Gothic Girl

Geek Girl Phone Sex

by Mickie on March 6, 2015


I bet you didn’t know I can have Geek Girl Phone Sex. It was so fun to tell you about my love of comic books. reading and Game of Thrones. We talked about some of our favorite characters and made up super sexy fantasies even interchanging the different topics. You know I love playing video games too! I want you to double click my mouse tonight with Geek Girl Phone Sex! I’ll have my glasses ready!


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Blood Play Phone Sex

by Naomi on July 19, 2012

You have that dark desire  for Blood Play Phone Sex that has overpowered your normal train of thought and can no longer fight the urges. You instruct me to bring you home fresh meat from the kindergarten class that I help teach. Young tight little bodies that you will soon strip, search and tie down. Your bag of goodies packed with lots of sharp toys such as scalpels,  razor blades, hammers, nails and much more appears from your secret hiding spot. What will you do to this tiny little blonde beauty? Her tiny body restrained by the ropes that you purchased the day before. Her little flat chest is heaving as she becomes numb from the drink that we gave her. What dark depraved story will we be able to write for tomorrow? Call me for the best  Blood Play Phone Sex.     

Goth Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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Blackmail Phone Sex with Diablo

by Butter on February 13, 2011

pussy phone sex mistress phone sex gang bangs Fisting cheating phone sex blackmail phone sex blackmail  photoDevilish Piercing eyes staring at you as you cum closer to me knowing I had just finished using your wife’s dildo, still smelling her pussy scent …looking at your Wedding pictures as I slide the dildo slowly inside my  tight pussy hole knowing the cam is still running. Wonder what your wife would think knowing you just fucked me on her side of the bed and came deeply inside me? Well there is only one way to find out. Guess I will have to blackmail your worthless ass unless I see that red lil sports car I so want and will get.
See I am not your lil sweetheart that will do what you say. I am a cruel bitch that will get my way. Just because I prance around in your shirts and ties looking so fuck-able don’t think you can just have your way with me(unless I say)
I can hang with repeated gang bangs, fist fucking and anything else your small mind can imagine BUT Diablo’s needs cum first. UNDERSTAND?
Now call me for mind blowing phone sex so I can use your ass for my amusement!!

Send me a message for free minutes…if you dare!
Yahoo/AIM DeviantDiabloXXX
Some of my favorite calls include: Accomplice Phone Sex, Succubus Phone Sex, Sensual Domination Phone Sex and Sissification Phone Sex

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