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Sex Coach Phone Sex

by Drea on March 3, 2014

sex coach phone sexAfter having some extramarital sex with me, you decided to bring me into your bedroom as a Sex Coach Phone Sex!  Not only was I going to teach her how to suck you off they way I do, but you wanted some lesbian action and two girls on your cock too!  I am here to facilitate that!  I love pussy too and I know how to ease her right into it!  Once I eat her out and give her what she needs, you sit back and get to watch us together.  But then it gets even better and I teach her how to deep throat your cock and how important it is to swallow!  I always swallow because I am a cock craving goddess!  Now she will be too!  Lets get her on her knees with he hands clasped behind her back.  Fuck her sexy mouth!  I whisper in her ear and finger her pussy while she gags down your dick – I goad her on to stay the course and let you cum and fill her mouth!  You taste so good!  I think we should share your cum back and forth!  I love cum in my tummy!  Now we just have to teach her how to take cock up her ass – that’s session two!  I am going to be your sex coach phone sex!

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Sex Coach Phone Sex 


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What a dirty little mind you have phone sex

by terra on January 13, 2012

139 41 lg 222x300 What a dirty little mind you have phone sex

The first time I saw ass to mouth on a porn video I wanted to puke.  I thought it was a disgusting thing watching a girl lick a cock that had just been in hers or someone else’s ass.  I couldn’t even think what was remotely hot about that kink….that is until I tried it.

We were having any orgy.  There were seven of us at the party. Three girls and four guys and we were having a LOT of fun fucking, licking, and sucking.  Things were hot and we didn’t care what cock was in us where as long as we had what we wanted.

It only took me a few seconds to realize that his cock had just been in my friends ass.  Wasn’t really because I saw it, but because after the second thrust into my mouth I tasted it.  Not shit, just ass.  Was not unpleasant and somehow…knowing that he had just fucked her, made me like it even more.  Turns out I do have a dirty little mind after all!

Phone sex people!!!  Phone sex






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