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Potty Time Phone Sex

by shannon on August 22, 2015

Had a caller the other day tell me he was a closet human toilet and loved Potty Time Phone Sex. I asked him what about it he liked. He stated that he was into golden showers and brown showers. He loved Extreme Hardcore Phone Sex. When I asked what he meant, he said he was into Kidnapping, Rape, and Snuff.

I asked him what he had in mind. He said that he want to get down and have some Dirty Potty Play Phone Sex. Again I asked him what he meant. We went round and round with this. I finally set my foot down and said “Look, now I want a straight answer and I want it now!” I heard him moan, so this told me he loved women that were stern and cross with him. He asked me if I would Shit in his mouth, while degrading him.  So I told him I would Shit and Piss in his mouth, all the while calling him a filthy pig and a Cunt. When I called him a Cunt, he shuddered. So I repeatedly called him a filthy Cunt and a Whore. I asked him what else he would like to have done to him. He admitted to being a closet Cock Whore, who loved to have big black cocks stuffed in his ass. He wanted to take a Cum Bath from having several big black cocks jacked over him.

I don’t know how we started talking about potty tie and ended with him wanting me to take control of him, but I would love to have Potty TIme Phone Sex with him again. Look for more stories like these and more.

Don’t forget to call me and we can make up our own story. I can be found at and call me at 1-855-553-2339

Hardcore Phonesex

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Phone Sex Bed Wetter

by Rainbow on August 10, 2015

Phone Sex Bed Wetter

Today I got to talk with a Phone Sex Bed Wetter, and he just so happens to be gay! But we didn’t discover the gay phone sex part until much later into our conversation.

See when I was in high school I had a boyfriend that was a real sweet guy, and we seemed to date forever. Finally after me riding him for a few months he finally decided to let me come and spend the night!

So in my mind I am thinking yes I can get some dick! Only to have him introduce me to his water bed (WTF) so I figured maybe he was just a phone sex virgin and we could cuddle and in the middle of the night I could give him an open mouth hug phone sex kiss on his cock and make him shoot enough to get my little ass pumping.

Then I felt it, that warm wet feeling.. His bed was leaking on my ass and ewww, as I stood up and reached for the light trying to wake my friend I saw this little cock in piss gold undies drizzling pee like a girl.

So like any other sane girl I took a shower and grabbed his undies from the bathroom.. I then Hung them on the mailbox and wrote PISS HEAD down the pole! He just should have told me he was a piss happy bed wetting phone sex slut!

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Humiliation Phone Sex



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Bisexual Phone Sex Proposition

by Gaia on March 17, 2014

Mad Phone Sex Daddy

My Daddy has had a thing for younger boys for some time now and so I decided to offer him a Bisexual Phone Sex Proposition. There was this boy that that I had been babysitting for and I just knew he was the one. So, Friday night as Daddy was sipping from his Jack Daniels I came up from behind him and placed a blindfold over his face. I watched as a smile grew across his face and whispered in his ear revealing to him that I had a surprise waiting for him. His grin became even larger and I kissed him on the check, grabbed his hands and proceeded to lead him into my bedroom where on the bed sat the young and immature boy next door.  I could feel my cunt beginning to overflow, I had been masturbating over the thought of giving my daddy a youthful cock to play with from the moment I contemplated offering my Daddy a Bisexual Phone Sex Proposition


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The Phone Sex Chat Room

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Glory Hole Phone Sex

by Naomi on November 16, 2012

Glory Hole Phone Sex really get’s me wet when nasty boys who love to suck cock want to go. Do you deprave sex with strange men with your cock hungry ass. I want to talk to you queens that love cum. Do you need this Mistress’s hot breath in your ear as I call you a faggot. And you still want more cum after your belly is full of it. Felling that hot cum spraying across your slutty face as I command you to beg for more. YOU FUCKING CUM WHORE!! You like wearing some guys load like a little bitch that yor makes your faggot ass cream. Ha! As Mistress tilt’s your chin and humilate you for being such a little fucking cum dumpster. Just kneel like a little slut and wait for that fat dick to come through the hole. I see you licking your lips in excitement. Oh yes, look at how big it is! Lick the head and then up and down the shaft. Good boy. Like that DICK. Look at how hard your pathetic cock is? You get so horny when you get a taste of that precum. Suck it nice and slow like a good slut. Milk it and hope that he is a squirter so you can feel that ropy cum glaze in the back of your throat. Glory Hole Phone Sex, bitch!

Cock Sucking Whore Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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No Limits GILF Phone Sex

by Carmen on May 28, 2011


I love watching gay boys fuck each other. So young and hard and horny. My grandson loves cock and he is always looking for new playmates. I told him about a new kid in the neighborhood that he may be interested in. He was over, the other day, and the kid walked by. We invited him in and my grandson made his move. I just sat back in my chair and masturbated, while getting to see those naughty boys get each other off. What a hot scene! I told him to stop by Ms. Carmen’s anytime. Call Carmen for Nasty No Limits Phone Sex.

Deviant Kisses,




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Oral & Anal MILF / GILF

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