Hot Blonde Forced Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 17, 2015

I don’t wanna suck it mister, please don’t make me! I don’t even know you! I want to go home, why you are making me do this! Your cock is just too big for my little whore mouth, I can’t possibly deep-throat it! Stop laughing at me, this isn’t funny. Your cock is hurting my mouth, my throat is filled with your hard dick I can’t stop myself from gagging. Do you actually like this? Do you like hurting a little girl? You’re such a pervert I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this…What, what are you doing? Don’t pull my panties down, please! My bald little pussy has never been touched or seen before. Get your dirty pervert hands away from my tight teen body. I know this is Forced Little Girl Phone Sex, but give me a break! Please don’t hurt me anymore. Your cock is pressing up against my pussy lips, I can feel the head forcing itself into my wet tight little opening. It is scary, I am begging you not to fuck my little cunt! It is too tight and your cock will never fit! It won’t! You’re pushing it inside my tight wet cunt, it is too much.. Be gentle please! Pull it out…please don’t force this cute blonde to fuck you! I feel your cock stealing my virginity. It’s pushing deep into my tight pussy, making me dizzy with strange new feelings. Can’t you see I’m crying, can’t you see I am a scared little girl?amelia3

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Rough Phone Sex

by Calypso on September 14, 2015

Once a week or so I get together with my Fuck Buddy for a marathon of super-kinky sex. It’s no secret I like things rough… pulling hair, ass fisting, whips and toys, role play, you name it!! I’ve had him tied up, bent over, ridden like a wild bull…but he kept teasing me, telling me I wasn’t rough enough. I’d had a couple stiff drinks the other night and jumped in the shower before he got to my place. I answered the door in a sexy silky robe and nothing under, and asked him straight up if he really wanted me to let go and be really rough. He was so excited I saw his cock get hard in his pants!

I first forced him to his knees and shoved my hard cock so far down his throat that he began to gag loudly and choke on my fat dick! I pulled out a moment and he smiled and reached down for his own cock before I grabbed him by the hair and rammed my shecock right down his throat again! Each forceful blow was harder than the last as I slammed every inch of me in his mouth. “Is this what you wanted? Is this rough enough for you?” I shouted out… His eager response was accompanied by nodding and a wide smile.

calypso 3I fucked his face violently. Spit was running down his face mixing with the tears, and I was totally speechless. I bet next time he thinks I am going too easy on him he will remember gasping for a breath while I ram all 8 inches of my thick shecock down his slut throat!! I take Rough Phone Sex all the way…

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Forced Fucking Phone Sex

by Hope on July 23, 2015

You know, I remember the first time I had sex with Daddy. It actually wasn’t his idea, it was mine. I knew that Forced Fucking Phone Sex was the only way that I was going to get him to pop my tiny little cherry. Ever since I was little and I saw my mommy and Daddy fucking one night I knew that I wanted and needed my Daddy to fuck me like mommy. I would touch myself thinking about him, pretend to “accidentally” walk in on him in the shower, and write about all of the nasty things I would do to him if I had my way. So one day when I was eleven I went home early from school, knowing he would be taking a nap. While he was sleeping, I tightly tied his hands and legs with rope, making sure not to wake him up. By the time he woke up, I was already on top of him, naked! Heehee! I bent down while he struggled and whispered in his ear, “Daddy, you’re all tied up and I’m naked, you know what that means? It’s time to pop my cute little cherry, Daddy!” And then I make him smell my little pussy while I suck his cock, making him nice and hard for me for when I get on top of him and show him how fun fucking his daughter is. I make him lick me up and down before I turn around and slowly lower myself down onto his cock, squealing and riding him and begging for him to cum inside my little pussy! And when he does, well, both Daddy and I are excited that I tried Forced Fucking Phone Sex on him!


Forced Fucking Phone Sex


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Forceful Fist Fucking Phone Sex

by Bella on December 17, 2014

Forceful Fist Fucking Phone Sex

He said I would like fist fucking fun phone sex, but I wasn’t so sure.  Sounds a little scary to me!  His big fist in my tiny little pussy??  How would it ever fit??  He said I had no choice.  He said he was going to make me take it all and maybe more.  More??

My pussy is so sweet and tight.  It grips his fingers when he finger fucks me.  I just knew it was going to hurt when he shoved his entire fist inside me and I was trying to brace myself.  I like the way his fingers feel hitting my little sweet spot so my cunt was already so nice and wet.  Then I felt him ball up his fist and I held my breath, waiting.  I thought he would take it slowly.  I was so wrong!

He forced his fist all the way into my little pussy making me cry out!  He spread his fingers, spreading me even wider!!  I didn’t know how much of this I could take!!  He kept slamming it in and out of me, telling me I was going to enjoy it!  How much did he really think I could take??

How much forceful fist fucking phone sex will you make me take?

Forceful Fist Fucking Phone Sex


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Stalker Phone Sex Craziness

by Ferrah on March 14, 2014

Stalker Phone Sex CrazinessI’ve been kinda forced into engaging into Stalker Phone Sex Craziness.  Forced, because that son-of-a-bitch that has my horny ass wrapped around his throbbing hard cock, thinks he’s too good for me, or worse, that he can somehow do better, with some younger tight cunt-ed Bitch, that don’t know shit about how to sexually please a real man.  And, I say craziness, because first, being a truly committed and clearly certifiable stalker is already just that…  Crazy!    But, the indecent things I’ve had to do just to keep up with that man of my horniest desires, are above and beyond crazy.  Often, to stay close to my elusive, yet coveted cock, I’ve had to brave the ever changing weather just to keep vigil, watching  the man I crave moving unknowingly about his somewhat insecure abode.  Keeping myself warm on those colder nights by vigorously masturbating my wet and longing for cock pussy, while I continue to watch him, waiting for my moment of entry.  And, when I do finally decide to cross that dubious threshold, I’m gonna fuck that man seven ways till Sunday.  Every ravishing inch of that lust wrenching man will belong solely to me, and to me only.  His only responsibility will be to please me, and if he does that, to my sublime and unwavering satisfaction, perhaps I will allow him to stalk me for a while, and make ME his Bitch.  After all, I know quite a bit about that particular position  of sexual worship.  Because, I practically wrote the deviant book on Stalker Phone Sex Craziness.

Stalker Phone Sex Craziness


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Whore Me Out Phone Sex

by Drea on March 9, 2014

whore me out phone sexDaddy said that now that I am older I have to start contributing to the house so he is going to whore me out phone sex.  He made an online ad and stuck me in a hotel room.  He bought me some crotchless panties and a sheer baby doll.  I am kind of trapped here because daddy said I have to work allll weekend.  Daddy is watching TV across the room and has a video camera set up looking towards the bed.  

There’s a knock at the door.  

Daddy answers it and I am sitting on the bed scared and shocked. Two big black guys say they are here about the ad?  I am like, ” Holy shit, you aren’t letting them in here are you??”  He tells me to shut up.  They both hand him money, come inside,  eye me up and start taking their pants off.  I back up a little and try to walk around to the other side of the bed. One is licking his lips and tells me to get my ass up on the bed.  I climb into the center hoping for a way out, but there is none. One heads up towards my face, jerking the biggest cock I have ever seen and the other is grabbing at my ass.  

“On your hands and knees bitch!”

 Across the room, Daddy turns on the video camera  and then pulls out his dick.  “Daddy, this is too much!  Please!? ”  I beg in vain. They start laughing in shock that this is really my dad who is pimping me out.  They think its funny that a dad would put his daughter out there like that. Then they see the camera and decide they are going to really give daddy a show.  They team up on my holes and pound me in rhythm like and accordion, both blasting me from either end and slamming in at the same time.  I feel like my spine is going to snap.  I am gagging that huge nigger cock down my throat and my pussy is getting totally torn up! I can see daddy in the mirror and he is walking towards us.  He is about to shoot his load on my face while I have this big black cock filling my throat.  They cheer daddy on!  

When they are done and are putting their pants back on, one of them calls his friend and tells him that there’s some sweet pussy in room 318 and that my white daddy is open for business to Whore Me Out Phone Sex.

Lose yourself inside…


Whore me out phone sex

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Trigger Finger Phone Sex

by Avril on September 29, 2013

Trigger Finger Phone Sex

Are you one of those guys who has a Trigger finger Phone Sex?  You know, the kind of guy who sees a sexy girl in a micro skirt and wants to walk up on her, wrap one arm around her and then dive the other finger up into her snatch.  You, real swift, give her clitty and pussy hole a good tease.  You better hold on to her waist real tight because your skillz will just melt her little legs and shell be leaning on you for support as you whisper in her ear all gruff what a ‘dirty little slut’ she is.  She must want strange men fingering her pussy wearing a skirt like that. Little sluts, walking around and being all tasty like that.  You want pussy juice on your fingers. You’re itching for it and here comes a sexy whore now.  You need a tight cunt for trigger finger Phone Sex.

Xo Avril oX

Trigger Finger Phone Sex


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Forced Pedophile Phone Sex

by Naomi on November 25, 2012

Forced Feeding Pedophile Phone Sex is how I’m going to turn you into the fucking pedo that you are and make sure you stop pretending you are normal because your a fucking pedo just like me. Stop watching those illegal kiddie movies and jacking off to the computer, PEDO. I will bring my little neice in front of you and make you pop her cherry while I watch and make you tell her that you are a nasty perverted pedophile and that you are about to stick your sick your big pedo cock inside her little virgin cunt. I have to admit it will give me great enjoyment to see her little flat chest body bouncing up and down on your fuckrod while I make your Forced Feeding Pedophile Phone Sex come out.

Kiddie Phone Sex

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Wide Cock Phone Sex

by Caydee on November 16, 2012

I heard you bragging about your wide cock phone sex and it got my young cunt dripping wet. I masturbate every night at the thought of being forced to please your massive rod with my little girl pussy. I bet you would do anything for a taste of my young juice on that wide cock phonesex.

Submissive Teen Pussy Phonesex!


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Dirty Step Sister Phone Sex with HOPE

by Hope on January 7, 2012

x Hope3 Throated phone sex Free Young Teen Porn Cum Face facial blow job 212x300 Dirty Step Sister Phone Sex with HOPEI’ve always loved teasing my Step Brother! It’s kind of a hobby of mine. Walking around the house naked or near to it. Using my vibrator with my bedroom door open.

My favorite thing to do when Big Daddy isn’t looking, is to rub my ass against his cock until I feel it get hard thru his jeans. Then I go running to Daddy when he tries to pull it out! But this time, I didn’t know that Big Daddy was gone!

He did though. He tied me up and made me pay for all the teasing I had done to him. “Not so tough when your Daddy isn’t here to protect you, huh?” He was so rough and animalistic. Forcing his way through all my holes. I pretended not to like it, but I think I will be teasing him even more whenever Big Daddy is gone!

XoXo Hope – Phone Sex Fantasy Specialist

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