexy ass against your cock. But only if you’re a good daddy, and you come join me.

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best brother and sister phone sex ever!

by Kellen on September 15, 2015

My brother and I have always been pretty close. We’ve always got along pretty well, even when we were younger. I think it’s because we both discovered at a very young age that we could make each other feel really, really good! And if we can’t physically get with each other, since he’s away at college now. He likes call me late at night, and we have the best brother and sister phone sex ever! My big brother knows exactly how to press my buttons and get my little pussy hot and wet! I listen to the dirty things that he tells me on the phone, while I start playing with my little pink pussy! It gets so wet when I hear him stroking his cock and starts to breath heavy. If only our mom and dad knew what we did with each other behind closed doors. No one knows our little secret and we like to keep it that way. Not our friends, not even close family members. It’s just too taboo for anyone else to understand.

I make him feel good like no one else can, and he makes me cum like no other man I’ve ever been with! When we have family reunions we always make sure to sneak away from the crowd and go up to my childhood bedroom, he throws me on the bed and fucks me so hard. I get so scared that one of our family members will found out our little secret. That we’ve been fucking for years and years and we’re just not going to stop! Who better to know everything about you and who knows how to satisfy you right than a caring and loving family member. Family fun is really the best and only family can take care of you like no one else can!! I love my brothers nice juicy cock and I want more and more.. Maybe I can get someone else in the family to make all of my holes feel good.. Ready for the best brother and sister phone sex ever?

best brother and sister phone sex ever

855 242 811


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Ageplay Taboo Phonesex

by Scarlet on August 21, 2015

scarlet phonesex


I am a dirty little bitch into ageplay taboo phonesex. I know that I have daddy wrapped around my tiny finger. He knows that I am his bratty teen princess and he can’t resist my charms. I tease and flirt with daddy until he gives in to what I want. One night I decided t seduce daddy when mommy was away on a business trip for the weekend. I went in his room and got into his bed. I knew he had been drinking and I started to cuddle him. He turned around without opening his eyes and started kissing me. I felt his hands wander and he knew at that point that I was not mommy but he gave in to his lust. he started touching my tiny tits and his hands wandered to my bald cunt. I was about to become his lolita lover and there was no turning back at this kinky point.I loved knowing that my daddy was touching me and would be my guilty secret. We are so dirty. I love to suck daddy’s big cock and he likes to lick my bald pussy. He says it is sweeter then mommy. I feel like a wild incest princess when daddy makes love to me. I know that it is wrong and people d not understand our love but it feels exactly right to me. I am ready to try new things and like dressing up or rough play too. i am a nasty no limits teen ready to rock your cock and your world.


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Incest Phone Sex

by Naomi on June 15, 2015

I am the not so innocent sister that you wish you could fuck. I notice every time you check out my anaomi (9)ss when I walk by, that’s why I wear the short skirts and thongs. I am such a tease and I love it! My parents are super controlling and never leave us alone together, when do you thing we would ever get the chance to satisfy our Incest Phone Sex desires? If you think you can be really quiet, I will sneak into your room, wake you up with a very wet blow job. And then let you feel how tight your little sister’s pussy is. It’s a lot better than you think.

I’m here laying in my bed just thinking about all the kinky things we have done together. My fingers are already in my panties and rubbing my wet clit. I’m slipping my fingers inside of me right now thinking about them being your big cock. Please don’t keep me waiting and let’s have.

And it would turn me on if I can suck your dick and big brother’s on the both of you at the same time. Going back and forth while I am on my hands and knees just waiting for you both to explode all over me. It would be a dream cum true.

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)




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Tiptoe Out of Bed Phone Sex Part Two

by Avril on February 20, 2014

tiptoe out of bed phone sex part twoHorny teen, hot for Daddy, sneaks her bare bottom downstairs and lands in daddy’s drunken lap, in the dark living room recliner,  during Tiptoe Out of Bed Phone Sex Part Two.  He hands me his whiskey and tells me to take a sip.  I know he just wants to free up his right hand so he can touch me.  His other hand is under my tight teen ass, feeling around since I left my panties on the bedroom floor.  I drink, two hands on the glass, bringing it to my mouth.  I open my legs as Daddy cups my puffy bald pussy.  I swallow and gasp a little. “That good baby?” he whispers into my hair. “Mmmhhhmmnnn”   I murmur, as I grind my pussy against his hand.

He takes the drink from me and puts it on the table, then guides me around in front of him.   Leaning forward he pulls my nightie up over my head.  I touch my soft flat tummy and slide my fingers up to my nipples, cupping my tiny teen breasts and rolling the nipples between my fingers.

Daddy is pulling his dick out of his sweat pants, but he never takes his eyes from me. He is ready and he tells me to ‘come here’.  Gracefully I straddle my daddy.  But he’s so needy and a little mad that he is caving in.

He grips my hips and starts pushing up inside.  Wow that is so big!  I push away a little and he takes moth my hands and brings them around the back of me and holds both wrists really hard together, pulling them back and down, with one of his huge hands.   He is pushing up inside me and whispering that I am a little slut who likes daddy’s cock.  I lean back and my hair is so long it brushes against his legs as he fucks me.  He leans forward and his mouth is on my titty. He takes the whole thing into his mouth during tiptoe out of bed phone sex part two.

Xo Avril oX

Tiptoe Out of Bed Phone Sex part two


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Tiptoe out of Bed Phone Sex Part One

by Avril on February 19, 2014

tiptoe out of bed phone sex part oneWhen I was in bed, fingering my pussy, I could hear daddy stirring the ice in his drink in the dark down stairs.  He does that sometimes and it makes me want to Tiptoe out of bed phone sex part one and go see if he will play. I get horny up here by myself, and, when he drinks like that, in the darkness, sitting in his big chair, all I want to do is try to get him to play with me.  He resists most times, but if he drinks enough, I can get him to give in.  And when he gives in, he gets a little mad at me and fucks me really hard.  I like it when he does that.

Down the stairs I go, quiet as a mouse.  I took off my panties and left them on the floor in my room.  My little nightie hardly covers me.  My puffy teen titties are kind of showing through the think fabric.

I hear him grunt when he sees my shadow  at the bottom of the stairs.  That’s not necessarily a no.  I wait for permission. “C’mon then…”  he slurs and pats his leg in the darkness.  Good – he is drunk enough!  I almost dance to him and hop up into his lap, snuggling up under his chin and giving him kisses.  His breath is all heavy with liquor.  His hands scoop under my bottom and he growls under his breath finding my bare bottom.  His hands squeeze my cheeks and he readjusts in his chair.  “This is bad kid. We can’t do this….” he fades in a drunken resistance.  But his hands are running under my ass cheek and his fingers are looking for my pussy like a heat seeking missile.  I open my legs a little to help him.  I’m glad I tiptoe out of bed phone sex part one to play with my drunk daddy.

Xo Avril oX

Tiptoe Out of Bed Phone sex Part One


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Pet my pussy phone sex

by Kellen on January 16, 2014

kellen4I have the prettiest pussy around, dontcha want to Pet my Pussy Phone Sex? Its so smooth and you should hear it purr! All you have to do is start stroking it and before you know it, It starts to purr and might even start to drip a little. My pussy drools when she gets all excited. She will get your hand all wet when you pet her. She really loves it when you rub her special button like spot. It makes her so happy. She will start to purr and even start to moan. She is such a slut for attention like that. She will do anything for a good pet down. Don’t you just want to stroke the poor hairless pussy up and down like the tiny little kitty cat it is? You know you are craving it. A simple hairless pussy to stroke and kiss and love as yours! You know you want to Pet my Pussy Phone Sex.


Pet my Pussy Phone Sex





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