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by Naomi on March 3, 2013

I was always a girl who wanted to know how things worked and always explored the internet looking for new things to learn when one day I ran across this site with pedo  phone sex blogs on it. I was very intrigued and looked into it more, the more i read about the daddy-daughter roleplays and how guys really did like this, the more aroused I became. I dug further and found a whole new world of hot little pedo and family fun roleplays that I would absofuckingluty love to try out. Here I am, and my mind is ready to take on any roleplays you may have and explore new things that will get us off together! I am available A LOT and would love to hear your naughty  pedo phone sex  blogs wants! Call soon for anything from Asphyxiation –Zoophilia and I promise you wont be disappointed.



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Forced Fun Phone Sex

by Hope on May 23, 2011


AIM & Yahoo me at HopesPedoLand

I like being grabbed and forced into submission, having you shove your
big fat cock down my young throat until I choke and gag and my eyes
water, while I’m begging you to stop. I like you restraining me, tying
me up, handcuffing me, whatever! Yank my legs apart, take that little 
young pussy of mine and make it totally yours.

        Flip me over, bend me over, force my knees apart and shove
your throbbing dick right into my puckered asshole until I scream and
cry and beg for mercy. 

 You know you love to get rough with me Daddy and now is your chance …. I’m all alone and nobody is home ….
Perverted forced phone sex is my fortay !

Make me scream , Make me bleed , Make me your slut

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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