Electrocution Phone Sex

by Ferrah on January 30, 2014

Electrocution Phone SexI was at this old dusty Thrift Shope the other day, and I scored an old electric torture machine, that I can undoubtedly use for my depraved sessions of Electrocution Phone Sex.  Of course, I had one of my grandsons, an Electrician, hehehehe, take a look at it, and he, being the genius that he is, not only fixed it’s broken and busted pieces.  He also customized it to fit my truly twisted debauchery needs.  Now I can hook up any of my clueless innocent victims, and singe the shit out of their perfect little pussies and cocks.  I’ll have them pissing on themselves, but good!!!  And, when my mood is tame, and I just want to get off… just an average little, I only turn up that deviant dial a tiny little to make them cum fast and hard, so that I will too, just from watching the electric “fireworks” commence.  You see, the trick to my machine, is that you have place those energy flowing discs right on the tip of the cock, or directly on that tiny bulb of a clit at the front and center of those sweet pink pussies… and then, all you gotta do, is to… LET HER RIP!!!!!  I’ll tell ya, nothing is as sexually satisfying, or as stimulatingly thrilling, as this awesome little machine that I so delightedly use for Electrocution Phone Sex!

Electrocution Phone Sex


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Cheerleader Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on December 31, 2011

Ever wanted to fuck a cheerleader under the bleachers at a school pep rally? That is what my last call was about. He wanted to be the star quarter back, and i was the nerdy cheerleader that was just lucky enough to suck the star quarter back under the bleachers. He shoved his cock so far down my throat, i was spitting and gagging all over my pretty cheering uniform. He got mad that i accidently bit him, so he pulled me up by my hair and shoved my ass in the air. Slide his cock right into my tight puckered ass hole with NO LUBE. He wanted to make my nerdy ass hurt, and that i did. I cried as he fucked me hard til he came up my ass.
He pulled out and told me what a slut i was and that he was going to tell all his friends about me and i would get what i deserved. What he didn’t know is I was excited to get what I deserved. I can’t wait til all his friends fuck me.aHR0cDovL2dhbGxlcmllczMucGV0aXRldGVlbmFnZXIuY29tLzIvb25seXRlYXNlaG9sbHlkb2NrZXQvMi5qcGc 232x300 Cheerleader Phone Sex with JulieFriendly fucking Cheerleader Phone Sex with Julie
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Detention Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on October 26, 2011

So i was disrupting class again, so the teacher called my name. “JULIE” I popped up, scared and walked up to the front of the class. My teacher escorted me to his office, and shut the door behind him.

He told me to sit down and put his hand on my shoulder. “Julie, this is gonna stop, and right now.” He slid his hand down the front of my button up shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so his hands cupped my tiny titties easily. He grabbed them roughly, tweaking my nipples. I was frozen in fear of what he would do next. “Please let me go” I begged him. He jerked my shirt open. This is his form of detention. He jerked me up by my arms and shoved me face down on his desk. I was terrified. He ripped my panties down…. he quickly yanked his cock out of his pants…. OMG What is he gonna do???

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julie21 Detention Phone Sex with Julie

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