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ASMR Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

by terra on January 27, 2016

Have you heard of ASMR? It’s so much fun, it’s the most relaxing thing in the world… Which is, of course, why I tied it in with my Hypnosis techniques to bring you dirty mind freaks some of the hottest live hypnotic sessions. You see, I have the sweetest young voice you’ve ever heard. It’s almost magical, and I have ways of making you tingle all over with excitement, and I’m sure if you’ve taken even one look at me you know I’ll make your dick just as hard as can be…

You will become addicted to me as I entrance you and fill you with the thoughts I think you should be having. (Hint: They’re all about *me*!) As I take you on a kinky ride through every feeling of ecstasy your bend-able mind can conjure, you’ll melt inside, into a puddle of helpless weakness with no desire to breathe unless I grant you permission to take a breath. You need a hot teen hypnotic, you found her!

I know several different methods of ASMR Erotic Hypnosis phone Sex, so whether you like to be hardcore led astray towards the wild side of your Goddess or you desire a soothing and sweet Autonomous sensory meridian response… you’re in the right place. You’ll see why so many men slip into my world of hypnosis and can’t seem to climb back out. Becoming addicted to the most delicious voice you’ve ever talked to will be the best thing that happens to you in 2016!


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Buy a pair of my panties or hosiery today. I even have yummy pussy pops available- yep, you guessed it! That’s a lollipop that I’ve fucked myself with, covering it in my sweet teen pussy juices…
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Cock Control Phone Sex

by corkie on October 26, 2015

Get on your knees and look up at me. Nobody can blame you for becoming more and more addicted to me. Look at my gorgeous long legs, my sexy flat tummy and my perfect perky tits. I’m a dream come true and you don’t deserve me. You never will… but I will allow you to serve me until I grow tired of you or your bank account dries up, which ever happens first!

FinDom Goddess CorkieRepeat after me: “I’m a fucking pathetic loser, at the will of a Divine Goddess who I yearn to serve!” Say it LOUDER! I want the neighbors to hear who owns you.

Today I’m going to keep you on your knees stroking at my command. Yes, it’s time for some intense guided masturbation. If you do exactly what I say, you might even get to cum today! God I love ruining orgasms, getting you so close to ecstasy and then making you leave your pathetic little fuck stick alone, watching it throb and leak as you beg me to allow you to touch it again… Not just yet. That’s right you whining little bitch. You don’t get to decide the pace or tempo of your wanking today, that will be up to me.

You’ll listen intently as I instruct you on exactly how I want it done. You’ve never had such cruel Cock Control Phone Sex… and you won’t be able to stop thinking about me when we’re done either!


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I gotta call last night from Daddy, he just wanted to hear his Tiny Baby Girl Tell Him How To Stroke for Phone Sex. He just loves to hear my little squeaky voice telling him all sortsa naughty things. Telling him how much I love the sound of his voice as he strokes that big fat cock for me. Telling him how I want to wrap my little bitty lips around it and suck it like a lollipop. I like to tell Daddy how fast ta stroke it too. I like telling him to grip down harder on it and pretend its me doing it! Miss a few strokes but keep on going. Enjoying my little bitty hand wrapped around his big ol fat cock. Daddy LOVES that. He loves it when we play pretend and it is really me stroking his big fat cock, He just loves to hear his own Tiny Baby Girl Tell Him How To Stroke for Phone Sex!

Tiny Baby Girl Tell Him How To Stroke for Phone Sex

855 242 8111


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Edging and JOI Phone Sex Instruction

by Shelby on July 2, 2014

Edging and JOI Phone Sex InstructionCock in hand!!! CHECK !! Hehe ok student its time for Edging and JOI Phone Sex Instruction 101 !! :: turns around checking out tight leather business suit and hot pink leather bra:: :: slaps hand with ruler and bends sexy ass over the top of your bed::

Now check position of hand, base of cock and slowly counter clock wise stroke to the sound of my voice. Right hand pull at a 45 degree angle until testicles recend …now massage while you work the length of the shaft, making sure to pivot ring finger around head before dipping it in precum, saturate the heads tip before pinching it slightly..

::: walks past bed ass swinging:: Next maneuver, is the over under.. We slowly want to work your fingers on the left hand along the right side of the shaft, then right hand to the left as we do a deep tissue phone sex pull..

See cutie ::looks over sexy cat eye glasses:: You have beat your cock your way, for years.. Now its time for you to beat your cock my way.. You need jerk off instruction phone sex to reignite the spark that your cock has totally lost from the same repetitive movements.

When I seductively command your cock to move my way, its so invigorating to the stalemated cock. When it gets edging phone sex from a sexy young teen phone sex mistress it performs, and rises to the occasion. Because I don’t only tell you how to beat your cock, I instruct you on phone sex procedures.. ::giggles::

Well I am a total teen phone sex slut, and I love jerking phone sex dick off myself.. But first you have to edge slut, and you have to pass MY class!!

Call up this sexy phone sex hottie for Edging and JOI Phone Sex Instruction!!! You know you need Mistress Shelby in a tight skirt to show you how good masturbating phone sex can be !! ::kisses::

JOI Instruction Phone Sex
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Sex Coach Phone Sex

by Drea on March 3, 2014

sex coach phone sexAfter having some extramarital sex with me, you decided to bring me into your bedroom as a Sex Coach Phone Sex!  Not only was I going to teach her how to suck you off they way I do, but you wanted some lesbian action and two girls on your cock too!  I am here to facilitate that!  I love pussy too and I know how to ease her right into it!  Once I eat her out and give her what she needs, you sit back and get to watch us together.  But then it gets even better and I teach her how to deep throat your cock and how important it is to swallow!  I always swallow because I am a cock craving goddess!  Now she will be too!  Lets get her on her knees with he hands clasped behind her back.  Fuck her sexy mouth!  I whisper in her ear and finger her pussy while she gags down your dick – I goad her on to stay the course and let you cum and fill her mouth!  You taste so good!  I think we should share your cum back and forth!  I love cum in my tummy!  Now we just have to teach her how to take cock up her ass – that’s session two!  I am going to be your sex coach phone sex!

Lose yourself inside…


Sex Coach Phone Sex 


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guided masturbation phone sex

I love instructing guys on how to get off when they call me for phone sex.

Hi guys, I’m Dallas call me now for some guided masturbation phone sex. Let me tell you how fast or slow, loose or tight to stroke that marvelous piece of man meat. Would it help if I took off my bra and panties for you? You must listen to me and do as I say though and you can’t cum until I tell you too! I live to tel a guy how to get off which is why I love phone sex so much I think…LOL
Call me right now for the most unreal guided masturbation phone sex experience you will ever have. Make sure you have dick in hand too 😉

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Pantyboy Phone Sex Roleplay with Julie

by Julie on January 2, 2012

This panty boy phone sex call was so much fun today. We started with him telling me all about his fun time at a lingerie store. How he got to go touch and feel all those sexy panties looking for the right pair to buy. hee hee. Then it was all about running home so he could call his little coed phone sex panty tease. Panty boy knew that i was gonna have some fun with those sexy silky bikini panties. hee hee. Who me? No way.
His cock was so hard that it didnt want to stay in those pretty panties so panty boy ended up stroking with those panties. hee hee nothing like guided masturbation phone sex with some super sexy silky panties. My cute young voice telling him what to do. Its so much fun tellin panty boys what to do with those panties. Sometimes its stroking and sometimes its sniffing them. Ok i am off to grab my cutest pair of panties and put them on so i am all set for some more kinky phone sex calls. yay.
aHR0cDovL3d3dy5zdG9ja2luZy10ZWFzZS5jb20vb25seXRlYXNlLzE0MTgtbHVjeS1hbm5lLTE2LmpwZw 211x300 Pantyboy Phone Sex Roleplay with JulieJulie
1-855-55-DADDY and ask for Fun Time Julie

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with HOPE

by Hope on December 5, 2011

x Hope Phone Sex Young Pussy Tiny Little FREE Teen porn Didlo Ass Fuck anal masturbation 194x300 Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with HOPEBig Daddy taught me all about Masturbation. He helped me learn all MY special spots and all the wonderful things that men like too. That has come in real handy for this little hobby of mine, Phone Sex. Big Daddy doesn’t know that when he is away, I’m in my room with one of my vibrators in my pussy and the phone to my ear telling guys just how I want them to stroke their cocks for me! “Nice and slow, all the way to the tip, go down, twisting and squeezing, just the way my tight little pussy would feel…” *giggle* you wont tell Big Daddy that I do Guided Masturbation Phone Sex, will you? Cuz then he would want his cut, and then how would I get enough money to buy him that special present?

Vote for me, and I will give you 5 FREE MINUTES! (with your paid call, give dispatch your valid vote code)

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Hope Phone Sex Young Pussy Tiny Little FREE teen porn Anal Gaping Ass Young Face 223x300 Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with HOPE



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My fav Phone Sex Role Plays: Naughty babysitter, Very Young Voice, Daddy’s Girl, Family Fun, Little Seductress, Taboo Phone Sex,

Ask For HOPE 877-733-6999

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Spank that monkey for me-I love phone sex

by Jordon on September 30, 2011

Teen phone sex

Spank that monkey for me and make it spit all over the place, that’s right keep stroking nice and hard.. NO wait, slow down a little bit you are getting ahead of yourself.

Do you like a girl to control the way you stroke your cock? Guided masturbation is another one of my favorite things to do, I love telling a guy how to stroke but I don’t get to do it that often except through phone sex.

Come play anything you want with me,I’m a very open girl and even if you don’t want to be guided masturbation there are many other things we can role play.



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