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MILF Phone Sex Mother’s Day

by Becky on April 24, 2016

Hey fellas! Don’t forget Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s time to show her how much you love and think about her… You have always been turned on by your mother and no other woman compares… It’s ok! Hot moms love their sons so much, and need their hard cocks! I’m really into kinky mommy phone sex, whether you’re wanting to be my big boy, grown son or even my little boy…..

Let your mind wander to the first time your Mom turned you on so much that you just *had* to touch your cock… How old were you?

Did you see a peek of her changing into some sexy lingerie, thigh highs and heels on with her breasts out when you should have been in bed or in your room minding your own business?

You naughty boy!! You need to be draining your balls in me every single night honey. I’m such a horny slut that I’ve changed with the doors open for years giving you erections and wanting you inside me!

Incest Mothers Day

Call me today for MILF Phone Sex Mother’s Day!! I need to feel you deep inside me and especially the hot explosion of your hot cum baby. My nipples are so hard, look at Mommy’s titties!

Becky ~ 855-553-2339

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Snake Charmer Phone Sex

by Drea on February 5, 2016

Snake Charmer Phone Sex


Being a sexy BBW with huge 34K titties has its perks. I started developing at a very early age and learned many things from my kinky family. My mom taught me to have the hottest Snake Charmer Phone Sex before I even knew how to drive! It started as a game in our basement. My mom would put on some middle eastern music and belly dance around for us. My dad, uncle, and cousins would watch her move and stroke their hard cocks in the basement. I was always fascinated by the way she would move. It would charm the cock right out of your pants! She would stop at each man and pretend she was causing his dick to grow and stand up. My favorite part was when she would choose one of us girls to be her partner. When I was the lucky girl, I would dance with mommy and walk around the circle charming all the boys’ snakes. Mommy would choose who got to do the charming and who had to watch. I was so excited the first time I was allowed to be the charmer. Mommy took daddy by the hand and made him sit on the couch while she and I danced for him. I could feel my nipples get hard while I watched his cock grow. When his cock was hard and she was happy that he had been charmed, she pushed me on my knee and stuck his old cock right in my face! She made me suck my daddy’s cock until he shot his jizz in my face when we have Snake Charmer Phone Sex. Want more details? Join me!

Lose Yourself inside…


Snake Charmer Phone Sex


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by Maggie on November 25, 2015


Feeling so horny this holiday season with my big pregnant baby belly. Got this turkey in the oven and I will get to eat as much as this here girl can take. I am so looking forward to my family coming over. My Uncle will be there so you know we will be sneaking out to the woods to have some STUFF THIS TURKEY PHONE SEX.

I am gonna sneak out some butter and some raspberry sauce and maybe some sweet potato pie. I will get buck naked and you can cover me from head to toe in all them yummy foods and eat them off my body. Then I wanna bend over and let you stuff my pussy and my asshole with raspberry sauce and pumpkin pie; top me off baby with some whip cream and I’m gonna let you have the best  THANKSGIVING ASS LICKING PHONE SEX you have ever had. I know how how much you love my dirty little food sex games.

I know you don’t care just how cattywompus you look eating my ass stuffed with thanksgiving dinner. You don’t even mind my little girl butt smell seasoned with that yummy turkey dressing mama made just for you! There ain’t nothin’ like HOLIDAY SPECIAL PHONE SEX with Uncle eating out every hole I have. Digging and licking with your big man tongue making my pregnant pussy and ass so horny. I’m gonna cum so hard you can wash it down with my juices when I squirt all over your face.

Do you like a good southern food fucking? Call me and tell me what you would be Thankful to lick out of me! You will never be able to look at a Turkey dinner the same way again!

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best brother and sister phone sex ever!

by Kellen on September 15, 2015

My brother and I have always been pretty close. We’ve always got along pretty well, even when we were younger. I think it’s because we both discovered at a very young age that we could make each other feel really, really good! And if we can’t physically get with each other, since he’s away at college now. He likes call me late at night, and we have the best brother and sister phone sex ever! My big brother knows exactly how to press my buttons and get my little pussy hot and wet! I listen to the dirty things that he tells me on the phone, while I start playing with my little pink pussy! It gets so wet when I hear him stroking his cock and starts to breath heavy. If only our mom and dad knew what we did with each other behind closed doors. No one knows our little secret and we like to keep it that way. Not our friends, not even close family members. It’s just too taboo for anyone else to understand.

I make him feel good like no one else can, and he makes me cum like no other man I’ve ever been with! When we have family reunions we always make sure to sneak away from the crowd and go up to my childhood bedroom, he throws me on the bed and fucks me so hard. I get so scared that one of our family members will found out our little secret. That we’ve been fucking for years and years and we’re just not going to stop! Who better to know everything about you and who knows how to satisfy you right than a caring and loving family member. Family fun is really the best and only family can take care of you like no one else can!! I love my brothers nice juicy cock and I want more and more.. Maybe I can get someone else in the family to make all of my holes feel good.. Ready for the best brother and sister phone sex ever?

best brother and sister phone sex ever

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Pool Time Phone Sex

by dallas on June 14, 2015

Dallas (13)

Coming from a Mexican family I was never lacking in playmates but always lacking in personal space. As I got older I got used to it; and seeing one of my brothers naked wasn’t a surprise. Once, we were older though catching my brother just getting out of the shower became a huge turn on. I know I wasn’t the only one either, my brothers would purposely walk in while I was showing or changing.

But, one day we took things to a whole different level when we had pool time phone sex. Our family is known for throwing massive parties and everyone and their mother gets drunk for days. We’ll one of these times my brother’s and I got plastered and had some pool time fun. We took a bunch of booze with us and forgot to bring out swim suits.

Once, we got there we started to drink more and then we stripped down for some skinny dipping phone sex. Jumping into the warm water, it was so hot seeing my brothers naked, their cocks hard and floating around. I was so turned on I swam over to one of them, dove under the water, and took his cock in my mouth. My other brother came over, got behind me and started to rub my pussy…

The night got really intense after that and I want to tell you all about it. Call me up and maybe you can pretend to be one of them and I will show you what happened.


Dirty Dallas


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Mommy Fucking Phone Sex

by Darla on July 6, 2014

Darla (28)

I love Mommy Fucking Phone Sex!  

I love being mommy’s little slut!  I love doing exactly what mommy says!  *giggles* mommy is teaching me to be a little whore!

Daddy loves to watch to, to help, to be the volunteer for all my little lessons *giggles*  Daddy’s cock gets so hard when he thinks about his little girl learning to be a slut!  He offers it right up when I learn every little thing that girls are supposed to do to make men happy, to get their cocks off!

Daddy let me suck his cock, tease him with my body… Daddy licked my pussy until I came on his face the first time, squirting all over him!  Daddy even fucked my little bald pussy!  We tried out so many things under mommy’s direction, I wonder what we will try today?  Call me for Mommy Fucking Phone Sex! 



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by Avril on April 14, 2014

incest family rape phone sexI was a bad girl because I told mommy and daddy that is going out with my friends from school and they caught me coming home late all dressed up like a little slut. They were so mad that they gave me incest family rape phone sex. I came home to find them completely naked and sitting on the couch. Daddy told me I had to be a good girl for them and that I should get undressed because they were going to fuck me. My mommy stood up and helped me take off all my clothes. She was so rough, but I kind of like the feeling that she gave me when she tore off my bra and panties and slipped her finger inside my pussy.

Daddy sat on the couch stroking his cock watching mommy finger my pussy and lick my little titties. Then mommy stood up over top of me and told me to lick her cunt. I started to whine a little because mommy grabbed a fistful of my hair and just jerked my face back and forth across her snatch. My teeth slid back and forth against her clit. Daddy got up behind mommy and shoved his cock up inside her ass. He pumped her so hard that he almost lifted her off the ground. Mommy used the fistfuls of my hair to keep herself upright. After several hard pumps of his cock inside her tight bunghole, he pulled his Dick out of her ass and shoved it in my mouth, calling me a dirty little slut, dirty little cock sucker, and that he owned me.

It’s so naughty when you expect to just get grounded but instead your parents rape you. They rape your mouth, they rape your pussy, they rape your ass, all to teach you a lesson during incest family rape phone sex.

Xo Avril oX



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Granny Does Phone Sex

by Myra on December 29, 2013

Granny Does Phone SexYes sexy muffins, while you are tucked into your bed sleeping Granny Does Phone Sex, and boy do I do it nasty for sure.
So it surprised me to hear you on the other end of the line, asking granny how you should approach that older sexy mature phone sex lady in your life. How you been stealing my panties and using them to make your boy dick cum. Grannies big tits have been driving you crazy and this juicy GILF phone sex ass has you pulling that cock more times a day than you shake that thing to pee.
So granny is looking into your room, and seeing you watch my home made porn videos with the boys from school. Now dirty boy granny has come to give you lessons. Lessons on just how nasty I can be, and what all I have learned staying up at night talking to hard and horny boys like you calling in for a gob of Granny Does Phone Sex fantasies, Dont make me take my dentures out and get to know you sweet dick.
Granny Seduction Phone Sex
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Hide the Drumstick Phone Sex

by Avril on November 29, 2013

hide the drumstick phone sex


Uncle wants to play Hide the Drumstick phone Sex with his favorite niece.  It happens every year and he waits until the party is really going strong so no one is paying any attention.  He grabs the drumstick and says he is sharing it with someone special later and every one chuckles.  They don’t think he is going to be naughty with it after all.  Its all in good fun right?  Sounds so cute and innocent but when he says that, it makes me close my legs under the table.

Uncle likes to lay me back on his old bed upstairs, covers my face with his old boy scout bandanna, then he tells me that he is hiding the drumstick and I am not allowed to look.  He holds his hand over the bandanna and shoves the drumstick between my legs and it goes deep deep inside me.  Oh uncle – its so tight and it hurts a little.  He says it wont take long till he is making gravy and filling up my sweet little gravy boat.

Oh UNCLE!  It feels so good my little toes start to curl and I moan and reach down between my legs.  But you push harder down on my face shoving the bandanna into my mouth.  You say that’s what happens when we get older – all the nieces start moaning and you have to shut them up.   Uncle, playing Hide The drumstick phone sex  is so fun and it makes my tummy tingle and I love it when your uncle gravy splashes all into my sweet spot.

Xo Avril oX

Hide the Drumstick Phone Sex


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Park Phone Sex Play

by Shelby on September 18, 2013

Hi cuties!! I just had some super wild Park Phone Sex Play, with a super older guy!! See I was wearing my little skirt that was much to tight.. and he noticed too!! My little titties was pushing out against my top, while you could see my tight little panties and moose toe popping out from underneath my blue jean skirt ::giggles::

Oh Yeah!! I was being a dirty little super phone sex slut!! So when I noticed him watching me and approaching me from the swings I just bent right over and flashed my sexy little bottom right up in the air ::kisses:: Well when he got closer I figured out he was that super hot cutie guy that I was thinking about all year long while I phone sex masturbated!! OMG I am the luckiest little girl in the world because he bent me over his knee and pulled down my panties and started spanking my sexy little bubble booty!!

Oh Yeah, that spanking made my bottom burn and when I called him daddy and he started kissing my owies he had me all kinds of ready for more steamy Park Phone Sex Play!!! All yes 365 days a year!!! Lets get rowdy!!

Spanking Phone Sex
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