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Hot Blonde Forced Phone Sex

by Amelia on November 17, 2015

I don’t wanna suck it mister, please don’t make me! I don’t even know you! I want to go home, why you are making me do this! Your cock is just too big for my little whore mouth, I can’t possibly deep-throat it! Stop laughing at me, this isn’t funny. Your cock is hurting my mouth, my throat is filled with your hard dick I can’t stop myself from gagging. Do you actually like this? Do you like hurting a little girl? You’re such a pervert I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this…What, what are you doing? Don’t pull my panties down, please! My bald little pussy has never been touched or seen before. Get your dirty pervert hands away from my tight teen body. I know this is Forced Little Girl Phone Sex, but give me a break! Please don’t hurt me anymore. Your cock is pressing up against my pussy lips, I can feel the head forcing itself into my wet tight little opening. It is scary, I am begging you not to fuck my little cunt! It is too tight and your cock will never fit! It won’t! You’re pushing it inside my tight wet cunt, it is too much.. Be gentle please! Pull it out…please don’t force this cute blonde to fuck you! I feel your cock stealing my virginity. It’s pushing deep into my tight pussy, making me dizzy with strange new feelings. Can’t you see I’m crying, can’t you see I am a scared little girl?amelia3

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Forced Fucking Phone Sex

by Hope on July 23, 2015

You know, I remember the first time I had sex with Daddy. It actually wasn’t his idea, it was mine. I knew that Forced Fucking Phone Sex was the only way that I was going to get him to pop my tiny little cherry. Ever since I was little and I saw my mommy and Daddy fucking one night I knew that I wanted and needed my Daddy to fuck me like mommy. I would touch myself thinking about him, pretend to “accidentally” walk in on him in the shower, and write about all of the nasty things I would do to him if I had my way. So one day when I was eleven I went home early from school, knowing he would be taking a nap. While he was sleeping, I tightly tied his hands and legs with rope, making sure not to wake him up. By the time he woke up, I was already on top of him, naked! Heehee! I bent down while he struggled and whispered in his ear, “Daddy, you’re all tied up and I’m naked, you know what that means? It’s time to pop my cute little cherry, Daddy!” And then I make him smell my little pussy while I suck his cock, making him nice and hard for me for when I get on top of him and show him how fun fucking his daughter is. I make him lick me up and down before I turn around and slowly lower myself down onto his cock, squealing and riding him and begging for him to cum inside my little pussy! And when he does, well, both Daddy and I are excited that I tried Forced Fucking Phone Sex on him!


Forced Fucking Phone Sex


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Kinsley’s Forced Gang Bang Phone Sex

by Kinsley on January 6, 2015


Oh my gosh, I never should have snuck out of the house the other night and went to that Rave party!  I’ve got a bad girl streak but have never gotten myself into such a predicament!  You love pimping out hot little girls like me, so when you were feeding me drink after drink that’s  when Kinsley’s Forced Gang Bang Phone Sex started I was dazed and confused.

The next thing I knew my hands were bound and I was surrounded by six guys each making each one of my little holes their personal playground.  I tried to cry and get away but it was no use.  I was stuck being their little cum dumpster until they were done with me.  It started with six, but by the time I was left in a puddle of cum, who knows how many got in on the party. My little pussy so puffy and throbbing and my ass gaping wide, and my sweet little mouth covered with crusted cum from the many fillings.  I looked up and saw you smile and saying what a good girl I was and that next week I’d have to do it all over again playing Kinsley’s Forced Gang bang Phone Sex.

Kinsley’s Forced Gang bang Phone Sex

Call and ask for Kinsley: 855-553-2339

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innocent look to this page of phone sex

by Kellen on August 19, 2014

kellen_chairI bring the happiness, fun, innocent look to this page of phone sex. Don’t I? But everybody knows I’m far from innocent. I get down equal sometimes even worse than the other evil bitches on here. *wink* But I like to seems innocent…thats how I can get the little girl at the park to feel safe coming with me. Or the shy one at the bus stop. Bring them home for daddy to play with. Looking innocent isn’t always a bad thing. I personally love it…. because these foolish kids never see what’s coming next. I told you before… I’m the perfect accomplice. Parents trust me with their kids any day. But what they don’t know….. well it won’t hurt them unless I want it too. *wink* The kids always trust me so much, I think it is mainly because I am so young and innocent looking. Stupid stupid trusting kids and parents! I always get to have so much fun mainly because I have the most innocent look to this page of phone sex. ! Kellen


innocent look to this page of phone sex. 

855 242 8111


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Raped Rapunzel Phone Sex

by Dasha on July 23, 2014

The traditional story of Rapunzel is told about a princess locked away in a castle, her dear prince scales the statuesque tower using the princess’ long, long hair…

Raped Rapunzel Phone Sex is a different twist on a childhood tale. The prince still scales the tower to his princess but instead of rescuing her, he takes a bit of time for himself. Having to wait all those years for Rapunzel to grow her hair to impressive lengths has forced the young prince to use his hand.

Not today, not on this evening.

Forcing Rapunzel to her bed in a heated kiss he quickly restrains the young princess; with her hair. Her nearly magical locks were strong enough to support his weight scaling up the castle, so it easily restains her body against her fairy-tale four post bed. The poor prince has grown bitter and wild with sexual tension in the years he has wait. He beats his young princess with the tips of her hair, striking her tender flesh like small whips. The more she struggles the tighter her hair becomes on her wrists. Once impressive marks have been left along the princess’ nude body he takes his true prize. Mounting her without warning in Raped Rapunzel Phone Sex.

Raped Princess Rapunzel

Long Haired Dasha


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Keeping it in the Family Phone Sex

by bliss on May 6, 2013

Daddy really enjoys Keeping it in the Family Phone Sex, even if I don’t.  Daddy snuck into my room again last night.  He wants to get his little girl pregnant.  He never asks me if it is what I want.  I don’t like it when daddy comes in at night.  It hurts when he sticks his huge hard cock inside my tight young pussy.  He stretches me out, its so big.  He doesn’t listen to me while I cry for him to stop.  He doesn’t listen when I ask him not to cum in me.  This one time I told him it hurt too much and he flipped me onto my tummy and fucked my ass instead.  I screamed that night, begging him to stop.  He didn’t cum in my ass though, he only cums in my pussy.  He wants to knock me up.  He wants Keeping it in the Family Phone Sex.

Forced Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex

1-855-55-DADDY (1-855-553-2339)

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Intoxication Phone Sex

by Naomi on May 5, 2013

Does your wife or girlfriend know you get hard giving me your hard earned money while I force you to drink and get high on our intoxication phone sex call? There is more for the extremely financially weak, and popper addicts. I will put you on Hold on my phone and text my friends as you plead with me to raise the rate or you just sit there and listen. Lets raise the rate financial domme stroking  game if you dare to play. I dare you to play forced intoxication phone sex stroking games with me I will have you doing all kinds of embarrassing shit lol, call if you dare!!



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Nasty Mommy Phonesex

by Calista on December 2, 2012


I am a kinky slut ready to play and I love nasty mommy phonesex.I enjoy using my daughters and you can join in the pedo games we play. I like rough sex and having a dirty porn film and a smoke too. We can get high and explore my daughters bald cunts. It is great when we all lay on my bed and take turns during a depraved family orgy.I can hold my girls down while you force them to suck your cock and gag. I then will watch you stretch their bald pussy wide and make them take every inch of your pedo cock like they deserve it.We will punish them and humiliate them for being bad and teach them to be totally submissive. I enjoy the fear element during my fun calls very much.You can fuck me after you are through with my daughters and make them watch or lick your balls as you bang me good and hard.I offer no taboo talk and nasty mommy phonesex!

Mean Accomplice Phonesex


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Forced Pedophile Phone Sex

by Naomi on November 25, 2012

Forced Feeding Pedophile Phone Sex is how I’m going to turn you into the fucking pedo that you are and make sure you stop pretending you are normal because your a fucking pedo just like me. Stop watching those illegal kiddie movies and jacking off to the computer, PEDO. I will bring my little neice in front of you and make you pop her cherry while I watch and make you tell her that you are a nasty perverted pedophile and that you are about to stick your sick your big pedo cock inside her little virgin cunt. I have to admit it will give me great enjoyment to see her little flat chest body bouncing up and down on your fuckrod while I make your Forced Feeding Pedophile Phone Sex come out.

Kiddie Phone Sex

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)


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Daddy Please Dont Hurt Me Phone Sex with Julie

by Julie on December 6, 2011

Do you like to be daddy? Hurting your little girl? Making her bleed while splitting her tiny, teen twat in half? I know i love it when my daddy splits my pussy with his big fat cock. My virgin ass is still waiting to be pounded with pleasure…. I am just waiting for a daddy to call and take my anal virginity! Will you be my daddy?

Oh daddy, Please Dont Hurt Me Phone Sex!!julie3 Daddy Please Dont Hurt Me Phone Sex with Julie


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