CHARITY- Sissification phone sex

by Charity on February 10, 2015

charityHey there little boy! Are you looking for some Sissification Phone Sex? Oh,well baby you came to the right lady. I`m Charity, the hot Domme who loves to turn men into my little bitch, my little sissy boy. Its time my trainee to relieve the stress of being a man. I must say your making the right choice wanting to be more girly.

Now its time take that nasty man outfit off and put something on that is way more Sexy. Here are some of my silky and lacy panties, slide these on and stand up right for me! WOW, You look beautiful! I will add some blush and eyeliner, then the real fun can begin. Quick, Lets do this.

You better hold on tight, because now that you all nice and pretty im about to make you my little sissy FUCKDOLL! Tell me your a sissy FAG baby i want to hear you scream it from the top of your lungs while i have to starring at your cock, and dressed like a pretty lady!  I am just getting started, you want to be a BIG SISSY??? Call me and we will have a BLAST with Sissification Phone SEX.


1 855 553 2339

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The Guide To Feminization Phone Sex

by Venicia on January 3, 2015


If there is one thing I know is how to be a sexy woman! So why wouldn’t you come to me for your The Guide To Feminization Phone Sex, with me, Sexy TS Venicia.

Let me help you slip into something more sexier, sluttier, hotter, more feminine just like you have always dreamed.  I love to share my closets full of sexy clothes with men who are looking to let loose and let their inner fem side out.  I know you want to try on my sexy silky panties and my luxurious lingerie.  Rolling up those stockings up your legs, the feel just makes your cock get hard doesn’t it.  I know how you feel because my cock jumps at the chance to get into something gorgeous.  Want to go a little further and explore the many options of being a gorgeous girl or my own private student sissy boy?  Well look no further doll.  Let all you sissy fantasies come alive with this sexy shemale! The Guide To Feminization Phone Sex with Venicia, come let loose.

The Guide To Feminization Phone Sex

Call and ask for Venicia: 855-553-2339

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Fem Boi Phone Sex

by Avril on December 13, 2014

fem boi phone sexDon’t you look pretty with all that lipstick you faggy little Fem Boi Phone Sex. You crave to be just like me, following me around and emulating my every move. I love to sit in my bed and watch you as I unleash you into my closet. You like a kid in a candy store fitting into my skin tight dresses, trying on my bras and slip dresses. Such a little fem of me boi you are.   But even better, you service all my bisexual boyfriends. You’re my little fluffer!! Before the boys come over I like to fuck your ass with my strap on to make sure that you’re not tighter than I am. My ass will always with the tightest ass in this house. I love to spank you in front of my guests pulling up your silky slip dress and paddling your as to a beautiful pink color that matches your hot pink mouth.  Just having around gets them all worked up.  I like utilizing my fem boi phone sex.

Xo Avril oX

Fem Boi Phone Sex


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Sissy Boy Fun Phone Sex with GILF Carmen

by Carmen on August 27, 2011


Gotta love the Sissy Boy! My friend’s husband comes by, sometimes, for a little feminization. He has been on the downlow, since he was a kid. Last night, I had him in a red lace bra and panties and some black stockings. Blonde hair and red cock sucking lips was the frosting on the cake. I had him bent over the kitchen table fingering his man pussy, when the doorbell rang. He looked over his shoulder, his eyes wide with fear. I told him not to move. What happened, next? Call Carmen for Feminization Phone Sex and let’s imagine together.

Forbidden Kisses,






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