Fucking in an Amusement Park Phone Sex

by janessa on May 3, 2015

JanessaBB2“Yaaay thank you baby”. I say hugging my bf, as he hands me the stuffed animal he won for me. His
boyish grin he smiles and kisses me. “You’re welcome babe, what do you wanna do next”? The hunted
house! I say back. Jason laughs, ok ok, let go he says. Handing our tickets to the operator, I start to get second thoughts. You ok Janessa? Yea I’m good baby lets go. Once we’re in, I grip Jason’s arm tightly. Chuckling he kisses my nose, you’re really scared he says. “This isn’t funny at all J, lets hurry so we can get out of here! I say. Hey be careful he say’s, I might bite you as he puts on his mask. It’s cool, I know who’s behind the mask, baby. AHHH! I scream as a zombie jumps out scaring the shit out of me, I run into the maze, losing contact with my bf. “Jason”, I yell out to him, panicking. Turning around my back to the wall I face him. Baby I was so scared I say running into his arms. He hugs me squeezing me close and gripping firm tight ass in my booty shorts. Mmm baby I giggle, the beers are making him horny I think. He fondles my sweet camel toe and I whimper. This is a side of my bf that I’ve never seen and deciding to take advantage, the naughty side of me takes over. He backs me into a corner of the maze and looking at my masked face bad boy, I unzip his jeans to let his cock out. My hands jerk him as he pushes himself in out my grip. My bf unbuttons my shorts and shoves his hands inside my panties. Finding my clit, he strums it. Mmm shit Jason I whisper, offering him my tongue. He inserts one finger then two and I move against them. We hand and finger fuck each other in the darkness of the maze. I cream Jason’s fingers with within minutes before he squirts his sticky load in my hands. Mmm baby that was amazing, I say and he kisses my forehead walking away. Assuming he went to get something to clean up, I fix myself up the best I can. Minutes later Jason isn’t back, and I work my way through the rest of the maze. Jason is in the front waiting for me. “Baby where did you go,  did you get the tissue”? I ask my bf. Are you ok Babe? Jason says to me, you ran off and I  couldn’t find you, what tissue? OMFG….my cheeks get red and I wipe mystery guys cum on the inside of my jacket. Baby can we get season passes? Anything for you Janessa, Jason says to me. Fucking in the Amusement Park Phone Sex is so scary and wicked, I’ll definitely be back!


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xoxo  Janessa

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mayc 204x300 Trick Or Treat! Fuck My Feet! Phone Sex with MayLast year I went trick or treating in a very sexy red riding hood costume, and got a very special phone sex treat. I knocked on the door and a handsome middle aged man answered, took one look at me, and asked me if I would come in. Me being the naughty teen slut that I am, I obliged. Once inside he told me he loved my outfit and asked if he could see my feet, he told me he’d give me more than candy if I would show him my feet, so I did. He dropped to his knees in front of me and began sucking, kissing, and licking my feet, and then said he would pay me if I would give him a foot job. I sat there giggling and laughing, while this man remained on his knees, begging to fuck my feet. I finally agreed, and told him that if he came on my feet, he’d have to lick it off. You should have seen what a naughty little cum slut he was for me, and talk about a foot fetish!

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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