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Phone Sex with your Best Friends Daughter

by Avril on November 20, 2014

phone sex with your best friends daghterNever thought you would be so lucky as to have phone sex with your best friends daughter did you?  I grew up to be a naughty little slut and my daddy just thinks I can do no wrong.  But the way I have been looking at you when you come over for poker and football to hang with my daddy… you know I am nothing but trouble.  You can see it in my eyes and the way I dress.  You know daddy says I am a good girl… his favorite.  Well it seems that I am becoming your favorite too. You find every reason to come over and party up or help out my daddy all in an effort to see me, to test me when the moments of getting me alone are most likely.  I offer to get you guys some beers when you are working on the garage and after a minute you excuse yourself to go back into the house because you ‘broke the seal’.   You cut me off at the pass in the kitchen and flirt with me and I show you exactly what a dirty little slut I can be, rubbing up against you, kissing your neck…  rubbing your cock through your pants…You almost  spew in your .  I hand you both the beers so your hands are full and I dig into your pants which just blows your mind… but I am just going for your phone.  I back a few steps away and lift my top, showin’ my sexy little bra and flat tummy and take a pic with your phone.  Then I put my number in there while you look on stuck dumb at the titty flash.  As I put your phone back into your pocket, slowly and deliberately, I lick your neck and them I tell you to call me because we should meet up sometime….   tonight you are going to have phone sex with your best friends daughter and she is such a slutty little tease – I wonder how far she will go?

Xo Avril oX

Phone Sex with Your Best friends Daughter


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Cheerleader Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on December 31, 2011

Ever wanted to fuck a cheerleader under the bleachers at a school pep rally? That is what my last call was about. He wanted to be the star quarter back, and i was the nerdy cheerleader that was just lucky enough to suck the star quarter back under the bleachers. He shoved his cock so far down my throat, i was spitting and gagging all over my pretty cheering uniform. He got mad that i accidently bit him, so he pulled me up by my hair and shoved my ass in the air. Slide his cock right into my tight puckered ass hole with NO LUBE. He wanted to make my nerdy ass hurt, and that i did. I cried as he fucked me hard til he came up my ass.
He pulled out and told me what a slut i was and that he was going to tell all his friends about me and i would get what i deserved. What he didn’t know is I was excited to get what I deserved. I can’t wait til all his friends fuck me.aHR0cDovL2dhbGxlcmllczMucGV0aXRldGVlbmFnZXIuY29tLzIvb25seXRlYXNlaG9sbHlkb2NrZXQvMi5qcGc 232x300 Cheerleader Phone Sex with JulieFriendly fucking Cheerleader Phone Sex with Julie
1-855-55-DADDY and ask for Fun Time Julie

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