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Gagging on Daddy’s Dick Phone Sex

by Roni on October 16, 2015

roni phone sex

Daddy is always finding time to be naughty it does not matter whether there are people around or not. When daddy needs his teen princess he will come to me softly whisper in my ear that he will be waiting in the next room if I cared to join him.
I usually follow a few moments after and when i walk into the room, daddy already has his throbbing meat out and massaging the eight inches as he looks at me. I never just leave daddy to deal with his hard dick alone which is why daddy always gets his princess to help him during these hard times when the only thing that can truly satisfy his horny cock is my cute metal mouth wrapped around his throbbing dick.
So doing what any daddy’s girl should do I will kneel down in front of him and replace his hand with my cute mouth, slowly taking him all the way back to my throat. Daddy can get out of control once his cock is in my mouth and he’ll place his hands at the back of head and start pumping my hot mouth until he has me choking and gagging.
So I guess I’ve grown quite fond of crying and sucking even sometimes puking on a cock. How would you like to test my metal mouth out and find out why my daddy likes it when I suck his cock…Call and ask dispatch for Roni!

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best brother and sister phone sex ever!

by Kellen on September 15, 2015

My brother and I have always been pretty close. We’ve always got along pretty well, even when we were younger. I think it’s because we both discovered at a very young age that we could make each other feel really, really good! And if we can’t physically get with each other, since he’s away at college now. He likes call me late at night, and we have the best brother and sister phone sex ever! My big brother knows exactly how to press my buttons and get my little pussy hot and wet! I listen to the dirty things that he tells me on the phone, while I start playing with my little pink pussy! It gets so wet when I hear him stroking his cock and starts to breath heavy. If only our mom and dad knew what we did with each other behind closed doors. No one knows our little secret and we like to keep it that way. Not our friends, not even close family members. It’s just too taboo for anyone else to understand.

I make him feel good like no one else can, and he makes me cum like no other man I’ve ever been with! When we have family reunions we always make sure to sneak away from the crowd and go up to my childhood bedroom, he throws me on the bed and fucks me so hard. I get so scared that one of our family members will found out our little secret. That we’ve been fucking for years and years and we’re just not going to stop! Who better to know everything about you and who knows how to satisfy you right than a caring and loving family member. Family fun is really the best and only family can take care of you like no one else can!! I love my brothers nice juicy cock and I want more and more.. Maybe I can get someone else in the family to make all of my holes feel good.. Ready for the best brother and sister phone sex ever?

best brother and sister phone sex ever

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Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex

by Sparrow on June 9, 2015

I am walking through your campsite, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.



I see your beautiful wife and daughter through the trees.  Both are tall and thin with tight little dancer asses. Their bodies are so firm and healthy.  Hair pulled up in pony tails for the hot sunny day.  I decide to stir up a little family drama so I walk through the campsite in my shiny gold string bikini.  Walking straight over to you I immediately flirt and giggle.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see your wife instantly gets jealous. Your daughter appalled!   Immediately your wife comes over and introduces herself and stands between you and I, claiming her man and her cock.  I smirk because as she observes our chemistry she slightly acts turned on.  Deciding its the perfect moment, I take your daughter’s hand and lead her to the tent.  I shove her down onto the cot, take my bikini top off as I kneel on her; and tie her hands above her head.  Your wife comes in to see what is going on as I bend over and pull her shirt up. Her little B cup teardrop tits are so perky and firm. Perfect little tits! I get on my knees and begin to suck them.  Your wife, clearly turned on gets on her knees and starts sucking your daughter’s other nipple.
You walk up to the tent and watch us in disbelief as we pull down your daughter’s jean shorts.  Your wife shoves her young long legs up so she can lick your daughter’s cunt.  Your wife’s face deep between her thighs, licking her virgin bald pussy and you stand there amazed. You pull out your 9 inch cock out and begin to stroke while you watch your wife sucking your hot daughter and me biting and sucking her nipples. I stop and look up and put my hand out to you and bring you to your beautiful family.
What would you do if there were no limits, in Family Fuck Fest Phone Sex.


Ask for Sparrow @ 1-855-55-DADDY


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Young girl Phonesex Fetish Phone Sex Hardcore Phonesex

by Michella on May 23, 2015

My brother came home yesterday. He came home from his tour of duty overseas, it is time for some brother loving phone sex just for him.  My brother had been stuck in an airbase in Germany for almost 3 years now with out any  t d y L That made me so sad. I had not seen my baby brother in 3 whole years! That was 3 years without his touch against my skin. Three years without his taste on my lips. Without his body pressed tight and hard against mine. Three years of celibacy. Three years I waited anxiously for him. I knew he would stray and play with other people but I was not going to. I would stay pure for my brother. He was fighting for my freedom so that was the least I could do.  To keep my legs closed.

Now that he is home and just in time for the Memorial Day parade I have a perfect idea! While our parents were out at the parade he and I would start by taking a nice long soak in the hot tub in our parents room. Stripping naked and just holding each other as the heated bubbles churn and boil around us.  I would break out a bottle of champagne so we could celebrate. We will celebrate.. with  brother loving phone sex


brother loving phone sex


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Cum Snack With Darla Phone Sex

by Darla on March 31, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 2.53.42 AM

Are you hungry for something wet, sweet, and sticky? Cum Snack With Darla Phone Sex, I have just the thing you crave. I packed up the cutest little picnic for us Daddy. I brought all your favorite things along with a blanket and I think this is the perfect place for us to set up my little spread. I know how much you like to eat tasty little treats, and I have the right amount to satisfy you.

Your sweet tooth needs my wet little shaved pussy with watermelon drippings all over, running down my slit. Take your baby girl right here in the sunshine Daddy. I need you just as much as you need me. Our mutual love for Age play daddy/ daughter phone sex is why we are both here in this beautiful field. No one is around, its just us and our deepest desires. Lick me up and clean this juice from all over my tight little hot body. I need my Daddy, and I know you need me.

Wicked Lil Darla

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Brother & Sister Phone Sex

by Roni on February 27, 2015

roni phone sex

Naughty  brother & sister phone sex!

I think I’ve always had a crush on my older brother ever since that last time I walked in on him while he was busy stroking his cock to a home video of him and his latest skank. I can’t help how I feel! It was the first time I had ever seen a cock as big as his and it really turned me on.  I ended up playing with my sticky bald cunny lips standing right there watching.
So when he had his fuck toy over for the weekend, I listened and fucked myself to the two of them fucking all night long.  At first i’ll admit I was very jealous but my sweet young cunny was begging for me to fuck it good and hard.

I feel like role playing  naughty  brother & sister phone sex!

Dirty  Incest Phone Sex


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Impregnation Phone Sex

by Rory on January 2, 2015

rory3I just can’t keep myself from longing for bareback, Breeding and Impregnation phone sex.  I think the primal urge to reproduce is so intense in the heat of the moment  that all common sense escapes me.

I have been tracking my ovulation cycle just for our breeding sex sessions. Whispering in your ear, “Please put your seed deep inside me. I want to carry your baby.” Do you think of me as a sexual object for your selfish desires or as breeding stock, good only for the purpose of perpetuating your genetic lineage.  All sorts of taboo thoughts race through my head when thinking about the thrill of potent semen shooting right up against my cervix with the intent of making me pregnant.

I do love the taboo thrill of someone I shouldn’t be having sex with; someone forbidden like a horny brother or even my daddy, would make you cum so deep and hard inside me. My fertile pussy is just begging for your seed to be sown.  I’m craving to be bred, and I need your help for this fetish to be fulfilled through Impregnation phone sex. I’m ready for you to mount me and spew your potent seed deep inside me.


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Teen Tease Phonesex

by Martina on October 2, 2014

martina phonesex

I am a nasty girl into teen tease phonesex. I love male attention and will do all that I can to get it. My mommy is really sexy and I copy her. She has loads of men over and they like me too. Mommy likes me to tease them so that they will give her better sex. I dress up in tiny skirts and short tops. I like to dance in front of guys really seductively because I know they can’t resist my small tight body. They all want my bald pussy and I flirt until I know they will give me anything that I want.i am super kinky and like to wear mommy’s leather panties and use her toys. I am a very teen naughty slut.I tease my teacher at school and seduced him one day. He was desperate to touch me. I made him wait and he got rough with me.He got my pussy and licked it real good. My mommy was so proud of me. I offer taboo ageplay talk. Call me for teen tease phonesex.

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Daddies Cock In a Bun Phone Sex

by Shelby on September 1, 2014

Daddies Cock In a Bun Phone Sex

OMG!! I was so excited when I went outside to the grill and daddy called for me to come closer and get on my knees for ” Daddies Cock In a Bun Phone Sex!”.. My daddy made me the most perfect hot dog and put it in a bun, it even had white cheddar cheese coming right out of the tip for me to suck on it with my age play phone sex lips!!!!
Daddies Cock In a Bun Phone Sex
Daddy said I could eat the bun away but I had to take extra special care and suck this hot dog! ::giggles:: So lick by lick I sucked all the sauce and then daddy said I had to try and swallow it for good luck to be brought on all blue collar phone sex workers!!

Well I mean that is really special so I got right up on my knees and started sucking that hot dog and slurping until my spit fell on my little tits and daddy started sticking the hot dog there too!!! :: kisses:: I did such a great job that cheese went all over my tits, face, and neck!!!!! “Now lick it all clean Shelby if you want daddy to let you compete for the Labor Day games again next year.. But this year your the winner of Daddies Cock In a Bun Phone Sex!”….. I was so lucky I got to smile for the camera and say CHEESE!!!!!

xoxoHappy Labor Day xoxo

Age Play Holiday Phone Sex!

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Deep Throating Phone Sex GILF

by Myra on August 30, 2014

Deep Throating Phone Sex GILFWell I wasn’t expecting to see you here big balls, come a little closer to this Deep Throating Phone Sex GILF. This fat cock is so perfect for granny, you know I love to get up and ride these fat young studs until they blast my pussy full of cum…

But I really like slipping into my panties and feeling that nut run right out of my pussy, while I use my fingers to cram those panties into my old gilf phone sex cunt.

Smelling my fingers while I get down and dirty on another young dick, all you sexy boys visiting me at the home.. Makes this grannies toes curl and my hairy phone sex pussy isn’t satiated until my hairs curl and get stuck from that super sperm filled nut you give so good to granny.

Now its down the hatch, and teeth removing time for some much needed cock sucking by this Deep Throating Phone Sex GILF

Cock Swallowing Phone Sex Granny
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