Sneezy Little Girl Phone Sex

by Avril on May 10, 2015

sneezy little girl phone sex

Something about a sneezy little girl phone sex really turns you on! It has something to do with startling factor of the noises escaping her little mouth and her little nose. When you hear her sneeze, your balls tingle each and every time. You just wanna climb on top of her tickle her nose while your dick is hovering at her opening.  Every time she sneezes, her little hole grabs a hold of the head of your cock. You like to see her whole body tense. Even the anticipation when she starts to breathe in, before the sneeze, it makes you crazy. Sometimes she will breathe in, like she’s gonna sneeze, but that fizzles out and you will drip pre-cum out of your cock! You never dust your house because you are sabotaging your guests. Inviting ladies back to your house, blowing pepper on them, and tickling them with feathers – anything you can do to get them to sneeze. You have been known to hang out in allergy doctors waiting rooms to get dates. You are enveloped in your fetish and there’s nothing you can do to keep your cock down when you’re around a sneezy little girl phone sex.

Xo Avril oX

Sneezy Little Girl Phone Sex


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BBW Fart Smelling Phone Sex

by Maribel on November 24, 2013

BBW Fart Inhaling Phone SexYou keep surfing because you know you need a sexy big beautiful full figure phone sex girl like me for BBW Fart Smelling Phone Sex.. Well search no more, because here I am in full view with my lovely lady lumps rolling for your eyes to see. I even prepared for you eating up all the broccoli, beans, and dried onions I could stuff in my sexy plump face..

Not to mention the sweet smelling apples I threw in just to add that zing and the extra lubrication needed to really get to going when I unplug this juicy fart throwing phone sex booty your way. Just come and lay flat on my bed, I can hold this ass up and watch your face as you hear that whistle then your nose feels the fire and sting .. I am ready to play big boy call me up for BBW Fart Smelling Phone Sex. Lets toot together.

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mayd 204x300 You guys I think I overdosed on magnesium! Shitty phone sexI’m serious I’m not joking! Ever since last night my stomach has been gurgling and rumbling and hurting so bad, I thought I was dying! Then this morning I woke up to the absolute worst, smelly, stinky gas I’d ever had in my life. And then it happened, I felt the rumbling again, and had to do a sort of run/hop to the bathroom as fast as I could, pull down my panties, and landed on the toilet just as the first explosion of diarrhea began. The force was so strong I thought I was going to jettison off the potty and go right through the roof. Aaahhhhh I feel much better now, but I think I need someone to help me clean up this mess and help me wash my ass.

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Begging to be Your Cock Whore

by Naomi on September 11, 2011

I need to feel you pumping and shoving your cock deeper inside of me. Don’t you want a willing slut begging to be your cock whore? Cock whore phone sex is one of the many fetishes that makes me cum so hard, but only if you allow me to. Anything to please you. Will you treat me like nothing more than a walking cunt?




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