Hot Blonde Forced Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 17, 2015

I don’t wanna suck it mister, please don’t make me! I don’t even know you! I want to go home, why you are making me do this! Your cock is just too big for my little whore mouth, I can’t possibly deep-throat it! Stop laughing at me, this isn’t funny. Your cock is hurting my mouth, my throat is filled with your hard dick I can’t stop myself from gagging. Do you actually like this? Do you like hurting a little girl? You’re such a pervert I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this…What, what are you doing? Don’t pull my panties down, please! My bald little pussy has never been touched or seen before. Get your dirty pervert hands away from my tight teen body. I know this is Forced Little Girl Phone Sex, but give me a break! Please don’t hurt me anymore. Your cock is pressing up against my pussy lips, I can feel the head forcing itself into my wet tight little opening. It is scary, I am begging you not to fuck my little cunt! It is too tight and your cock will never fit! It won’t! You’re pushing it inside my tight wet cunt, it is too much.. Be gentle please! Pull it out…please don’t force this cute blonde to fuck you! I feel your cock stealing my virginity. It’s pushing deep into my tight pussy, making me dizzy with strange new feelings. Can’t you see I’m crying, can’t you see I am a scared little girl?amelia3

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Trigger Finger Phone Sex

by Avril on September 29, 2013

Trigger Finger Phone Sex

Are you one of those guys who has a Trigger finger Phone Sex?  You know, the kind of guy who sees a sexy girl in a micro skirt and wants to walk up on her, wrap one arm around her and then dive the other finger up into her snatch.  You, real swift, give her clitty and pussy hole a good tease.  You better hold on to her waist real tight because your skillz will just melt her little legs and shell be leaning on you for support as you whisper in her ear all gruff what a ‘dirty little slut’ she is.  She must want strange men fingering her pussy wearing a skirt like that. Little sluts, walking around and being all tasty like that.  You want pussy juice on your fingers. You’re itching for it and here comes a sexy whore now.  You need a tight cunt for trigger finger Phone Sex.

Xo Avril oX

Trigger Finger Phone Sex


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Caught Shoplifting Phone Sex

by Gaia on December 3, 2012

I have become a really great clepto over the years, but I guess everyones luck runs out eventually as mine did this past weekend when I got Caught Shoplifting Phone Sex by a very stern policeman. He had me empty out my purse and then cuffed my hands behing my back, before leading me to his car but once he found out I was underage he said he had to call my parents. I begged and pleaded with him not to that I would be grounded for life and that I would do anything he asked of me not to have my parents know I got Caught Shoplifting Phone Sex!


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Car Accident Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on November 29, 2011

My girlfriends and i were drunk as skunks, speeding in and out of traffic. We took a turn too fast and our car spun out of control hitting the guardrail. We were thrown out of the car, but not seriously injured. When the first responders got there, i thought thank God. They are here to help.

julie21 Car Accident Phone Sex with Julie

They made fun of how we were scantilly dressed. One of them grabbed my skirt and lifted it up. I couldnt fight him, he tore my panties away, and noticed my lil pussy was wet even though we had just been in a car accident. I heard him yell to a friend to keep the police and stuff at bay for five minutes. He pulled his cock out. All i could do is watch as he rxxxed me over and over again. When he was done, he cleaned me up and pulled my panties back into place. He whispered in my ear, no one will believe you so dont go telling.

He was right, even if i wanted to tell, who would believe my story icon sad Car Accident Phone Sex with Julie Car Accident Phone Sex with Julie.


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BBC Voyeur Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on November 26, 2011

I saw you staring at me through the blinds of the changing room. I am a young teen trying to get changed, and your making me very uncomfortable. You come in and you whip your cock out at me. With ease you shove me down and force me to suck on your cock. I dont want to, i try to resist, but your big black hands are too much for me. Your cock is black and musky. Smells as if you just fucked someone.

julie4 BBC Voyeur Phone Sex with Julie

I didnt want to, but you overpowered me to all fours and dRough XXX Sexd your thick cock behind me. Swinging it back and forth, slipping it between my pussy lips. Oh how it hurts to have your big hard rock shoved into my tight little girl hole. Screaming into the pillows, i thought it would have never ended. But it did finally.

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Detention Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on October 26, 2011

So i was disrupting class again, so the teacher called my name. “JULIE” I popped up, scared and walked up to the front of the class. My teacher escorted me to his office, and shut the door behind him.

He told me to sit down and put his hand on my shoulder. “Julie, this is gonna stop, and right now.” He slid his hand down the front of my button up shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so his hands cupped my tiny titties easily. He grabbed them roughly, tweaking my nipples. I was frozen in fear of what he would do next. “Please let me go” I begged him. He jerked my shirt open. This is his form of detention. He jerked me up by my arms and shoved me face down on his desk. I was terrified. He ripped my panties down…. he quickly yanked his cock out of his pants…. OMG What is he gonna do???

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julie21 Detention Phone Sex with Julie

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