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Where am I…? It’s cold in here…why can’t I move? Why am I lying down? Where is my Halloween costume! Last thing I remember is I was ate your doorstep, wearing my cute pink fairy costume. You told me you had some special candy that you didn’t want to share with any of the the other little girls. I was so excited, I came inside and you sat me down on the sofa and gave me biggest piece of chocolate I’d ever seen! I remember it tasted so good as you watched me eat it, I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world! Then my body felt good…so very good. Everything went dark. Who are you!? Why is my cute little pussy so sore? I can see a rack of sex toys behind you, various dildos and vibrators…why do I know what those are? You’re walking closer to me now; grinning and holding the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen in your hands. Please don’t do it…my pussy…please let me go home! No…don’t put it inside me. Its moving, I can feel it pressing against my cute little cunt. Tears are running down my face. I’m panting, I don’t want it anymore. I can’t take any more cocks in me! My nipples are so hard, they are swollen and there sharp clamps on them! Why are you doing this to my tight little body, Mister! No! Please don’t put it inside me. It’ll rip my pink little pussy open! Ouch! Please, it feels bad! It feels very bad! No…oh no, not again, it’s moving inside my tight body. I’m Cumming. My pussy! I’m Cumming…It feels so good! Not again…It’s getting dark again…I can’t stay awake….why do you keep making me cum? Please don’t do it again…

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by Rainbow on June 30, 2015

Crack Whore Phone Sex

Smoking rocks keep my body slim and hot for Crack Whore Phone Sex! So many people want to know how I keep my favorite rocks in my dope bag and I make it no secret. Sucking BBC phone sex cocks connected to my dealers keep me hooked up.

Not just one dick can fill me up and top me off. I have to have several rocks a day every 15 minutes especially when I am going to be up all night with partying phone sex.

So finding me in a car with dick in my mouth is to be expected, I am just as hung on cock as I am on the drugs that keep me wide open. Sure I can smoke out with meth phone sex, but the white cocks tend to be small and I am a phone sex size queen. Big dicks are my thing and I like getting them off inside me while I look down and see them beating my lips.

My lips are not burnt because I know how to smoke it, shoot it, snort it, and use it to get suckers like you wrapped around my finger during forced intox phone sex.

Nobody likes to party alone pick up your phone and call teen heart throb Rainbow when you need a die hard Crack Whore Phone Sex Teen

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After I made my purchases I said the guy. Then I went into the restroom. When I came out I asked the little shit head guy if I could have a word with him outside. He said sure, I think for sure he had the upper hand; little did he know who he was dealing with. We walked out the door, I was making idle chit chat being very even a little flirty telling the guy he might get a good fucking tonight and he seemed to like that idea because I could see the nice be hard cock in his jean. I couldn’t wait to any longer I turned the corner into the alley and pushed him against the wall, started kissing (making sure he didn’t touch me though), bulled his pants down… more to come. No Limits Phone Sex



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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

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