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Slutty Cheerleader Gang Bang Phone Sex

by Amelia on September 28, 2015

amelia4I am a sexy little teen cheerleader. Besides sucking cock, my favorite thing to do is shake my pompoms and dance for a crowd. I know that many of those people in the crowd are horny men who can’t take their eyes of my tight little body. I know I look super cute when I dance because I can scan the audience and notice men trying to hide their hardened pickers from their wives and daughters. At my core, I am nothing more than a Slutty Cheerleader. I look to pick men from the crowd to take home with me after the games. Tonight, as I pick my prey I notice that some of the football players on the other time are muttering to each other and snickering whilst looking in my direction. I feel my pussy get wet as I imagine the naughty things


they are saying about me. I have never slept with a member of the opponent’s team before. I wonder if my team’s players will get mad at me if I become a cock sucker for the other team.
My mouth begins to water and all I want is to get on my knees and suck off all those sweaty dirty boys. It makes me so wet to think of them using my hot little holes and tossing me aside like the slutty cheerleader I am. What do you think I should do Mister? Huh? Should I let them use my sexy little body?

Give me a call: 1-855-553-2339

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Perverted Neighbor Phone Sex

by Clinton on August 12, 2014

clintoncreepyneiborblog1The guy next door is really a total Jerk Off . I think he wants Perverted Neighbor Phone Sex .

Every time I’m out side trying to tan as soon as I pull of my shirt I notice him staring at my Long Legs or my Breast. I never know which one , but I think that he stands there a strokes his meat because although I can’t see what he is doing one day he yelled over to me and said hey Clinton are you into Meatpole Sucking!  And it really looked like he was Masturbating while he was talking to me .

I yelled at him and said if he ever talked to me like that again I would tell my dad. He has never spoke to me again.But whenever I come into the back yard no matter if I’m alone or with friends he will come over to the fence and it always looks like he is touching himself . I think he wants Perverted Neighbor Phone Sex  !


Perverted Neighbor Phone Sex 

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Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One

by Avril on May 25, 2014

fucked up little girl phone sex part oneI am a fucked up little girl phone sex part one and I will bring you to your knees.  Your daughter is my friend and your house is my second home.  I basically grew up here with you and your family. You always thought of me as a second daughter.  My family is kind of a hot mess, so you think that being here with your nice, sweet family, is good for me. However, as of late, you can’t help but notice how mature I am getting for my age.  I still play with your daughter, but you can’t help but see the glaring differences between her her and I.

I have started to exude sexual energy and you are just lately noticing.  You don’t think I am doing it on purpose, but its there, in your face and more than once you have had to distract yourself to stop thinking that way.  You correct yourself and say I am just a little girl.  It’s all in your head. You think there must be something wrong with you. One minute she and I are playing dolls, then the next we are having a dance off in the living room.  You keep telling yourself its in your mind, but you can’t keep your eyes off me lately.  I dress way too sexy. I catch your eye a LOT.  Then, one day, you hear her and I in her bedroom whispering and giggling and then the giggling stops….

You peek in the crack of the door and see the two of us, kneeling on the floor, in the middle of her pink carpet, kissing and touching our little pink tongues slow and sexy. She is facing away from you for the most part, but you can make out half of her face and you see the slow sweep of her tongue as it dances against mine.  I am in your house, corrupting your little girl and making your cock rise during Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One.  (look for part two later tonight)

Xo Avril oX

Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One

1-855-55-DADDY      or  1-855- 553-2339

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Spoiled Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

by Logan on May 17, 2011

Cum with me TodaySee my pretty pink panties?  So does Daddy!  I know you look at me and want my cute lil ass on your cock.  Bouncing up and down and in and out!  You know you need some teen pussy and want mine. Your wife can’t give you what you need and I can.  Come play in my playground that daddy set up for me to bring friends in.  Don’t be surprised if we come knocking on your door one day and need you to pay us a little bit more for the fun that we have in my playground.  Daddy likes to collect “donations” to keep my playground fun and exciting!  Don’t you want to play with me?  Teen Phone Sex is best with me!




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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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