Forced Feminization

Sissy Humiliation Fetish

by Shelby on September 28, 2016

Sissy Humiliation Fetish

hi super cuties!! Today I had a little  brother that kept telling me he had a Sissy Humiliation Fetish, and I had to be super mean to him because he was tagging along on our sleep over ::giggles:: So  we had to do something too  make sure he was so humiliated for hanging out with girls ::loser:::. We was sitting around the bed when he came to our room trying to peek, and we grabbed him and held him down and put makeup all over him!::giggles:: We painted him up like the biggest sluttiest girl in class::>>ME<<:: and we looked like twins!::snickers:::
So we took pictures and even sent them out to all of my brothers work friends, and our friends. They laughed because he was such a loser and we are going to the mall next. We are taking him shopping for panties, and telling everyone how small his Binky winky is :::hehe::: it looks like a sad pretzel!!! And now we are going to pimp him to the neighborhood perverts for roller money!! ::giggles:: Why should we baby sit when we get to make fun of him and turn him into the neighborhood Sissy Humiliation Fetish cutie!! ::kisses::
Hey sissy in the window, the one with the little bitty clit!!! How much is your booty to the pervert? I bet he wouldn’t pay fifty cents!! ::giggles::: :: Flashes panties::: Are you a sissy for girlies? Cum and play with me and my friends @! There is a bunch of naughty girls to tease, and humiliate you in the ways that make your clit stick out like a belly button!

Thanxxxx cuties!! ::kisses::
Teasing Phone Sex
1-855-553-2339 << our chat room link, click it and come and play with ME!!! I have friends in here too, and we always poke the sissy boy first!


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Forced Feminization Phone Sex

by tslindee on March 30, 2015

Part of your forced feminization  phone sex call will be forced bi domination and can be hot. I will put you into lacy and feminine attire. tslindee2Make up and the Sweet smelling perfume  and will have you feeling like a slut in no time. You can expect all your feminine and bi curious tendencies to be explored. You will be forced to go out on the town dressed up and explore your new found lady life. You will soon see how a real woman is fucked and played with. You will become my little whore and you will drop to your knees whenever I tell you to. Forced bi cock sucking is what I will make you do  just bring the red lipstick and heals. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I have a nice hard cock for you? Exploring all of your bi-curious tendencies through a simple forced feminization phone sex call.

Forced  Cock Sucking

TSLindee @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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Forced Sissy Daddy Phonesex

by Terie on February 27, 2015

terie phonesex

I am a nasty little bitch into forced sissy daddy phonesex. I am a spoiled bratty teen that uses my daddy and makes him do all the things that I want and ask of him.I caught daddy in my bedroom wearing my panties and masturbating while he sniffed another pair.I can’t believe that daddy is such a pervert.I decided to teach him a lesson.I told him that I got some pictures on my cell of him in all his sissy glory. If he is going to wear my panties he may as well be a proper sissy and serve me too. I made daddy suck my boyfrien’s big cock and took him all dressed up to a glory hole.I know that now I make daddy a sissy cum whore for my extreme entertainment. Daddy needs to be humiliated and kept in his place.I offer nasty taboo ageplay talk Try me for sissy daddy phonesex.

Daddy Sissy Phonesex


Uncensored Phonesex Chatroom

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Carmen’s Got a Hard On Phone Sex

by Carmen on June 4, 2011

                                       forced fem    

My friend’s husband is such a little bitch! I love dressing my fuck toy in the sweetest little outfits. Or, sometimes, I put him in something slutty with heels. He does what I ask, since I have plenty of photos to keep him in line. I like him to wait on me or do my housework in full make up and lingerie, making sure to keep that fat butt plug in. I get so turned on when he takes it out and sucks it off. Tonight, he is getting some real cock. He is in for a “big” surprise. And, I DO mean “big”! Call Carmen for Forced Feminization Phone Sex and let me tell you what happened. You know you want to!

Kinky Kisses,




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