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Pretty Pink Phone Sex Pussy

by Naomi on September 21, 2015

Daddy is so captivated by my pretty pink phone sex pussy that he let’s me get away with murder, he’s been under my thumb ever since the first time he fucked me when I was eight years old. I think he was a little disappointed that he wasn’t my first but naomi he got right over it when he found out it had been my big brother. It took him (my big brother that is) a few tries but he finally popped my cherry and we’ve been fucking ever since  Sometimes I even hold them down while he uses them, FUCK! My cunt gets sooo wet when we do it that way, tears and begging make a strong  *smiles* Sometimes Daddy watches through the two-way mirror in the playroom and after we break them in, we take them to meet our daddy.  He just adores little girls and he really gets off on watching me get fucked by eager young cock. My brother and I are his devoted accomplices and do everything we can to make his pedo fantasies a reality.

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)

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Babysit Your Cock Phone Sex.

by Kellen on January 4, 2015

kellen_picture_in_backgroundI came over to baby sit your children but realized all too late I was going to Babysit Your Cock Phone Sex. He did not tell me his girls were at their mothers house for the weekend. I at first thought I had made a mistake until he told me he still needed me inside. He had some issues he wanted to discuss. He was so kind, he offered me a drink while we talked. The more I drank the more I realized I was feeling kinda fuzzy. My head felt like it was full of wool and my mouth full of cotton. I went to stand up and I fell against the kitchen island. I thought maybe my sugar was low or something.. until he came up behind me and started to pull down my panties from under my skirt. He whispered in my ear that he was going to take me and take me now because I have been such a dirty little tease… I came to babysit your kids… I ended up Babysiting Your Cock Phone Sex

Babysit Your Cock Phone Sex

855 242 8111


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Wanted forced phone sex

by Roni on December 4, 2013


I like to hang out at the mall with my friends, after school. It’s just a way for us all to chill after a long day! Anyway I happen to notice this creepy dude was staring at me from across the food court. I don’t normally let freaks like that bother me, but this guy reminded me of one of those shows with wanted forced phonesex men.

I could feel the little hairs on the back of my neck sticking straight up. This made me feel very uneasy and I decided on heading home. I don’t live far! so I just took a shortcut through the woods;  no one ever went that way so I should be OK. But the crack of dead tree branches in the distance told me I wasn’t alone!

I picked up the pace.  My breathing quickened suddenly I found myself in a state of panic. I screamed as my walk quickly changed to running.

My lungs burned as I gasped for air!!

I was trying to get home fast!

When I tripped and fell into the arms of the creepy dude.

I screamed some more, until he slapped his filthy hand across my young mouth. muffling me as he forced his knees between my legs.   Ripping open my shirt and pulling my skirt up.  Then he opened the zipper on his pants to stroke his dick to my young pussy….. Wanted forced phonesex!


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The phonesex chat room



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Daddy Raped Me Phonesex

by Caydee on August 17, 2012

Daddy Raped Me Phonesex. I was caught being nawty in the ally behind my house by one of our neighbours. Sure enough he went back to mom and dad and told them what he had caught me doing.

Dad was furious. I heard him slam his fist down on the kitchen counter before he burst into my bedroom like a wild beast searching for it’s prey. Daddy grabbed me by my long blond hair and said ”were going for a drive”.  I sat next to daddy looking down at my feet, and every now and then I’d look up to see where we were.

We finally stopped at this run down shack in the middle of no where. Daddy got out of the car walked  around to me and opened the door. Grabbing me once again he dragged me into the run down shack, threw me down on the ground and got on top of me.

Call me to hear the rest of how daddy raped me phonesex.

Forced Phonesex


Uncensored Phone Sex Chat-room.

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Since it’s the New Year, I figured I’d start it out the right way icon wink BadBabyZoey is looking for a Phone Sex Boyfriend! I just broke up my with my boyfriend last night, but no worries, BadBabyZoey is in no way heartbroken! I’m a single taboo teen looking for a boyfriend replacement! Fill out my phone sex boyfriend application, giggles, and see if you could fuck little Zoey!

ZoeyPhoneSex12 209x300 BadBabyZoey is looking for a Phone Sex Boyfriend!


1.) Must have a big cock! (I’m not a lesbian, I don’t want a man with a big clitty!)

2.) Must want to spoil me with presents and gifts

3.) Has to have no taboos and no limits!

4.) Must be ready to fuck and suck and worship BOTH my wet holes whenever I ask!

Do you fit my requirements? I have 1 more job for you! Do you want to help me cuckold my ex boyfriend? I’d love to take a rock hard cock in my tiny holes, and show that loser what he’s missing, and cum in my ex boyfriend’s ear and tell him how much bigger your cock is, and how you make me cum so much harder!!!

Can you make me cum harder than my ex? Giggles, what are you waiting for? Make your multiple orgasmic teen whore squirt!!! or

BadBabyZoey – Yahoo **I also offer cyber sessions!**

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Forced phone sex with Hope

by Hope on July 7, 2011




or call me on  1-877-733-6999


Hey Guys ,

    I am your daughters playful friend that you have always done anything to be around. I have always loved the attention you give me when I run around in my short shorts , tiny skirts and shirts so thin and tight you can tell me the color of my perky nipples : Giggle :

      Now is your chance to make your move , The chance you have been waiting for . Your daughter is gone , The wife is at work and I am in the next room watching  TV . It is so easy because you know I want it too, Atleast you think I do. Even if I don’t who will know the difference , There is nobody around to hear my screams and cries.

So come on …. Don’t be scared . This is the one way to experience forced sex that you can’t get in trouble for I won’t tell , You won’t tell . So nobody will ever know . It will remain OUR secret forever.

So lets have some unlimited kinky phone sex.

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

Biastophilia Phone sex ….

by Hope on June 15, 2011

The act of being sexually stimulated when one of the parties in a sexual act is unwilling …. As many of you know this is one of my nastiest fantasies. I love the cries and whimpers that come from the victim…. But see ass much as I like the idea of watching this … I like to participate more. I like to be the young hot girl that gets stalked down and taken control of. Screaming , crying and scratching while I beg and plead to my attacker not to hurt me. Feeling his weight on top of my tiny body , Being so helpless and not being able to get away ….. Who ever knew that forced sex phone sex could be so cruel . It can . Leave us both waiting for the police to know on our door because it seems so real. Don’t worry I’ll never tell . I didn’t even see your face.

Take me , Use me , Abuse me and throw me away …..

Biastophilia Phone sex …. I’m the victim for you !


Contact me on AIM or Yahoo messager at HopesPedoland

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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