Mommy’s Good Little Hooker Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 7, 2015



I am a complete Daddy’s girl! Sure, most of my favorite orgasms came from my Daddy’s hard cock, but that doesn’t mean that Mommy didn’t like to play too! Mommy was just…more sinister in regards to her baby girl’s cunt…On weekends when Daddy worked double shifts, mommy would dress me up in super sexy outfits and take me with her on dates. Many times, we’d meet older men at fancy restaurants where they would discuss all the nasty things they planned to do to him in snickering whispers. I remember I was told to sit quietly and never say a word to the man unless asked a direct question. Even then I was usually only allowed to answer “Yes”, or “No”. At first, when I didn’t understand what was going on I would be creeped out by the gentlemen. I could feel their eyes glazing over my hot little body. I could only imagine the naughty thoughts they were having about me. At first, it made me want my Daddy! But Mommy never let me take my cellphone with me on our dates so I had to be a good girl. Sometimes, after dinner we’d drive with the gentlemen to a fancy hotel and be lead to a fancy suite where I could take a bubble bath and clean up before “Playtime”. Other times, the man would lead us to his house or worse a smelly ruin-down motel. Wherever I was taken, the same thing usually ended up happening; my sweet little pussy and asshole would be rammed by a big fat cock. My sweet mouth forced to suck cock after cock. I used to hate it at first, none of these perverts were ever nice to me like my Daddy. My mommy would watch her little girl get fucked from the sidelines; smoking a cigar and playing with her own pussy. Depending on how much money the men paid her they were allowed to do other things to me; BDSM, Orgasm control, even leave marks on my cute little body. I could go into more detail, but honestly the memories make my sweet little pussy drip and I need to

touch myself before I explode….maybe you can help me? Give me a call…my pussy can’t wait for you much longer!


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Best Ho Gig Ever: Outside BBC Orgy – PIC!

by Rainbow on May 26, 2014

outside rainbow

Me outside, high, and super stoned ~ YAY nature!  And BBC!  And rich Johns!


Plans for the all girls drug fueled orgy has been put on hold – because our BBC Mastercock was playing a little trick on us!

We were just getting ready to get down when they told us all not only did we have a job – it is outside, they are coming with, and we have lots o’ party supplies!  This is going to be so rad, and I smoked a great big fatty a few minutes ago and nature sure does look pretty when your high.

Seems our john is some kind of high roller – and looking for a bunch of BBC addicted party sluts to have a white slut/BBC orgy in front of him.  Outdoors, indoors, and we are more than happy to oblige!  To bad it’s only a one day gig – I’ll be back later on tonight to tell you all about it!

 US:  $2.00 per minute/ 10 minute minimum

 Everywhere Else:  $2.50 per minute/10 minute minimum

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Nasty Hooker Phone Sex

by Shantey on September 24, 2012

I’m a nasty black slut who gives good Nasty Hooker Phone Sex. One look at my big fat ass and tasty titties will make you pull over. Whip that cock out so I can wrap my hands and big lips around it. Them white bitches ain’t got nothing on me when it cums to cocksucking phone sex. Let me lick out your asshole; I bet your ass will never feel so clean! Whether you want a quick blow job or a suck and a fuck, Shantey got the goods. Call and demand this Nasty Hooker Phone Sex!

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Hooker Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 31, 2012

I am strictly into Hooker Phone Sex 24/7. I was raised by a mom who was a whore and I got to enjoy family fun at a young age so nothing is taboo of me. As long as I cum, then all the things that are forbidden and unheard of are grasped by me.

I spend all my spare time looking for sexual adventures and things that excite me. I am a no-holds barred bitch who enjoys sucking cock as well as eating a hot & wet pussy. Corruption of the innocent is my favorite game. I like to destroy purity and leave my mark for life. I’m built for pleasure and sin & am ready to explore all areas. I can be a submissive slut or a dominant bitch! So if you want to get off with a Hooker Phone Sex slut, CALL ME.

Hardcore Phone Sex

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Teen Hooker Phone Sex

by Lotus on June 5, 2012

teen hooker phone sexSo my mom and dad have always been very strict with me my entire life because of their heritage and I’m sure they would not like it if I was a Teen Hooker Phone Sex slut.  There are a lot of guys and even girls out there that love asian and oriental girls that will take money for sex.  I am like your own personal little geisha girl for your cock and I really enjoy it.  Sometimes I even dream about being my daddies little girl slut and cock sucker.  Even his small asian cock will slide down my throat perfectly for his little daughter Teen Hooker Phone Sex slut.

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Extreme Teen Slut Phone Sex with BadBabyZoey

by Zoey on November 12, 2011

ZoeyPhoneSex5 Extreme Teen Slut Phone Sex with BadBabyZoeyToday I was browsing through hookers, looking for another bi-sexual slut like me to indulge in some sexual deviancy of the wicked sort **Giggles** There are so many nubile prostitutes, (like me!), these days, willing to fuck for a little bit of money, or a hit to feed their addiction. While they’re searching for ‘injection perfection’ I’m looking for ageplay satisfaction. I think we can help each other out *Giggles* Do you want to help me search for the perfect slut for our phone sex fantasies? There’s no boundaries I won’t break to give you the best mindfuck phone sex!

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