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Naughty Anal Adventures Phone Sex

by Shelby on August 27, 2014

Naughty  Anal Adventures Phone Sex

Hi cuties!! So ok we have this smokin hot sexy guy that loves Naughty Anal Adventures Phone Sex with each and every single one of us tacky girls. When him and I get together we always talk about our need for incest phone sex, and anal phone sex.

Most the time he will “borrow” girl or boy and we will play with her. Keep in mind this is fantasy only, but what a smoking hot freakin fantasy to have considering how we both get off on sucking on ass’s and rimming as well!!

So when we borrow whomever from the playground, or swimming pool ::giggles::, we always use their bottoms, and even have talked about how hot it would be for me to help train his daughter to be his phone sex accomplice like me.

Cause see I was always my daddies nasty little girl phone sex accomplice, and I think every daughter is daddies best friend.. ::kisses::: You should totally hear all about our Naughty Anal Adventures Phone Sex fun!!1 Its freakin awesome sauce!

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Ass Slapping Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 23, 2014

How did I get into forceful ass slapping phone sex? Well, whenever I give a lap dance I love to whisper my filthiest fantasies in his ear and then feel the wet spot on their crotches as I grind my cute little bare ass all over their laps. They always tip really big! After hearing that many times, I decided to try it, and oh my GOD has naomi phone sexit been a fucking blast! I mean, no limits, no rules – even the club I work at has SOME rules but not here. It’s like heaven, where you can have all the  sex you want and explore new possibilities where I know the guy is just as into it as I am.  And I LOVE a good orgasm. Have I mentioned that already?  I’ve loved it so far, and I ALWAYS look forward to my next fucking hot ass slapping phone sex conversation because I know I’ll get into it and cum again. 

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY(32339)


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Carmen’s Got a Hard On Phone Sex

by Carmen on June 4, 2011

                                       forced fem    

My friend’s husband is such a little bitch! I love dressing my fuck toy in the sweetest little outfits. Or, sometimes, I put him in something slutty with heels. He does what I ask, since I have plenty of photos to keep him in line. I like him to wait on me or do my housework in full make up and lingerie, making sure to keep that fat butt plug in. I get so turned on when he takes it out and sucks it off. Tonight, he is getting some real cock. He is in for a “big” surprise. And, I DO mean “big”! Call Carmen for Forced Feminization Phone Sex and let me tell you what happened. You know you want to!

Kinky Kisses,




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