TS Hooker Phone Sex

by tsmalika on December 13, 2015

Hooker Phone Sex/

So yeah I work the club after hours for TS Hooker Phone Sex. Not like I am the first transgendered phone sex hooker to get my rocks getting paid to fuck. When people see us she male phone sex workers they know they are going to get paid!
So normally when I get picked up I stay making porno phone sex movies all night long. Yes, even being a phone sex midget I get more play than most hunks, cause I am pulling ass, cock, cunt, brains from all the players of these games. When your a midget you are limber, smaller, and solid.. When I fuck your going to fill me knocking these boots against your ass.
So most sex scenes are cum shot phone sex scenes. That is just getting this dick ready, the first two nuts cum within 3 minutes of each other then I join all the girls in a transsexual phone sex orgy, or get to be the lucky cock that fucks stud ass after making his wife squeal like he never could.
Yeah I am walking the street, this T Girl Phone Sex cock needs all the sex I can get. My little legs take me to use and be used alike. Most nights I am in a nymphomania phone sex t girl nightmare. Making and taking risk after risk to get my cum fix. But I would be so lost without my life being on the line and without my huge cock being the star of the show for TS Hooker Phone Sex.


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Dirty pastor phone sex molestation went like this…

I went to church today with daddy and I was asked by the pastor to stay after church! OH NO  I thought, I HOPE HE DIDNT SEE ME NOT WEARING MY PANTIES. My daddy took me back into his office after the service and he sat down across from me. He said “Demida, I saw you flashing your bald little snatch for all of church to see. ” I looked over at daddy with big eyes, I didnt know what he would do. Daddy got up and left the room. He closed the door behind him and the pastor brought in his son, the youth pastor for the church. He told me that his son David had a surprise for me. He said that I had won a special prize for looking so beautiful and sexy at church and we went into the back where there was a massage table set up with candles and oil.

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The Pastor used some oil to lube up his hard cock and directed his son on how to molest my little girl phone sex body inch by inch. His son rubbed my body from my hard little nipples down to my puffy little peach. He told me how sexy I was and how my body belonged to him and the church. He said I was going to be devirginized today for the sake of religion. I was scared at first, but he rubbed my tickle button sooooooo fast I was shaking in no time! His father, the Pastor, stood over me and jacked his big cock. What a little girl fucker at heart. This story ended with his sons cock inside me. Stay tuned for Part 2 of Dirty Pastor Phone Sex Molestation!

Fucked By The Pastor and His Son(molested at church phone sex )

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Young Treat Phone Sex

by Roni on February 18, 2015

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Quit  sitting there and complaining about what you need all the time and reach out for  it grab it by the shaft and stroke it ,because daddy i‘ve got a young treat phone sex for you that is going to make you cum harder than ever. That’s right I want to share my  newest lil friend, she is everything your cock loves in a young girl. Her hairless cunny is going to make your mouth water and your tongue will twitch with excitement for a taste. Her flat chest  has  the softest flat pink nipples for your fingertips to explore. These are only a few of her sweet young girl features you can never get enough of and she is ready for you to take her.
Call me  soon daddy  so I can give you a young treat phone sex for your hungry cock.

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Abduction Phone Sex

by Ferrah on February 18, 2015

 Abduction Phone SexIf you are into kidnap & rape scenarios and Roleplays, call me for Abduction Phone Sex.  And “yes”, there are slight variances to the two perverted and twisted deviant deeds, but then again, I am well versed in them both, and whichever you prefer to call it, I can most definitely assist you with either.  Because you see, it really doesn’t matter whether or not you want to snatch them and keep them, abusing their little tender bodies until you tire of them, and perhaps snuff them out, rather than to just leave their worthlessness on the side of some abandoned road.  Or, just maybe you only want to rape them, torture them and threaten to do away with their entire families, if they ever divulge your secret, in which case you WILL drop them off on the side of an abandoned road, when you’ve had your fill of their virginal youthfulness, and you’ve corrupted them so to the point that now, all they are good for is the sleazy life of a whore on the street.  And, our facetious fun all begins with my tried and true luring skills, and a cunning session of Abduction Phone Sex.

Abduction Phone Sex

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Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One

by Avril on May 25, 2014

fucked up little girl phone sex part oneI am a fucked up little girl phone sex part one and I will bring you to your knees.  Your daughter is my friend and your house is my second home.  I basically grew up here with you and your family. You always thought of me as a second daughter.  My family is kind of a hot mess, so you think that being here with your nice, sweet family, is good for me. However, as of late, you can’t help but notice how mature I am getting for my age.  I still play with your daughter, but you can’t help but see the glaring differences between her her and I.

I have started to exude sexual energy and you are just lately noticing.  You don’t think I am doing it on purpose, but its there, in your face and more than once you have had to distract yourself to stop thinking that way.  You correct yourself and say I am just a little girl.  It’s all in your head. You think there must be something wrong with you. One minute she and I are playing dolls, then the next we are having a dance off in the living room.  You keep telling yourself its in your mind, but you can’t keep your eyes off me lately.  I dress way too sexy. I catch your eye a LOT.  Then, one day, you hear her and I in her bedroom whispering and giggling and then the giggling stops….

You peek in the crack of the door and see the two of us, kneeling on the floor, in the middle of her pink carpet, kissing and touching our little pink tongues slow and sexy. She is facing away from you for the most part, but you can make out half of her face and you see the slow sweep of her tongue as it dances against mine.  I am in your house, corrupting your little girl and making your cock rise during Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One.  (look for part two later tonight)

Xo Avril oX

Fucked Up Little Girl Phone Sex Part One

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Taboo Babysitter Phonesex

by Malice on January 31, 2014

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I am a wicked bitch who loves young girls and taboo babysitter phonesex.I get off on the extreme corruption of little girls. I know you need advice and nasty guidance using a girl. You have been thinking about bad things that you want to do. I can help you. I am a nasty accomplice whore with no mercy. I like to go the dark kinky mile. I like hardcore abuse and some torture. I want total deviant lust and perhaps edge play too. I do it all. I like rough sex and to mind fuck the girls and my men too. I can be your bitch and we plan our wicked home invasion or kidnap together. Do you want to be dominated to do the evil deed? I can make you!! I get off on bald pussy stretching and making young girls gag on a big fat cock. I offer no taboo talk. Call me for taboo babysitter phonesex.

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Park Phone Sex Play

by Shelby on September 18, 2013

Hi cuties!! I just had some super wild Park Phone Sex Play, with a super older guy!! See I was wearing my little skirt that was much to tight.. and he noticed too!! My little titties was pushing out against my top, while you could see my tight little panties and moose toe popping out from underneath my blue jean skirt ::giggles::

Oh Yeah!! I was being a dirty little super phone sex slut!! So when I noticed him watching me and approaching me from the swings I just bent right over and flashed my sexy little bottom right up in the air ::kisses:: Well when he got closer I figured out he was that super hot cutie guy that I was thinking about all year long while I phone sex masturbated!! OMG I am the luckiest little girl in the world because he bent me over his knee and pulled down my panties and started spanking my sexy little bubble booty!!

Oh Yeah, that spanking made my bottom burn and when I called him daddy and he started kissing my owies he had me all kinds of ready for more steamy Park Phone Sex Play!!! All yes 365 days a year!!! Lets get rowdy!!

Spanking Phone Sex
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Pedos Experiment Phone Sex Tales

by Barbie on July 28, 2013

Enjoying the creative writing of one of my callers? The next section is in pedos experiment phone sex tales which is the fourth and final chapter of this erotic tale. As before, get ready to jack off to a sizzling no limit tale.

You then direct me to take her to a bed and tell me to fuck her. As I rub the head of my cock on her bald child pussy you point out all the pre-cum oozing out and then describe how her pussy opens up and almost sucks my cock inside. OK so then I cum in this little child although I’m not gonna really cum yet. You then tell the women watching how you have developed that method of building up my pedophile ego so that I can cum many times and stay hard while preforming so well. I am proud. By talking to me that way I produce more cum and perform better. You also mention how if all works well u will be able to get em to fuck my own 3 year old daughter. “

“So next is a 5 year old, dressed the same way and of course blond hair blur eyes. When you have he flash me my coco seems to grow and you have the assistants measure my cock and weigh my balls. Cock 10 1/2 inches and even though I came my balls now weigh and then just do the same thing. Also you can add how she is fertile and when I cum in her I will impregnate her can get a better view of her. u then tell me she my daughter, always refer to me as pedophile except when I’m fucking the girls. then ask me if I want to see her pussy. of course I do. then I get even bigger, they measure and In a full 13 inches and my balls now weigh 8 ounces heck they look very big.  Oh i forgot you describe her pussy in detail going on and on about it.  Then u ask me if I would like to see her completely naked and get into bed with her. I do of course then u taunt me and tell me what a pedophile I am.  Taunt me into fucking her, take your time with this, you can humiliate me about being a pedophile while you glorify me at the same time. I mean just do what u did with the other girls while I’m fucking her even more though and Ill let myself cum. ” 

If you missed any of the sections of the tales they are outlined in my blogs. Why not write your own pedos experiment phone sex tales?

Pedo Experiment Phone Sex Tales

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Horny Asian Phone Sex Slut

by May on February 20, 2013

I’m your horny Asian phone sex slut who aims to please all you horny men with your taboo fantasies and desires, nothing is ever off limits with this horny little girl as I do it all.

My pussy is hot and has been hot since I was just a young girl, yes guys in the single digits as my mother whored me out when i was young to keep our bellies full and all when we were living very poor.

I would get dressed up like a cute little slut and the men would make appointments with my mother to fuck me and use me for their taboo fantasies, they loved my tiny little body and the fact they could be a pedo and get away with it..

Oh yes, I learned to suck and fuck so very young and yes I did cry for awhile but then got use to it and expected it, I worked them men like a true grown whore even though I was really young, oh guys please call me up for some horny Asian phone sex slut.

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Gang Bang Whore gets Fisted Phone Sex

by Philly on October 8, 2012

Grab that tiny fuck slut pull her into an alley and watch that Gang Bang Whore gets Fisted Phone Sex. Make me scream as your ram you whole hand all the way side my teen cunt. While your buddy sits on top of my face and fucks my mouth. Cock after cock gets jammed in my stretched cunt. Big fat cock everywhere I look cock is being forced inside my mouth. You slap my tiny tits & ass as I jerk and suck your friends. Oh no your ready to shove that fist in me doggy style then fuck me backwards like a K-9 just so you can squat and cum in my ass hole. call now so you can see this Gang Bang Whore gets Fisted Phone Sex.

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