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by Koryann on November 18, 2011

me and daddy Kinky KoryAnn Phone Sex I just love weddings.  It’s like going to a big party to watch two people proclaim their love to each other and share their happiness with all of the friends and family they love.  I just got home from my cousins wedding a little while ago and I simply could not get over the love I could see in their eyes and the WILD party they threw for their big day.  I have always known that weddings are known to guys as hook up central because of all the single and desperate women that go to them, but today I saw that in action first hand.  When the party was wrapping up and I went to go get my coat from the check counter, before I rang the bell I could see my cousins Kara and Tamia behind the coats naked sucking off the coat check attending’s cock.  I watched for a little while before I went home.  I’m sure that coat check guy gets a lot of action.  He should call me for some wild phone sex action!!!

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