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Granny Domme Phone Sex

by Ferrah on December 1, 2014

Granny Domme Phone Sex I am so twisted, that Granny Domme Phone Sex is my way of having a grand old time by binding, beating and further abusing the young men who find my more mature status seductively alluring.  And, I’m talking about you young cocky sons-of-bitches who think you have the sexual world under your privileged thumbs, right where you want and expect it to be.  You think you can make a woman…. any woman bow to your thick and throbbing hard cocks, giving you the pleasure and release you feel you undeniably deserve.  Well, I am here to tell you otherwise.  Because I feel that “I” am the more powerful… The one in complete and total control over what you will and will not experience.  I am the Diva Dominatrix who deviantly decides what I will allow you to enjoy, and what I shall derive the most sensual satisfaction in denying you.  And Yeah, I can read your thoughts.  And, I see the confusion clouding your worthless mind.  For, all you see before your bound and gagged, bruised and broken body… is a kinky old woman dressed to the hilt in black shinny latex, sporting a flesh slashing whip and wearing a pair of “kick-ass” high heeled thigh boots.   But, I am so much more than that.  I am your Mistress of Mayhem… Your gratuitous Giver of Granny Domme Phone Sex.

Granny Domme Phone Sex

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Bad Girl Phone Sex Wendy

by Wendy on September 9, 2011

pain slut

I was sitting in class, today, and got called to the office. I was surprised to see Daddy sitting there. Daddy said that he was informed, by the principal, that I have been a little slut around school. I didn’t deny it, secretly looking forward to my punishment. I just kept my head down, as Daddy put his hand down my panties and roughly shoved a couple of fingers up my cunt. I was so wet, and when he pulled his fingers out, he showed them to the principal to prove what a slut I am. Daddy told him that he was going to show him how to discipline such a little whore. What happened, next? Call Wendy for Submissive Slut Phone Sex and let me tell you all about it.

Perverted Kisses,




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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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