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Foot Fucking Phone Sex

by Naomi on August 17, 2015

My boyfriend loves to have foot fucking phone sex with me ALL THE TIME. Rather my feet are just coming naomi (15)out of a stinky old sneaker he loves the way it smells he tells me that that really makes his cock hard. He likes it when I use my toes to unzip his zipper and slide my short toes polished in red inside  his pants and sliding his cock out with them. Once his cock is out I rub my toes squeezing them on his cock head then putting it between my feet squeezing his cock with the my smooth bottom of my feet making his cock explode like never before. Most men like yourself who find women’s feet extremely arousing. Since there are plenty of women who enjoy having their feet massaged it’s likely that you can satisfy your needs while making love, foot fucking phone sex your cock off without seeming obsessed.

I am your little phone fuck fantasy who doesn’t know the meaning of the work No. There is nothing off limits here. I do everything the other girls won’t. I love when my toll-free number rings because I know my tight young cunt will be swollen with all of your nasty fantasies.  OMG  just thinking about it makes my puffy little cunt swell and get oh so fucking moist. Cum join me for the wildest adventure you will ever experience and let me BLOW your mind…and cock **WiNk**

Naomi @ 1-855-55-DADDY (32339)



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hot foot filled phone sex session

by Michella on July 7, 2015

I had this really hot foot filled phone sex session with this new caller this morning! At first he started asking me questions about my life and if I ever got spanked as a child. Boy did I have stories to tell him about all the times my Daddy spanked me for being bad. I think it actually turned him on to hear how my Daddy would place me over his knee and spank my bare bottom until it was covered all over with red hand prints. He asked me if my boyfriend ever spanked me and I told him that he does quite often because he knows how much it makes my pussy wet. I told him how my boyfriend would tie my hands to the headboard while I’m in doggy style position. He’d slap his hard cock on my ass cheeks then as he slides it in my wet pussy he’s start spanking me really hard making me scream over and over “I’m your naughty little slut!”

Then he started asking me if I get pedicures. Well you all know that a girl has to get regular pedicures especially if she lives in sunny Miami. My pretty feet are always taken care because my boyfriend has a huge foot fetish. This week I have them painted hot red with a pretty yellow flower design on my big toes. He couldn’t stand it any longer and frantically begged me to give him a foot rub so he could cum all over my pedicured toes. I told him how I would stroke his hard shaft with my feet and tickle his balls with my hot red painted toes. Mmmmm then he let out a scream and squirted his jizz all over my soft, pretty feet.images (5) Wouldn’t you love to see your milky, white jizz drizzled all over my pretty, pedicured toes? Call me and find out what other kinky things I’d to you with my pretty, little feet! It’ll make you blow your hot load too with a hot foot filled phone sex session

hot foot filled phone sex session

855 242 8111


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Stocking Foot Fetish Phonesex

by Roni on December 10, 2013

roni3 (1)

Do you have a stocking foot fetish phonesex addiction I know you do, Because I caught you  looking at my stocking covered feet, and wish you could use them to jerk your hard cock off.  I want you to take your time and really sniff them and rub the soft soles over your face. I’ll rub and finger my puffy pussy to you taking your time caressing my pedicure feet. Suck each painted toe one by one into your hot mouth, taking your time rolling your tongue around the tip before moving on to the next little piggy. Then take your time removing my sheer thigh highs before lubing up my soles to stroke your shaft. Please take your time to build that cum up. I like a huge load all over these beautiful toes!

Call me my cute tootsies need you for stocking foot fetish phonesex

Foot Worship Phonesex


The phonesex chat room


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mayc 204x300 Trick Or Treat! Fuck My Feet! Phone Sex with MayLast year I went trick or treating in a very sexy red riding hood costume, and got a very special phone sex treat. I knocked on the door and a handsome middle aged man answered, took one look at me, and asked me if I would come in. Me being the naughty teen slut that I am, I obliged. Once inside he told me he loved my outfit and asked if he could see my feet, he told me he’d give me more than candy if I would show him my feet, so I did. He dropped to his knees in front of me and began sucking, kissing, and licking my feet, and then said he would pay me if I would give him a foot job. I sat there giggling and laughing, while this man remained on his knees, begging to fuck my feet. I finally agreed, and told him that if he came on my feet, he’d have to lick it off. You should have seen what a naughty little cum slut he was for me, and talk about a foot fetish!

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Put it Between Naughty MILF Carmen’s Toes

by Carmen on April 27, 2011

One of my favorite pastimes is to try on shoes at a little shoe store in my neighborhood. The reason I enjoy it so much is that the salesman there gets very turned on by my fabulous feet and it makes my panties wet watching him get hard and finally cum right onto my painted toes. I wait for a moment of privacy with my admirer. Our eyes meet and he says that he will be right with me. As the last customer leaves the store, I sit in a chair with my back to the windows. He sits in the fitting chair facing me. I place my foot between his legs opening my knees slightly to expose the tops of my thighs between my stockings and panties. What happens next? Let’s imagine together. Call Carmen for naughty Foot Fetish Phone Sex.

foot fetish

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