food play phone sex

by Kellen on October 9, 2015

The other day I lived out a great story for food play phone sex. This seriously happened to me guys! It was so crazy sexy that I have to write about it, food play phone sex

I was just wearing my white bikini so I put my on my leather jacket. I climbed on my bike and headed over to this restaurant by my house to get a snack. I picked up some tomato basil soup to go and started to pedal home with the it in my basket. I was so hungry and so turned-on at the same time. I accidentally almost ran into a pole in the sidewalk and I fell off my bike! The soup went flying up and slopped all over me when it came down! I was all over me and my jacket!

I lickes some off my fingers and it was SO delicious! I started salivating for more so I raise my shoulder to my mouth and sucked it off my leather jacket. It was dripping off the lapel so I lapped at that with my tongue. I sat there in the sidewalk for five minutes getting at every morsel of soup that I could reach on my body with my own mouth.

Then I saw that my neighbor was watching me! He was standing by the corner of his house rubbing his huge bulge through his shorts! And if you know me, you know that made my pussy so drenched! I looked him straight in the eye and he immediately charged over. He scooped my tight little body right up from the sidewalk with his muscular arms and carried me right into his kitchen. He set me on the table and tore off his own clothes off while he licked all the soup off my young little tits. Then he ripped off my bikini and we fucked for 3 hours on that table before we went back to the snack shop to get a new order of soup! God I love to tell you about the details from my  food play phone sex.!

food play phone sex.

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Car Sex Phone Sex

by Dasha on May 25, 2013

I admit, I am a bit of an exhibitionist, I LOVE Car Sex Phone Sex. Lets park in a parking lot and crawl in the back of the car, I’ll climb on top of you and bounce my round ass up and down that cock. I don’t care if people are walking by or might peer in and see or watch, I get OFF on it *giggles*. ¬†Sometimes on a long car ride I get so horny, I will make you pull over on the side of the road and just suck and fuck your dick til we are both sticky with sweat and cum. Maybe We can get really naughty and pervy and park in front of a school and fuck each other silly. You know what they say, when the cars a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’, I can’t WAIT for our hot Car Sex Phone Sex.



Exhibitionist Phone Sex


Uncensored Phone Sex Chatroom

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Flexible Phone Sex with Cheerleader May

by May on December 24, 2011

mayc 204x300 Flexible Phone Sex with Cheerleader MayEver met a girl who could just bend and stretch into any position like a rubber band? Being a cheerleader you have to be flexible and energetic, why do you think guys love cheerleaders? Just think how hot it would be to fuck me with both my legs behind my head and watching your cock work its way in and out of my pussy. Or licking my pussy while I’m in a full split. Think of me as your flexible phone sex girl, I’ll bend over backwards to please you, and you’ll be cumming in so many different positions your head will spin.

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