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Sensual Dessert Phone Sex

by terra on September 5, 2015

I can be such a hopeless romantic! My sweet boyfriend knows this and always tries to think up new sensual ways to drive me crazy. We went out on the town and had a lovely dinner out before he whispered in my ear that he had a surprise and dessert waiting for me back at his place. I instantly got a crazy case of the butterflies and my mind began to wander thinking about this surprise! When we got back, there was a trail of rose petals leading to his bedroom and on the nightstand a bottle of red with with two glasses. He kissed me and instructed me to be wearing nothing but my birthday suit upon his return!

whipped cream phone sexA few moments later, he came back with a small basket full of what looked like dessert toppings! He leaned in and kissed my lips, then told me that tonight, I was going to be his dessert! I had always dreamed of getting frisky with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce and finally my fantasy had come to life! First, he squeezed out two small dollops of whipped cream onto my nipples and slowly licked them clean…

Next, he drizzled a bit of chocolate and caramel on my tummy, inner thighs and right onto my pretty pink pussy. I was in heaven with him slowly making his way back up to my lips… I sucked a bit of chocolate off his succulent bottom lip and then decided I wanted some dessert of my own!

I just loved licking the tasty treats off his hard cock so much… What a night! Call me tonight for some Sensual Dessert Phone Sex and tell me where you want me to lick you!

Kisses from your sensual lover,
Terra 855-55-DADDY

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Teasing Old Men Phone Sex

by Becky on July 16, 2015

I’m so hot and young and know I can get whatever I want from men. ::Giggles:: I just shake my ass a little and men get all crazy!! I’ve always been able to put men under my spell, and some are easier than others. I started manipulating my daddy and uncles for money and other things from a really young age. I’ve been having Teasing Old Men Phone Sex for as long as I can remember! Now I’ve got sugar daddies all over town and live the luxe life on their dime!

becky teases old menI have killer curves and a wicked agenda… Getting what I want is a way of life for me. Spoil me with clothes, money, shoes, travel… Financial Domination is my own little playground and I’m the bully pushing guys around into giving me whatever my heart desires. The trick to it is to make men think it’s their idea, so I tease and taunt them with my young, hot body until they can’t stand it anymore and give in to my every whim!

When they shell out the big bucks or become so intuitive in catering to me that I don’t have to ask for what I want, I know I’ve got to give it up every once in a while to keep the gravy train on the tracks! That’s when I really sink my claws in and make sure they’re not going anywhere… From teasing to pleasing, I rock their little old worlds! These old men haven’t truly lived until they’ve had Becky bouncing on their cocks and once they’ve had a taste they’ll do anything to get their dick inside me again!!


Give me a call to spoil me tonight!

Becky ~ 855-55-DADDY

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GFE phonesex

by Allie on June 22, 2015



I want to be your GFE phonesex go to girl. To hell with your bitchy wife… her not ever giving you the hot, sloppy, blow jobs and the sweet, tight, little pussy you deserve. Does she even swallow.. let alone CRAVE it like I do? I will always be the one BEGGING for you stuff all my holes and feed me your creamy, hot load! I bet that bitch you are with would flip out if you wanted to ream her ass and just CUT LOOSE! Guess who not only will let you, but wants that too? That’s right… your perfect GFE Allie. I was always taught that giving a man what he craves the most is what makes the world go around. Not only will I ROCK your world, I will become the center of your universe of pleasure, fantasies, and deepest…darkest secrets! Are you ready to see how hot & wet I already am for you?

Come lay down with me and let my tongue slowly crawl up and show you how good I can make your cock feel. Let me go even further and let it slither in between your asscheeks and to your quivering asshole as I stroke your cock. My pussy is aching to have your cock in my life! I will show you that I am MUCH more than just words. I am total ACTION! I can’t want to show you what real GFE phone sex is like!

Call your new GF Allie now


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Your Very Own Phone Sex Girlfriend!

by Kylie on May 12, 2015

Phone Sex GirlfriendDon’t you need your very own phone sex girlfriend?  Let me be the highlight at the end of your day!  I’ll be right here waiting for you when you get off work, just waiting to hear how your day has been and give you a nice hard phone fuck so you feel all relaxed and happy!

Let me be the stress relief you so desperately need.  You can do whatever you want with me…and the awesome thing is? There are no consequences!  I’m never gonna be all judgey or whiny! You don’t have to worry about offending me, or making me cum first! All you have to do is call, and leave the rest up to me!  I’ll always be ready to please you and make your phone sex fantasies cum true – no matter what they might be!

I know you are going to love my sweet little voice and it’s going to make your day when you hear how excited I am to talk to you! You know I’ve been waiting all do to get your cock in my mouth and my tight teen pussy! I can’t wait to play with you and make you cum harder than you ever have in your life!

So what are you waiting for?  You have the perfect gfe phone sex experience at the touch of a button!  I promise, I’ll treat you like the king you are!

Kylie – 855-553-2339

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GFE Phone Sex

by Avril on October 16, 2014

GFE phone sexCall Avril for GFE Phone Sex. My whole life, I’ve been a dirty little slut and there is just something that is just so taboo about having phone sex with hot older guys while I’m still so young – barely out of high school. I’m always horny and ready for hot, nasty sex with men that loves to do incest and ageplay and play and take my tight hot young body.

I’m a typical girl and love to chat on the phone. I have perky titties a hot tight ass and love showing off for men who can’t keep their eyes off me.  I put myself right out there and they can’t resist. I love getting men hard, flirting until then can’t take it anymore and then getting them off!

I’m the juicy, sweet and tasty candy that men need. That’s why men who enjoy barely legal phone sex fantasies, call me. Get to know Avril, I love intimate long phone sex chat and I’m here for your ultimate sexy GFE Phone Sex

Xo Avril oX

GFE Phone Sex 


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Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

by Dasha on July 21, 2014

Being a kinky, provocative pervert has many perks and has been the motivation behind a lot of orgasms! However Girl Friend Experience Phone Sex is a nice change of pace. Sure, I can be your kinky girl friend, with more fetishes than you could possibly count but I would really like hearing about you though. Tell me about how much you super hate your boss and how responsibilites are always piling up for you. Let me know what you do in your down time (outside of me, of course). I really want to get to know you and I absolutely care. Once you’ve told me everything that makes you unique and special how about we have a nice mutual masturbation call? Just relax and listen to my whimpering moans while I please myself. Listen as my fingers really get my cunt wet. I want you to moan for me, baby. I want to that I excite you. Will you cum for me nice and hard? I like switching from innocent conversation in Girl Friend Experience Phone Sex to a naughty time that we can share together.

Mutual Masturbation GFE with Dasha


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GFE Phone Sex

by bliss on December 22, 2013


Are you looking for GFE Phone Sex?

Well you have found the perfect girlfriend today.  I will do whatever you desire.  We can go out to a club and dance all night long.  I’d love to sit down and have a romantic dinner with you, chatting about our day.  I can’t wait til the bedroom door closes and I can finally get my hands on that perfect cock hiding in your pants.  We fit together so well, our likes and our dislikes.  Kissing is like an explosion of pleasure.  Your cock feels like it was molded to my tight pussy, filling me completely without being too much.  I can go with you to meet your parents, a model of perfection, exactly what mommy always wanted for you.  That is why you want GFE Phone Sex, isn’t it?

Perfect Girlfriend Phone Sex

1-855-55-DADDY (1-855-553-2339)

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Since it’s the New Year, I figured I’d start it out the right way icon wink BadBabyZoey is looking for a Phone Sex Boyfriend! I just broke up my with my boyfriend last night, but no worries, BadBabyZoey is in no way heartbroken! I’m a single taboo teen looking for a boyfriend replacement! Fill out my phone sex boyfriend application, giggles, and see if you could fuck little Zoey!

ZoeyPhoneSex12 209x300 BadBabyZoey is looking for a Phone Sex Boyfriend!


1.) Must have a big cock! (I’m not a lesbian, I don’t want a man with a big clitty!)

2.) Must want to spoil me with presents and gifts

3.) Has to have no taboos and no limits!

4.) Must be ready to fuck and suck and worship BOTH my wet holes whenever I ask!

Do you fit my requirements? I have 1 more job for you! Do you want to help me cuckold my ex boyfriend? I’d love to take a rock hard cock in my tiny holes, and show that loser what he’s missing, and cum in my ex boyfriend’s ear and tell him how much bigger your cock is, and how you make me cum so much harder!!!

Can you make me cum harder than my ex? Giggles, what are you waiting for? Make your multiple orgasmic teen whore squirt!!! or

BadBabyZoey – Yahoo **I also offer cyber sessions!**

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