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Jelly Roll Fucking Phone Sex

by Maribel on March 11, 2014

Jelly Roll Fucking Phone SexSo after I have rolled myself in confectioners sugar and have these grapes stuffed in my pussy for a light snack I am all ready for Jelly Roll Fucking Phone Sex! Face it, we know that dick has been dripping for some Feeding Phone Sex for way to long!  I am the perfect girl to feed you these fattening jelly rolls from between my huge tits.

Healthy eating has lead you down the lonely path of fucked up fitness, this BBW phone sex plumper has the grapes, sugar, and the strawberry jelly laced between these fat juicy ass cheeks just like you like them. Don’t tell me you have to watch what you are eating I came to play, and work that dick in these deep rolls laced with some jelly on top. Give me the protein icing I crave with my Jelly Roll Fucking Phone Sex diet!

Feeding Phone Sex
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Forced Feeding phone sex

by Hope on May 3, 2011


1-877-Pedo-99 ( 1-877-73-3699)

      So this guy calls me for something out of charcter for me. Everyone knows I am the underage phone sex Princess but today I did something that was soo fun. Forced feeding phone sex see this little pricked fucktard called me oinking like a pig . It was fucking hillarious to listen to him squeel on all fours while I made him stuff his fat face with twinkies covered in chocolate syrup and then cover himself in syrup while he stuffed his tiny dick in a cream filled twinkie. OMG I can still hear him squeal . So I have decided I love this phone sex fetish and I am GOOD at it so if you are a pathetic fat small cocked pig call me…

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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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